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  1. Sounds good - and just to be clear, my github repository does not include the models and sounds, and the release link only includes the DLL and not any other assets.
  2. Yeah, this was pretty complicated but I contacted pizzaoverhead, who said that the source code is under the MIT license (as indicated in the readme) but the models and sounds were under other licenses.
  3. Hey all, I recompiled the source code for this. Read the release notes carefully [snip]
  4. Huh, I came here to ask this exact question. I run a stream with KRPC integration where viewers can enter a command to take a supersampled screenshot. I recently installed TUFX and it dramatically improves the quality of the live game (awesome!) but the supersampled screenshots just seem like they're taken at the native resolution and scaled up - except for the UI and a few graphical effects like sunflares.
  5. This doesn't really have enough info to be able to help... Can you post the scripts? What is supposed to happen? What actually happens? Do you get any error messages? Note, I'm mainly familiar with the older versions of KOSPropMonitor and I'm not at all familiar with the advanced MFD integration that it provides.
  6. Use kos 1.2 for now: https://github.com/KSP-KOS/KOS/issues/2861
  7. I don't know what this MFD Revived mod is, but the problem you describe was caused by a change in KSP 1.10. The later versions of my fork of RPM fix this issue and will work for any version of KSP 1.8-1.11. Release thread is here:
  8. I just published kos-stockcamera v0.2.0.0 which adds support for interacting with the mapview camera. Try it out and let me know what you think!
  9. Not dumb at all. Yes, you need to add cameras. Note that the page setup for the ALCOR MFD only includes the ExtCam1 camera (and the ones from the ALCOR capsule) but you could add more with a MM patch.
  10. Er, the exception isn't being thrown from TweakScale's event handler, it's being thrown from TweakScale.TweakScale.IPartMassModifier.GetModuleMass That is to say, just because TweakScale's event handler doesn't throw an exception doesn't mean that it isn't to blame, if it doesn't call GetModuleMass. The _BuildManager exception is benign; everyone gets that one. Lots of parts have drag cube issues; are you sure TweakScale can't be more robust against whatever is going wrong here? I don't fully understand it but there were two different people on the discord with this issue toda
  11. Is there any way to get KOS to aim and fire the turrets?
  12. (this a how-to, not a question - hope that's ok, or I can move this elsewhere!) If your game is crashing or hanging, or if anything else isn't working correctly, the log files usually have the answer. But reading them is a bit of a black art. Where are the logs? What program should I use? What should I look for? ...more to come...
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