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  1. Here is another of Jeb drawn by someone named Tony.
  2. Well then, here is another! All those brave astronauts lost to many, many test flights...
  3. Ah yes, now we know the creator of the comic. Here is something else I got.
  4. Hey just thought I'd share this comic with you. I am not the creator. Feel free to share anything you find.
  5. Not understanding what I am saying here. Scientist have been theorizing that true nuclear propulsion can get us really far into space really fast. No way could this technology be it, but at least this part makes sense to me. I was just expecting something else, something more technologically advanced.
  6. Well I am sure the heat generated could combust the fuel? But surely that's not how a real nuclear engine would work.
  7. Question: How does a nuclear engine accept liquid fuel?
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