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  1. If you really want to, you can make some simple modulemanager patches to either un-deprecate the old parts or insert the old IVAs into the new parts (accepting that windows etc might not line up). Also I would not characterize DE_IVAExtension as “incomplete” or “hyper complicated.” If you want to use IVA in stock pods, start there. In fact I’d say they’re a little *too* simple as there are a number of props that I’d normally use that aren’t in there.
  2. It takes a string. This should work: addons:eva:move("forward").
  3. If someone wants to send me one I’ll do whatever it takes to get it hooked up
  4. I had a little time so I figured I'd dig into this...you wouldn't believe it but KSP actually has these backwards internally. I'll get this fixed up for the next RPM release. https://github.com/KSP-KOS/KOS/blob/4121b1c2c979773386ca18148c7ebde68ecc6d64/src/kOS/Binding/FlightControlManager.cs#L194
  5. I'm adopting a collection of extensions to kOS that I've found useful and fun: kOS-StockCamera (Adopted from @hvacengi) Allows kOS to control the flight camera. Documentation: https://github.com/JonnyOThan/KOS-stockcamera#description Download: https://github.com/JonnyOThan/KOS-StockCamera/releases License: GPLv3 kOS-EVA (Adopted from @Ger_space) Allows kOS to control kerbals on EVA. Documentation: https://github.com/JonnyOThan/KOS-eva#kos-eva Download: https://github.com/JonnyOThan/kOS-EVA/releases License: MIT kOS-SCANSat (Adopted from @Ger_space) All
  6. If you set the docking port as your control point, the "DOCKING" tab on the MFD will show a camera view from the port and overlay lots of useful info on top.
  7. Yep. That field is stock: https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/api/class_internal_seat.html JSISetInternalCameraFOV enables some additional parameters for each InternalSeat: fov, maxRot, maxPitch, minPitch, hideKerbal: https://github.com/Mihara/RasterPropMonitor/blob/master/RasterPropMonitor/Auxiliary modules/JSISetInternalCameraFOV.cs#L65
  8. There is a module you can use to configure seat cameras: @INTERNAL[MK3_Cockpit_Int]:Needs[RasterPropMonitor] { MODULE { name = JSISetInternalCameraFOV } @MODULE[InternalSeat],* { kerbalEyeOffset = 0, 0, 0 hideKerbal = head minPitch = -60 } }
  9. Try this: // The texture coords for these switches are incorrect in the ASET prop configs, // so pushing the one that looks like radialin actually does radialout and vice-versa @PROP[swPush_SAS_RadialOut] { @MODULE[JSIPropTextureShift] { @x = 0.0 } } @PROP[swPush_SAS_RadialIn] { @MODULE[JSIPropTextureShift] { @x = 0.25 } }
  10. Oops, I just did this myself before finding this one...But you don't seem to have a full release built, are you planning on keeping this updated?
  11. I've noticed this since the dawn of time, I think they are actually backwards in the ASET prop configs. With the right modulemanager patch you could probably fix it...
  12. Which cockpit is this? It seems like you didn't let the game fully load before grabbing the log file. Just to rule out any runtime issues, it would help if you start the game, put the cockpit on the launchpad, go into IVA, then quit out to the main menu before grabbing the log. Thanks! Also, this error indicates you have a mod installed that is using the wrong .NET version. This kind of error can interfere with other mods - you should remove it: 334 [ERR 13:32:45.211] AssemblyLoader: Exception loading 'Ookii.Dialogs': System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException: Exception of typ
  13. Are you sure you're using the mk1-2 command pod? It was deprecated in favor of the mk1-3. Check the part name carefully. There are ways to access the old one, but you need to take some special steps. If you're still having trouble, please post your ksp.log and modulemanager.configcache files.
  14. This was a bug in older versions (or rather, it was a behavior change in KSP 1.10 that caused older versions of RPM to not work). Get the latest one.
  15. These are meant for the ALCOR pod. You can find this in ALCORMFD40x20.cfg: cameraInfoVarName = PODcam40X20 cameraTransform = ALCORExt_A_CamTransform|ALCORExt_B_CamTransform|ALCORExt_C_CamTransform|ALCORExt_D_CamTransform|ALCORExt_E_CamTransform So some part on the vessel needs to have one of those transforms, or if you want to use a different set of transforms you could write a patch to change the cameraTransform field. https://github.com/JonnyOThan/RasterPropMonitor/blob/master/RasterPropMonitor/Handlers/JSIFAR.cs I don't see anything like that in here. If you want it
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