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  1. I will gladly buy multiple versions of this app to get it running on all my devices. This will finally clear up some space on my main display while using mech jeb, I'll soon be able to have the all important orbital, surface, vessel info, etc on a tablet. I might just use my phone as staging and abort button. -It'd be great if a section of the digital display was dedicated to vessel/damage warnings, I imagine a corner flashing in red text "Low Fuel" or "Structural Failure between ___ and ___" -Detailed fuel panel showing what tanks have fuel and where, and ability to transfer (I don't really like how fuel transfer works in game at the moment) Keep up all the good work and please just take my money! :EDIT: Hey is there a Lightroom module planned for the app? I will definitely be using this with PS as well, so it'd be awesome if it behaves the same in Lightroom.
  2. I enjoyed reading the back and forth in this thread, especially the posts by providus. I like how he's dismissive and seems too important to explain himself, then just tells everyone he's got a master's degree in bioinformatics, followed by ROFL LOL DON'T WAKE UP. I nearly threw my back out with laughter.
  3. I think it's safe to assume 'we' does not apply to you. Unless you're speaking for allmappedout, in which case that's a self defeating statement. ON TOPIC: Most of the stuff listed in the OP has been addressed through mods/workarounds and will eventually find their way into the stock game. However I have a few ideas: -Flight suit with integrated parachute (I'd be ok with just a retextured space suit, where the RCS pack becomes the parachute) -A real hangar to display your planes and rockets just like an aerospace museum (many ways you could go about this, I prefer full sandbox but you could also have it auto generate over the course of a campaign) -In game center of mass/lift/thrust toggles. Even better would be if the ship magically moved fuel around for me in attempts to keep the center of mass where I originally intended. -In game ability to set max thrust of an engine/RCS thruster -Controlled testing environment (nothing extraneous loaded, just an empty Matrix style white room to do experiments) like a wind tunnel, but you can control atmosphere, gravity, temp, etc. This would greatly increase my design workflow because I often hit a stumbling block and have to design a test rig before proceeding with the rest of the build. I think most of those have been requested but they're some of the more nagging features I want.
  4. @Rabblerouser While I want what you suggest, thinking like a developer, I would not want to fragment the mod and possibly compound issues (making separate threads for each so you don't have to ask "were you using the auto pilot version or stats version or an old version?") it makes it an unnecessarily larger undertaking when the mod already allows you to hide everything you don't use. But yeah I totally want a stand alone smart A.S.S. mod that lets you map all the functions to a joystick and what not...but those are just dreams
  5. Bookmarked. If these function like a normal 1 man capsule they'd make good cockpits for small inter space station vessels and landers.
  6. I thought Squad mentioned something about the game being used in an educational setting during the Farlands or Bust live stream. I don't see any reason why a modern physics lesson couldn't incorporate KSP at some point. At least for getting kids to understand why it takes so much energy to achieve orbit and how we navigate through space.
  7. Such a great video. That P-51D Mustang crash at the end gets me every time.
  8. Apoapsis is your natural slowest point so it's logical to make course corrections from there as it uses the least fuel.
  9. It's the sky's texture basically. I was into shooting these when I was real into Linux and heavily personalized desktops, I'd shoot panoramas in neat locations and stitch the images into a skybox for Beryl's 3D desktop. You can see the new skybox in this 0.17 video. Bad weather would be neat too, like having to adjust your reentry to avoid a storm. I think it'll be neat when there are cities all over the planet and you have to mind your debris more.
  10. That's odd, they're yellow in my game and in every version of the game I've seen in videos.
  11. If you were able to get above the atmosphere, your rocket may be sufficient for a stable orbit. Mind that navigation compass, try to keep your vessel totally vertical for at least the first 10,000 meters of ascent and gradually lower the nose of your ship to the horizon. Much of my difficulty early on stemmed from inefficient use of the compass, I compensated by making rockets that were many times more powerful than they needed to be. Huge tip: if you haven't already noticed, the yellow markings on the compass correspond to your direction of travel (pro grade and retro grade) you should see the pro grade marker bouncing all over the compass when you launch. Once I payed close attention to these it was saving tons of fuel, fuel you can use very efficiently once you're out of the atmosphere. I didn't know what these meant till after I had landed on the mun, it was one of those sudden clarity clarence moments...
  12. I use Photoshop and Lightroom daily so I think turning off hyperthreading might be out of the question. But the prospect of possibly doubling my CPU utilization is nice...I almost wish I still had my old single core opteron rig laying around to see how well it handles this game, and if it plays just set that up as my KSP machine. I know there's limited parallelization within Unity, but do they support any multi-GPU or dedicated physics GPU stuff yet? I remember that being something people were asking for a few years back too.
  13. This is neat, I'd like to see where it goes. Nothing wrong with adding a little flare to the game and it's a little surprising seeing some prominent users and devs bashing this. Not that they aren't entitled to their opinions but isn't that going against the spirit of the game and this community? More on topic, I thought it was funny seeing "Resident Evil" as the first text that caught my eye when booting the game. The bloom is a bit crazy on the main menu which is probably what's turning some off right away. Also which of the ten plus parameters related to bloom do you recommend changing? Edit: no impact on performance with this enabled for me. Though I've wondered why the game will run at 10 fps (launching ridiculous rockets) but my resource monitor only reports a maximum of ~12% CPU utilization by KSP.exe. But when I'm in the vehicle assembly building it's stable around 20-24% CPU. Chalk it up to optimization and single threadedness? (laptop quadcore i7 2.9ghz so 12.5% would be about 1/8th the processor's power)
  14. Simplicity is your friend when you're first starting to get into space. If you're blowing up or spinning apart in the upper atmosphere your ship may be too complicated or have some instabilities that a simpler lighter craft will not have. A small final stage with a single fuel tank and engine will be the easiest thing to put in orbit, you can go lighter but you might not make it back (I hope you plan on saving those kerbals) - keep it simple and you'll have a lot more success early on. Either that or do what I did and strap that baby together with a billion struts. Struts are like 'The Force' from Star Wars they hold the whole damned Kerbal universe together. As for your other questions I'm not sure, though more planets are being added in the next release. You may not like the idea of mods right now, but once you've seen most of everything in the game the mods are there to give you more to do like remote communication satellite control, launching controllable probes from a mother ship, adding solar panels and battery storage, there's much more to do with these tools than is currently implemented in the vanilla game. I've been playing a few weeks and all I've added has been mechjeb, carts+OA lights (mostly to get flood lights for my landers) and camera pack. The stock parts will take you anywhere in the game and beyond, everything else is for fun or special purposes.