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  1. Yes, this is totally expected. The mk1 command pod IVA that is included with RPM is the old one. I *think* you might be able to access it if you filter the parts box by size in advanced mode. Otherwise, just grab DE_IVAExtension for IVAs for the stock pods.
  2. If you post a ksp.log file we can see what mods you have installed and whether or not this is expected. RPM doesn't include very many IVAs on its own, and many of the ones that it does include are for older versions of the command pods so unless you take some unusual steps you won't see them. The OP of this thread contains links to many other IVA packs that you can use (DE_IVAExtension being the primary one for stock pods).
  3. I think this is a problem with the IVA or the props itself. I can probably make a compatibility patch... Did you install RPM or RPM-core? See the OP for details on the differences and a list of IVA replacements.
  4. What platform are you playing on? Do you have any other graphics mods? Does this occur if you have nothing but RPM/ASET installed? Try playing around with the texture resolution and anti-alias settings.
  5. This is supposed to work, so if it doesn’t please let me know!
  6. Post your log files (and preferably on the RPM thread, not this one)
  7. Actually, yes. You can write a modulemanager patch to point the mk1-3 pod at the mk1-2 IVA. The windows don’t line up but it’s not a huge deal.
  8. It should, because it’s purely config files. Note, the mk1-2 pod is the old 2.5m pod. It isn’t available In the parts bin unless you filter by cross section or tweak your part configs to make it visible again. Are you maybe talking about the mk2 pod (1.8m 2-man pod from making history) or the mk1-3 pod (new 3-man 2.5m pod)?
  9. Which version of KSP and which version of RPM are you using? I’ve adopted this mod for KSP 1.8 and later; that thread is here:
  10. If you’re looking for a mk1-2 iva, this one is amazing:
  11. Why not just use CKAN? When a mod's zip file includes a GameData folder, you need to merge that with your own GameData folder. Don't go digging around inside and pull pieces of it out. You did this with both ToolbarController and RasterPropMonitor.
  12. Yep, still backwards compatible with 1.8, and also works in opengl mode in 1.9.
  13. v0.31.3 is now available. Cameras should now work on KSP 1.9 (and the same build will still work in 1.8).
  14. Probably not - the mod should be able to detect which version of KSP it's running on and which renderer it's using and behave accordingly. OK, I've done a bit of investigation and I think I know how to get this fixed.
  15. I'm skeptical that opengl mode always crashes, because I've seen other people suggesting it as a workaround for mods that are broken in 1.9. Without a log file from Manul it's impossible to say exactly why it crashed.