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  1. KOS had a similar problem where it was including the waterfall mesh in the vessel bounds calculation: https://github.com/KSP-KOS/KOS/issues/2942 I've noticed that VV also does something crazy when you use the stock large drill part, presumably for a similar reason. And KOS had problems with the scanner arm from Breaking Ground because it uses an invisible collider mesh - I haven't verified but I bet VV might have the same problem? EDIT: interestingly, it doesn't. So I wonder how VV detects and ignores that mesh? Ship with large drill: https://imgur.com/a/dzkWwEL All of these are things that would need to be fixed in VV. I might take a look..
  2. Just pushed a new release. https://github.com/JonnyOThan/RasterPropMonitor/releases/tag/v0.31.5 Update compatibility to ksp 1.12 Merge PRs related to camera drag cube & ascending node calculation Fix ATMOSPHEREDEPTH variable Fix SAS mode strings in ASET MFDs Fix radial in/out swapping on SAS mode buttons Fix Mechjeb integration with latest MJ version
  3. Have you tried the latest version? I haven't, but I'm not aware of any issues. I do need to push out a new version to pick up a few things that have been fixed along the way. It's not dead yet!
  4. You can make a MM patch that removes them: !SPACE_ANOMALY[tetrahedon] {} (note tetrahedron is spelled wrong in blueshift)
  5. Are you supposed to be able to select a destination for discovered (randomly-spawned) jump gates? I'm just testing some stuff out and using the cheat-rendezvous tool, and I've never been able to get the destination selection to pop up. ok, so the destination selection button only appears if there are at least 2 available destinations. Also, on the latest version in 1.12 I teleported near a wormhole and it didn't seem to work properly...I just moved through the surface until hitting something solid inside. On further investigation I'm running a frankenbuild of galaxies unbound, and the wormhole seems to be specifically set up for a specific destination that I didn't currently have loaded. New issue: is there supposed to be a constant effect when the gate is connected to something? I’m pretty sure I saw that in previous versions but I don’t see it now. There is an effect that plays when you change the destination, but then it ends and there’s nothing.
  6. !!! you're right! I'm so sorry! I think the MAS initialization error is the key here, but I don't have any experience debugging that stuff. I'd guess that this cockpit is missing the MASFlightComputer part module, which should be easy enough to add with a MM patch. From my experience with RPM, a lot of modders confuse things that should be part modules with things that should be internal modules. Here's a post describing it: Confirmed, looking at your ModuleManager.configcache, some cockpits have the MASFlightComputer module but the mk1 inline doesn't.
  7. Let's simplify... Earlier you said I don't see how the screenshot you posted demonstrates this. I need screenshots *from each eye* to try to figure out if something is being drawn incorrectly, but in your image the HUD is just black. Unless you mean the KSP UI? When I'm playing in IVA mode I usually have it turned off, but that's also something that is kinda outside RPM's wheelhouse. Also, I don't maintain MAS so please try doing all this without MAS installed.
  8. I mean...it's probably not an installation/runtime issue, but maybe something about how stuff gets rendered? Since I can't see what's going on, I need screenshots of what you're seeing (from each eye), the part names, etc etc.
  9. I would love to, but without VR equipment this would be difficult...if you can give me tons more details about the problems I might be able to figure it out. At the minimum you need to post your KSP.log file
  10. No need, I was using blueshift v1.4.0 and it's fixed in the later versions. I had downloaded it while getting a GU install set up and didn't bother to check for new releases. But the "enable circularization helper" thing and the waterfall issue I mention are present in the latest version.
  11. The difficulty option for "enable circularization helper" doesn't really work when turned off. I can still invoke it *once* after cheating a ship to orbit. And KOS can still invoke it. The waterfall warp effects are super cool, but they activate when throttling up the first time the ship is loaded even if the warp drives are off.
  12. No worries, I’m completely inexperienced with this mod so there *might* be something I’m doing wrong, but it seemed like an obvious enough bug that someone must have hit it before...right? So...while I'm on the way to eeloo, the "spatial location" thing says "interplanetary space." But when this bug occurs it's flipping between "Insterstellar space" and "Unknown" even though I'm still at a lower altitude than eeloo. I tried this even with no other planet packs installed too. If you look at the code here: https://github.com/Angel-125/Blueshift/blob/63bac09bc8057241124fc7f53d43f1b05075a639/Source/Blueshift/SettingsAndScenario/BlueshiftScenario.cs#L537 the only way to get "Unknown" is if `IsInSpace` returns false, and that code is here: https://github.com/Angel-125/Blueshift/blob/63bac09bc8057241124fc7f53d43f1b05075a639/Source/Blueshift/SettingsAndScenario/BlueshiftScenario.cs#L584 So I'm guessing this is just KSP being stupid with vessel situations like it does sometimes... EDIT: ahah, I was on 1.4.0...maybe it's this? sounds sorta similar: Fixed issue where the warp engine would flame out when transitioning from interplanetary to interstellar space, or when throttling up or down. I'll grab the latest version and try again.
  13. I mean, I was able to warp 90% of the way to Eeloo. Then suddenly the thing shuts off. Activating it again warps me backwards. I don’t think it’s a problem of ship design... my solar trajectory of course is bonkers, since I’m going ~9000 m/s at an altitude past jool. I’m wondering if that has something to do without spatial location going nuts, and then maybe why the warp drive stops working.
  14. Hey, I'm new to this mod, but can't quite figure this out. I built the simplest possible warp ship to see how the mechanics work. I cheated it into orbit, aimed at eeloo, and started accelerating. All seemed to work OK until I got most of the way to eeloo, and then the warp drive shut off. the PAW keeps oscillating between this: and this: When I try to start the warp drive again, it warps me *backwards* in my orbit, then I continue forwards a bit, and then it shuts off again and the cycle repeats.
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