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  1. Well, the first 2 stages (with the large fuel tanks) should have enough thrust to get you into orbit, though you might have to use a bit of fuel from the shuttle stage to circularize. Watching MechJeb do it can give you an idea of what to do and when if you still have trouble getting it there! Well, I had to use the empty pods mod in order to have room to pick up stranded kerbonauts, so you'll have to use those parts to use the rescue ships. I could probably modify one of them to use only vanilla parts, but then you would have to take 2 pilots out of the pod before taking off to make room for others. At the time I posted this, I didn't have the ability to post attachments, so I just uploaded them to my website and linked them from there. As sal_vager already suggested, you can download 7zip (http://www.7-zip.org/) for free to extract the craft files. Thanks! I never intended for the shuttle to go past minmus, but if you made it elsewhere, good job! I have been working on other interplanetary ships recently, so I might end up posting some of those soon!
  2. I think you meant to only upload the upper interplanetary stage. So now I'm building However, though I have plenty of TWR, I cant seem to keep these outer tanks/engines from falling off Ah,yeah, I guess I uploaded it with my own attempt at a lifter as well instead of just the upper stage. The lower stage I made was the only way I could keep those upper tanks stable enough for flight, so maybe you can take that idea and add to it! It seems pretty stable, but there just isn't enough fuel it seems with my initial design. EDIT: Here's a slightly less heavy version of the orbiter/explorer stage. If you can't figure out anything with the first one, give this one a try! Project_X2_Orbiter.rar
  3. Challenge accepted good sir! See what you can do with this amazing piece of dead weight! I have high expectations from someone with both Mio and Kagami in their profile! May I present, Project X! (click to download)
  4. I've been tinkering around with ship designs in 0.17 since it came out and I finally decided to share some of my efforts! I didn't have a lot of luck getting a shuttle into space from the space plane hangar, so I went ahead and just threw a bunch of rockets behind it and shot it into orbit that way! You can easily put this shuttle into orbit with the first two stages alone. After that you should have no trouble visiting mun or minmus and still have enough fuel for the return trip to Kerbin! I still haven't been able to land on the runway yet, but I just blame my poor piloting skills for that. (Yes, I lost the engines on the way down, but once again, I'm a bad pilot ) Click here to download! This one is just like it sounds! The number of solid rocket boosters (SRBs) is definitely more than parts that aren't SRBs! I made it to Duna with this. I haven't really tried any other planets yet, but it might be possible to go elsewhere with it! Click here to download! I wanted something that would let me explode--I mean explore any planet in the Kerbol system, so with that in mind I created this. I have successfully landed on Duna and Eve with this ship and have been to Jool and its moons for a quick visit before they used their respective gravities to slingshot me into an extremely long orbit around Kerbol! Click here to download! I kept stranding my kerbonauts on distant moons while testing my ship designs and wanted a way to bring them home. This series of ships was my solution! These rescue ships come in 3 crew sizes: 3, 6, and 9. One thing to keep in mind is that these ships don't have enough thrust to land on back on Kerbin after rescuing the stranded pilots, so make sure you take a look at how the pods and parachutes are staged so you will be able to deploy them in time on your return trip! Pictured below is the RX3 version which can rescue up to 3 crash survivors. Here is the RX9 on Minmus after a nasty shuttle crash! (Yes, it can rescue up to 9 survivors!) And here we have 4 rescued pilots along with the rescue mission pilot after a successful landing back at KSC! In general, I don't use mods or modded parts since some of them can feel a bit like cheating. However, I went ahead and used the crew-able empty pods mod since it wasn't really a game-changer. I have also tested these ships with MechJeb to make sure they are stable enough for those of you who use that plugin, since he can shake ships pretty hard sometimes! Click here to download!
  5. Just added the Triforce Mk II. This fixes a lot of problems and gives it better landing abilities on either of the moons currently available! Also, although it was intentionally named that way the first time, I went ahead and changed the "Concord" to "Concorde".
  6. I started playing around and making some ships after I got this! The ships below use 0.16 stock parts only and all have made it into orbit or farther. Rockets Download This was the first and tallest rocket I made. It's a bit hard to control when you make it to space since the only RCS is on the lander, but it still works! Download This is a variation of the rocket above. It's more stable and the lander has more fuel, though you might have to decouple the lander before reaching complete orbit around Kerbin. Space Planes Download I love to make huge ships if you didn't notice already, and this one is no exception. I wasn't originally planning to recreate the Concorde jet. After seeing the nose drop on the runway however, I had to give it that name. Download EDIT: This is the new version of the original Triforce. This version fixes the problem of the lower wings falling off if you resume the flight from the tracking station. It also provides a bit more fuel and stability as well as the capability to land vertically when there's no atmosphere to assist in landing horizontally.