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  1. I'll give those a try. I put the SAS there simply because that's where I put it and I never knew it was useless till just now. It just never occurred to me. The two parachutes is to make up for the extra mass of the SAS. I found that if I had only 1 then sometimes the parachute would rip off. I have just begun messing with fuel lines and hadn't test how they distributed fuel. There is a lot of stuff you don't know when you first start out. I guess I'm fairly lucky I made it as far as I did!!
  2. Hi. I feel a horrible amount of guilt for the 30 or so Kerbals I've managed to kill or strand on the moon in my first week of playing. That said, I love this game and I have to thank the KSP team for giving me a new addiction. I'm looking forward to the new additions as they come out. .17 especially has me excited to do a manned mission to the Kerbol-system equivalent to Mars. Where no doubt I'll strand more little green men. Space stations, rovers, satellites, probes, flying saucers...the possibilities are endless when it comes to this game and their possible avenues of development. Seemed like a good reason to invest $18 in the game's future!
  3. I've been working on this tends to come down to having too much mass per parachute. If you have too much mass the attachment of the parachute won't last so you need to have multiple chutes per booster to divide the gravitational downforce and parachute upforce.
  4. The second set aren't attached? I have a little trouble seeing sometimes when things are lined up, I guess I'll get better at that. I'll just take them off since they are likely useless weight. Any advice? I was going to start attacking my designs with the mathematics in the How-To area to try to make them better. If anyone uses this as a basis for something else, I'd love to see the designs.
  5. I just started playing Tuesday and I figured since so many people share out designs and I'll share my favorite I've put together. [ATTACH=CONFIG]31433[/ATTACH] This is the Oscar III and its entirely stock parts. I wanted to build something that would give me a lot of freedom to reach other Spheres of Influence. I saw that patch .17 was going to include other planets and I wanted something I think can give me the freedom to reach some of those (maybe without a return), but can be used for my fuel burning noob attempts at landing on the Mun and Minmus. Stage 1: Large rockets and smaller rockets fire to push the heavy weight up all the way out of the atmosphere. Stage 2: The large tank rockets should have about half a tank of fuel left, I use this to circularize my orbit between 100k and 140k. I guess it is a little wasteful. Stage 3: You have 4 tanks and a much lighter weight that I planned for use to do the transfer to your target. Stage 4: The lander stage. I haven't successfully landed it yet, but I'm 100% sure you can at least land on the Mun with half a tank left. I think the landing stage may need to be modified with extra tanks for a longer trip Stock: [ATTACH]31435[/ATTACH] With a Mechjeb autopilot, for those who like that kind of thing. I've used it once to examine how I'm messing up landings and it got me to the moon with a TON of fuel. This makes me think this design could be used for interplanetary travel, though likely one way. [ATTACH]31434[/ATTACH]
  6. I crashed a guy on the moon and discovered the jump button (spacebar). So i was hopping around on the moon and I hit it and he did a flip to face my direction. I never got to reproduce it, but maybe it was an easter egg in the jump code...
  7. Honesty time: I started playing on Tuesday. I had never heard of it and someone mentioned it in a vlog. I picked up the demo....flew two rockets into a rather cruddy parabola and was hooked. I bought the full paid version, fired it up, and did a couple more and looked up a youtube video on how to get into an orbit. Once I could reliably do that, I watched some video to figure out the transfer. I wound up orbiting Kerbol a few times till I figured out how to manipulate my capture by the Mun. so then I spent a whole evening trying to land on the Mun. when I thought i finally had it I was unfortunately on the dark side and didn't realize how fast I was approaching the ground. Still, I thought I was on the right track. So I downloaded Mechjeb and let it run the same mission I had just run. the same starting orbit, roughly the same transfer, the same orbit around the Mun. Even tried landing on the dark side with it. However I learned my method had been properly executed, and that I really needed to be burning my engines much sooner and harder than I had been. Do I use Mechjeb? Not much. I did want to use it because there is only so much I can pick up off youtube videos.
  8. Its basically what the number means. In this case kilometers cubed divided by seconds squared. Its a complex unit for gravity's effect. Velocity is kilometers divided by seconds (how fast you travel a second, in the direction you are headed).
  9. I second this. I like the context sensitivity on the parts in my view, but I'd like similar drop down menus when I click in the stage menu during flight. Much easier to find and click.
  10. I may have had only 3 revisions, but I did have about 30 crashes due to not knowing how to fly them. (SAS account for nearly 10 of those before I figured out to turn it off). I moved back to my rockets because I'm trying very hard to actually land on Mun. Regarding my "flaps" bad. They are control surfaces. I just couldn't remember that term last night. Plus, I don't have formal schooling in any of this so I don't fully understand the difference until its explained to me.
  11. I just discovered the game two nights ago. I did rocketry the first couple nights. I just tried my first space plane tonight. After 4 crashes on the runway I learned 2 things. Don't have SAS on when you take off. Don't make your plane too heavy versus the amount of thrust you have. Actually I learned 3 things. Flaps on your main wings can be a very good idea...thought they're called something else in the part menu. With all that said, drag and symmetry can be a huge deal on a space plane. This was my third revision that I managed to get into orbit. Landing...well....not so much. Good luck! Once I'm not a new member, I'll post a craft file for you so you can see the design I'm running with.
  12. If you're referring to how to hook up the 360 controller, it connects to your normal USB port on any laptop or computer (if its been constructed since about 2000 for 2.0). It should auto-install the driver since its a microsoft device if you are on a windows box.