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  1. The Moderation Nation Space Program

    Picking Intensifies.
  2. The Moderation Nation Space Program

    Behold! The mighty Kerbal SRB, now with load-bearing capabilities! Tremble in fear before these mighty columns of fire and smoke!
  3. The Moderation Nation Space Program

    After a rather long and tedious mission, Kosmonautical Orbital Solutions has finished its series of missions for Munar orbit. Link to album (since embed still doesnt work)
  4. KSP Weekly: The Eridania Region

    Ok, back open. You can go about your business.
  5. KSP Weekly: The Eridania Region

    Lands onto thread in a MOOSE and emerges in a steamy mist Something I've always liked about KSP is that it brings a wonderfully diverse crowd of people with an equally diverse set of tastes and preferences. In a world filled with divisions, science can bring people together and bring people to kneel and marvel at the beauty of the universe around us. Just the same, KSP as a game also brings us together here on the forum because we like to fly rockets, whether they're faithful recreations of a SCORE-Atlas launch, or whacky SSTOs in the shape of a chicken or an electric guitar. People will always have different opinions and different expectations for what they want in this game. Myself, I mod KSP... I mod it till it breaks, then, I dial it back a bit till it stops crashing, then mod a little bit more. But I also recognize that people like the vanilla flavor of KSP (Heck, vanilla is my favorite flavor). These threads bring to the surface different expectations and an understandable disappointment when that expectation is not met, but remember that there are many varying views on what a person likes or dislikes in their game(s). It's best that we all move on, and cease personal attacks on others when they don't like something we like. Also, in stating our personal opinions, we need to be sure not to come across as insulting or demeaning to others, too.
  6. The Moderation Nation Space Program

    Mission Complete! I went for some really convoluted flight path that nearly ended my kerbal's lives. Album in a minute; the entire mission report will be written in the album I guess. Makes it easier on the eyes. Mission Report Here
  7. The Moderation Nation Space Program

    You know too much, prepare for punishment reeducation!
  8. The Moderation Nation Space Program

  9. The Moderation Nation Space Program

    This is the part where I’d just cheat adjust my own game to accept what I did as completion of contract. Though, I suppose I understand what they’re trying to make you do.
  10. [1.3] Beta - Integrated Stack Tank Decouplers

    Thread locked, per OP request. Congrats on release, @linuxgurugamer!
  11. The Moderation Nation Space Program

    Mun Landing Get! Album here. Unfortunately, due to lack of proper design skills, I wasnt able to do a sample return mission as I had hoped. But I did fulfill the "Explore the Mun" contract for a cool 90k funds. While I did not net science, I got us more of dat dank cash. I plan on sending another mission to Mun next time with the above goal in mind. Nobody steal my plans >:( I netted us about 230k funds though. So I wasn't completely useless. @DuoDexSee if you can fit the ridiculous name I chose for this mission on a patch
  12. The Moderation Nation Space Program

  13. New Star Trek premieres on the 24th Sep!

    Star Trek fans have always been very critical, back in the days of Usenet, they would critique every new episode of TNG as it aired and talked about how terrible it was, and TBH the first two seasons of TNG aren't exactly the best that Trek has to offer. Trek fans will never be pleased with anything, heck.. If you showed them TOS right now, they'd probably hate it, too! The problem now is that the internet is much more readily available to people, like you said. That and there are *so* many options out there for entertainment.. People are probably a bit harder to please and are all-round more jaded. BTW, all the Treks are on Netflix. And if you're outside of the US then you get ST:DIS a little bit after it airs. I've been watching all star treks from the beginning again... for the millionth time
  14. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Hello again, thread. Talk of colonization is great, but keep the colonization focussed on SpaceX and current colonization happening from now on. Also, if you do have a problem with where a thread is going, the report button works wonders. Refrain from policing each other as it ruffles feathers.
  15. The Moderation Nation Space Program

    Transcript of Report Text: On the dawn of the first day of the MS Program, TheKosmonaut designed a simple solid-fueled booster piloted by Jebediah Kerman. The Flight lasted approximately 5 minutes. Altitude Achieved: 9,515 Meters
 Science points: 20.9 Earned, Total: 30 
Flight time: Approximately 5m20s including pad time. ______ Above Image also contains other silly information. It's a basic flight but we have to start somewhere.