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  1. Well, damn. Busy for a month and I come back to this news. I'm sad to see you leave but can understand the sentiment. Why not think about some small, new project for a 2D game? Maybe something with cats? ;3
  2. Ladders. I once landed a fully equipped Eve return vehicle successfully only to realize that I had no way to get my Kerbal back into it! (This was before you could climb. Although, I'd advise against trying that on Eve anyway.)
  3. I kept playing, send a mission to Minmus and got science from 2 biomes. After "parking" the ship and fulfilling some random contracts I got the missions I was looking for. It seems it takes some time for the new, interesting missions to replace the old ones. Would be nice if related missions would be added at the bottom of the list once you accept a contract in a new SoI. PS: I reloaded to test what missions I would get if I changed things up slightly and got different missions, pretty much all useless. It would be a very welcome change if you can give us more control over the RNG in future iteration. Cheers!
  4. One of the Problems I ran into is that I don't get any "science from around body" atm. I put a cheap probe around Kerbin and Mun and thought I'd trigger additional science missions. So far no cigar. I declined a couple of aerial survey missions and now I'm wondering if they are related or if I actually have to send a Kerbal on a Mun flyby. I think we need a wider variety of missions being offered at the same time. I would like to cut a few corners occasionally. Maybe send a probe to Duna and Eve before I even go to Mun and Minmus. I'd really like to grab all Mun related contracts and only send one big mission. Can we get flyby, science from around, surface sample, flag... all at the same time. I hate having to go back to the space center several times in hope to finally get the missions related to what I'm currently doing.
  5. I'm one of the guys who has been here a long time. I didn't buy KSP, back then we donated and got a key. Yup, that long ago. I stuck with the store until now. A sad day really. I can understand why a developer would want to stick to one version for testing and why it is attractive to "outsource" the bandwidth to Steam but I feel that this was a pretty bad decision on Squads part considering KSP's history. It might be well advised if the people who make the marketing decisions at Squad these days would remember that without those crazy early adopters back in the day who took a risk and donated for a funny little game they would not work on KSP right now. The same goes for all other customers who bought KSP on the Squad store. They are supporting you and KSP directly. Might be a nice idea to remember that occasionally instead of just choosing the path of least resistance. If loyalty becomes a one way street it's not going to last for long.
  6. I'm still keeping an eye on the forum and waiting for 1.1. Meanwhile I'm playing Dwarf Fort or CKII.
  7. So instead of declining contract you can now just time warp to the next sunrise and get new contracts? The only way to solve the slot machine problem is to make interesting missions that the player wants to accept. Penalizing the player for dismissing uninteresting missions is bad game design. The player has no influence on what missions he gets. We had enough impossible missions like launch clamps in flight over the Mün to know that some missions are outright impossible. No matter what, no player should feel forced to accept contracts he doesn't like or to time warp until new contracts become available. And I don't accept the "you can turn it off" answer. You can turn off gravity too, but that's not how the game should be played under normal circumstances.
  8. It even gives you a warning in the Engineer's Report but I assume there is a drinking contest after each patch at Squad. One tequila for every player with more than 1000h clocked who forgets to put the chutes in their own stage. Why do you think they ask you if they can "anonymously" track your game progress?
  9. Yes, first try actually. The new vectoring engines are dope, I didn't even have to balance it much: There is enough juice left for some docking and maneuvers - or for a quick trip to Duna or Eve if I use the fuel I guess.
  10. Well, we got all these new toys like contracts and so on to distract us. The real problem however is that some parts, especially the new plane parts look very crisp and some of the old parts really stand out now. Some of the biggest eye-sores are the old 1.25 and 2.5m tanks. They look pretty out of place with most other parts like the science lab, cupola... One of these is not like the others.... - - - Updated - - - It's even worse if you need some 2,5m fuel tanks for planes. They stand out like a sore thumb imo:
  11. Looking at the full scale original .dds texture in the game files it looks like this: Basically, the texture file ingame has barely legible text already. The reason you can read it is that smoothing and your brain turn this mess of pixels into letters for you. I assume that at some point the texture size was decreased and a couple of parts where this lead to bad quality slipped through QA. A solution would be to increase the texture size by 2x and rearrange the textures in the UV map so they won't get stretched quite as much: However, that's not something you can do in 5 minutes, even if the old files in high resolution are (hopefully) still kicking around. Would be nice to have though.
  12. And here is the link to the download to save everybody some time: http://www.curse.com/ksp-mods/kerbal/232196-asteroid-day/2265988
  13. Please, for the love of Ceiling Cat! That race track is called Nürburgring, Nuerburgring if you use a US/UK keyboard. Thanks. Carry on! =3
  14. That's an idea! I'm more of a fort mode guy though.
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