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  1. Are you playing on linux? I think this is a known issue, and the current workaround is just to disable shadows on scatters.
  2. parallax doesn't do anything in the KSC view, but it looks like your scatterer install is messed up.
  3. Yeah, I was completely unaware that these kinds of fixes were possible until I saw the big memory leaks one.
  4. The fix was actually a single line of code (after all the patching boilerplate overhead). The trick is figuring out exactly what and where to fix.
  5. Vulcan uses RPM + MAS and a lot of custom-built props and IVAs.
  6. As a temporary fix, you should be able to disable the distortion effects in the waterfall settings: https://github.com/post-kerbin-mining-corporation/Waterfall/blob/78da340533d0e50b69ff2878d2028b1863f682c8/GameData/Waterfall/WaterfallSettings.cfg#L27
  7. Don't use the stock game's antialiasing. Use antialiasing from scatterer or TUFX instead. Temporal antialiasing does not suffer from this artifact, but use whatever looks good to you.
  8. So, yep, Unity is helpfully combining those into a single copy, doing it before all the waterfall plumes are rendered, so then the waterfall distortion pass is erasing the plumes. Changing the texture name should fix it. Alternatively....maybe we can do something to waterfall to make sure that it draws the plumes before the grabpass and then the two mods could share and improve performance. You'd expect the minmus ice to refract engine plumes behind it after all!
  9. Linx says it does for the ice on minmus, but he didn’t answer the question of the texture name.
  10. Actually this does seem to be some kind of bad interaction with parallax. I took a renderdoc capture of burning the engine over minmus and kerbin. The plume actually renders normally in both captures, but in the minmus one the distortion effect overwrites the core of the plume because the color buffer that it's reading from was copied too early; it doesn't include the more recent plume draw calls. In the capture from kerbin, the screen buffer copy happens immediately before the distortion effects are run, so the temp buffer includes the plume. The difference in the minmus capture is that there's a ton of parallax stuff in between when the copy happens and when the plumes are drawn, and it changes where the color buffer copy is made. https://imgur.com/a/bDpO22w How much you want to bet parallax and waterfall are using the same name for their GrabPass texture? https://forum.unity.com/threads/multiple-grabpass-problem.132546/
  11. My suspicion is eve/scatterer. I’ve seen this as well when using AVP and parallax at minmus. those waterfall effects depend on the depth buffer being set up a certain way and scatterer has some kind of interaction there..and AVP adds clouds to minmus but not an atmosphere.
  12. Lower texture resolution would definitely affect it. I think you'd need to restart the game after changing it.
  13. Yeah, probably want to report this on the FreeIVA github. I'll eventually be helping out with that one I think.
  14. Yeah, I need to add a clear node button in there. The next version of RPM will have an option in the menus to clear the node from the target menu as well. The orange radio prop isn't for chatterer. That's the "recover vessel" button and it sounds like it's functioning normally.
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