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  1. TheKosmonaut

    What would be your plans if you had a trillion dollars?

    Seeing @Deddly‘s post on buying the rights to KSP, I would simply just go straight for the head and buy Take-two. Then I would just have the most ambitious crossover game in history: Red Dead Theft Auto Space Program VI: Krakensbane.
  2. TheKosmonaut


    This thread is in violation of licenses, continued distribution of assets under a license which does not permit that will result in further moderation. This thread is locked pending clarification from the creator(s) involved. Thank you for your patience. Edit: Posters please be advised: Some posts have been edited or removed outright due to moderator's decisions, you will see "[snip]" or notice that your post is gone entirely. If you have issue w/ this feel free to PM me or any of the moderators.
  3. TheKosmonaut

    Stephen Hawking has passed away

    Some posts containing religious content or reference have been removed. Please refrain from making such posts in the future.
  4. TheKosmonaut

    Brainlord’s Petition to Change the EULA

    Thanks for waiting. Some posts have been put here, we dont need new threads constantly to talk about the EULA. Please try to keep discussions consolidated. For transparency's sake, I also had to revert the title of this thread because I accidentally changed it to a different thread. Should be back to normal and how OP had it. Thanks for your patience.
  5. In my case, I had to restart Steam. I didnt have it at first but the restart fixed it.
  6. TheKosmonaut

    How to stop automatic crew fill in?

    This thread has been moderated. Be advised that some of y'all's posts have been edited in order to remove off-topic or rule-breaking content. Take a quick refresher on the COMMUNITY GUIDELINES
  7. TheKosmonaut

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    No. Me anyway. @Dman979
  8. TheKosmonaut

    how long of you been playing ksp?

    I think I first played the game at or around .10. I had stuck with the trial version after they released more versions until 2012! so I think that makes my first version .16! The best $18.00 I ever spent.
  9. TheKosmonaut

    KSP Weekly: Starman to Ceres

    Well, if you watch a Danny video or have thrown a Kerbal hard enough, you'll realize their limbs can stretch to great lengths!
  10. TheKosmonaut

    KSP Weekly: A Shuttle to Remember

    Complaining is what we all do best. We are also good at doing so within the confines of our Community Guidelines.
  11. TheKosmonaut

    KSP Weekly: A Shuttle to Remember

    Standby... Complete! Members be advised: This thread has been edited and cleaned up in order to be in line with our Community Guidelines I ask that discussion remain on topic, do not call out other users, do not skirt language filters, do not berate or engage in personal attacks against other members. Present your arguments in a polite and well-thought-out manner. Continued violations will result in moderator action.
  12. TheKosmonaut

    Star Wars Episode VIII (8) the Last Jedi Discussion

    Standby.. Time for some cleaning... ...Cleaning Complete, thank you for using OppresorTech9000, service is mandatory! I would like to say, that while there are aspects of the current films that I did not love. I respect that there are people that love every bit of it, and I also respect that there are people that hate every fiber of these movies, like Anakin hates the sand. But, we need to remember that these walls of texts with opinions that we do not agree with are written by people. Would you say the things you say to a person's face? I try to think of that before I write anything online (It's probably why I post so rarely haha). I would ask you all to keep things calm here. We do not need to go on political rants in this forum. There are so many other outlets for that. You're welcome to think whatever it is you like, but also remember that we have rules here. Please respect the rules. *ahem* /run OppressiveMod.exe Please refrain from making political posts on this forum, failure to comply will result in warns.
  13. TheKosmonaut

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    ALSO PRESENT! @Dman979
  14. TheKosmonaut


    Alright... That's enough. It's been a while that this ... thread ... has been around. Frankly, I have had enough. I mean.. how could you have this thread here under our noses and NOT post this You should all be ashamed
  15. TheKosmonaut

    The Moderation Nation Space Program

    Kosmonautical Orbital Solutions has finished a new round of missions for the glorious MNSP! Album Here