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  1. Two for me, one KSP store and one steam. Two for family, one for my dad and one for my little cousin who is 9. Sadly my cousin is unable to play very well because his mom won't get him a decent computer. If she'd let me I'd get him a laptop but I have to respect parental wishes.
  2. I'm not worried at all, never have been in two years. The only wish I have would be to have them incorporate some of the functionality of Kerbal Engineer redux. My reasoning is that the mods that tend to do this have kind of faded out of support over time, needing to either be redone or picked up by new modders. While pen and paper is fun in a mental exercise kind of way, I think it would be useful to have some of the functionality built into the game. After all their mantra has been not making KSP difficult, but fun. Giving people ready access to planetary phase angles, delta-v calculations, and other information that makes getting to the other planets more accessible. an integration of engineer and maybe alarm clock just makes sense from a usability standpoint. That said, most of the mods you're talking about are evidence of why I don't think the devs need to focus on those things. The mod community stepped up long ago to make many of those things a reality, and Squad really needs to shore up the main game. A career mode has been needed for a while. If they feel like incorporating any of the current modded features, they can do that after they finish the basic game.
  3. I pretty much caution everyone I meet who thinks of joining to take what your recruiter tells you with a grain of salt. They aren't going to outright lie to you like in the movie Stripes, but they likely won't tell you everything you need to know. Or even answer all your questions with 100% truth. With our current manning overages though, they'll tend to do just enough to make their quota and then coast. That said, I wish you good luck in your plan. If you'd like to explore some of those Enlisted to Officer options, let me know. I know of quite a few of them because I also had a plan that was very similar. There are quite a few ways to do it.
  4. If anyone else finds this and wants advice or answers about joining the Air Force, I can help. Easily half of my Facebook friends are still in, and I got out recently enough that I'm pretty sure I can answer any questions you may have. Hit me up if you need it. I can speak generally about the other services about recruiting and the ASVAB testing and physical process, but am really at home talking about the who Air Force process. If I can't answer it, one of my friends can and I'll ask them for you. A special deal for my Kerbal Space Program family.
  5. Starting many releases ago, Squad formed a media team including youtubers and streamers with more than a set number of viewers (for some reason I'm remembering the number 250, but I'm likely wrong). Since that release, this team has received experimental releases in order to create buzz for the new releases and to show us the upcoming features. It also generally shows a release of some kind is impending, but that final testing is still in progress and it will be done when its done. I saw crashes during the streams. My best advice is "patience, my friend." I'm salivating over this release as well.
  6. My friend recommended the Orion XT8 Dobsonian Telescope. It excels at deep space objects more so than planets. Dobsonians, apparently, are great at gathering light with their large base mirrors. They're also pretty big. The XT8 is pretty light, I can move it around by myself. It is a manual tracking telescope. It was $350 American on Amazon, don't know what the price may be outside of America.
  7. As a guy who only got out a few years ago, I can give you insight on how to get a job within the Air Force's space endeavors. 1st - The key station - Vandenburg Air Force Base. Besides being on the Central Coast of California, which I especially love because its where I grew up, it is the main launch facility for putting satellites into orbit. They are always launching something. If you can get assigned here and network, you'll know the right people when your enlistment is up. Same thing for bases in Colorado, if you can get assigned to the Space Operations Wing in Colorado, you'll have a network custom tailored to get you into the space industry. 2 - The Air Force Specialty. some folks have mentioned things like piloting and plane mechanic. I don't know if anyone mentioned avionics, the computers and electronics that make fighter jets work. Working on those can be a ticket into working on electronic packages in the space industry with the right connections. Another thing to give thought to is the communications career field. Here are a couple to think about, as well as the general career choices for Communications. These jobs are one of many that are important to support space missions. An additional bonus is the skills gained can lead to a variety of careers in different sectors outside the military. A lot of things like piloting, mechanic, and avionics can pigeon hole you to only a few industries if you were to get out. General 3D Career List List of all Air Force Job Codes Whatever job you pick, good luck. There are a great deal of things you could do that may land a job in the Space Industry. 3. The schooling. I don't know how much you have. I'm going to write this as if you had just graduated high school. If you want to get into the space industry you may want to look at something used specifically in pursuit of that. Engineering, aerospace systems, physics, being awesome. Put the money in when you join, about 100 bucks a month for your first year or two, to get the full Montgomery GI bill if you plan to get a degree. Schooling while in is subject to your supervisor's approval, and job always comes first. I used tuition assistance to finish roughly 3/4's of my degree while I was in, but it comes with a lot of sacrifices in free time. 4. Remember, the space industry can be highly competitive. You may want to be the guy who gets in with avionics, networking, datacenter operations, piloting, engineering. Just know that getting almost any job is a matter more of either being the absolutely best person that ever applied for a job, or knowing the right people. While you're in the Air Force get to know lots and lots of people. Keep in touch with them. You'll never know when one of them will get hired by SpaceX, knock something out of the park, and be in the position to recommend you to a hiring manager or HR rep. Work hard so everyone has a high opinion of you. If you have any questions about boot camp, tech school, or really anything feel free to ask. Edit: I feel I should mention there is a large voluntary separation effort going on right now. The Air Force is trying to cut some fat. People will still be able to join but you might see limited openings for certain career fields. Pick 4-5 jobs you would want when you go to MEPS, and be prepared to sit on Delayed Enlistment until an opening comes up. If you can't afford to wait, have a long list of jobs to bring with you and see if they'll let you try for some.
  8. Same here! I figure for me its just my inexperience. Thanks for the responses! It was overcast again last night, hoping for clear skies this evening.
  9. I feel compelled to mention a book I love. Glory Road by Robert A. Heinlein. Its setting puts it around the Vietnam war (the hero is a vet), but it manages to be both Science Fiction and a Fantasy novel with a princess, swords, bows, dragons, a tower, "magic", and other fun. The end of the fantasy adventure is around halfway through the book, and then you find out that being hero is only fun when there is adventure to be had. The second half of the book is what loses a lot of people. It might be worth your time. Edit: The science fiction is out there. Humans are where we were at in the 1960's. The Hero is in an adventure with aliens, to be honest.
  10. Howdy all! So I'm a completely unabashed newb to the world of amateur astronomy. I love KSP, I love Cosmos, and I finally plunked down the money for an inexpensive Dobsonian telescope. I couldn't justify it in the military, but now that I'm not moving all the time I felt comfortable getting into it finally. I got the base put together yesterday, collimated (is that a word?) the mirrors, and since it was overcast across the whole sky put it away until tonight. I eagerly awaited sunset and went out to enjoy the evening and get really anxious as it slowly got darker. When it got a bit dark, I began training my telescope on constellations I know. I'll be honest, I wasn't seeing much. Wound up training my spotting dot on an unusually bright star and looked through the lens. Boom, 5 bright lights in a diagonal line (almost). One much larger than the others. Instantly my mind realizes what I'm looking at. That's Jupiter!! And 4 moons! So now I want to study charts and begin looking for other things. I want to play hours of KSP. And I want to binge watch old and new Cosmos. So there is no real reason for this post, except to share my enthusiasm. Anyone have some advice for someone new to the hobby? Dress more warmly is a lesson I've already learned....
  11. Congrats to those who've succeeded with what seems impossible when you start! My first docking experience the rendezvous went easily enough but I spent almost an hour and like 5 reloads not being able to hit the docking port. Then I watched a Scott Manley video after we got the ability to target, taught myself how to use RCS properly, and my times went down to 30, then 20, then 5 minutes as I got better with the RCS. It also made me better with the jet pack. A lot better.
  12. It depends on the switch, but I had a few that would reroute off the third post when in the off position. This could be used to power said light, and staging switch depending on how its toggled. I have only rudimentary experience with the Arduino, but I have one down with the rest of my electronics. You're seriously building a crafting bug in me.
  13. In your original sketch, I noticed you wanted an abort lock, and I was looking into this as well. if you were the abort button's input to a normal on/off switch's output, it should give you a non-software approach to locking the abort button. Essentially put the button in series with a switch, so the switch has to be "on" to even pass current through the momentary press button. I had to set up a dead man switch a similar way. Edit: I know, unrequested advice. I'd probably do a manual stage lock that way as well for the stage button, getting rid of the need for ALT-L Edit 2: And now I want to build a console for KSP...
  14. Tonight I got a ship all the way to Duna, did science in orbit, and got it back to Kerbin to find out that I didn't have a stack decoupler to drop the nuclear engine. Thus my craft was too heavy for my parachutes and I lost about 3/4 of my science. It wasn't even from a catostrophic crash. No, it landed without issue but was too tall and fell over. THAT was was did in most of my experiments.
  15. .15 here. Had the demo all of half an hour before I purchased it outright. I've loved seeing this game grow. I'd buy it again tomorrow, and in fact have roughly 4 times to pass the love of space onward. Sadly, I did not think to keep the first couple versions I played but now I'm archiving them as they come out.
  16. I just started up again after a break. I hadn't played since .19 really. An hour here or there after a release, but nothing serious. Saw the science tree in .22 but then didn't pick it up again. Until last week. Now, I'm no Scott Manley, so I'm pretty happy to say that the science tree reinvigorated my KSP time. I had gotten to the point where I had very safe ways of doing things. The same launch vehicle would get a payload almost anywhere in the system. Now I don't have the heavy stuff to help me lift stuff around the system. Going back to skinny and weak parts really puts a hurt on you, when you launch your first launch and its a challenge again just to hit orbit. but then you do science and begin strategically unlocking parts to get you to the Mun. Then Minmus. Then get science. Then land for maximum science. Needless to say, I'm still as impressed with KSP as I was when I first bought it. Just for different reasons now than then. I can't wait for money, rep, contracts, et al.
  17. Lethal, the way I read that article he didn't quit. He was going to and the folks at Squad gave him a chance to make the game once he finished up his ongoing projects. As KSP has gotten more successful, he's gotten more resources. He has a good size team now on payroll. The whole ending of that article is about how Squad gives it's employees a chance to do something they are passionate about. Secondly, for the most part I disagree with you (with the exception of Kerbalcon, mainly because I didn't watch it). While I too am disappointed that resources were shoved off into the blackness of space, I don't consider it to be that bad considering the fact they are finally building a career mode. that said, I think this very topic of conversation is far off base from the point of the thread. With respect to that I have to say I can't wait for this asteroid mission pack. I think there is a lot of promise from various missions packs being added to the game with unique events you have to overcome. They could have a similar event with a comet that we could launch a Rosetta type mission to. It lends a lot of bang for the buck when it comes to playing KSP. edit: and I'd expect this NASA mission to be released for free. No source for it, just knowing how they operate when it comes to outreach.
  18. I've got to second this. I cut my teeth reading Heinlein. He has a good catalog and while it may not be highly accurate as of today, he was basing his stories off of popular science theories of his time. The same goes for Asimov and Clarke.
  19. I enjoyed Oni, which was surprising since I was sad/mad we didn't get another Myth TFL game. It had great anime influence and some fun beat em up action.
  20. My first MMO My favorite strategy game of all time: Myth the Fallen Lords and its sequel Way too many hours of my life gone to this And the game my dad and I used to play together on the C64
  21. As a gamer, Avast doesn't interfere with my multiplayer gaming at all. Its what I use at home. We use paid Trend where I work. As an IT professional, antivirus may help some of the time. In those cases free is just as good as paid, and generally speaking something like Avast, Avira, Panda, or AVG is more than enough for the average consumer. Against, as an IT professional, you will still likely get viruses if you open email attachments you aren't expecting, download random files, download illegal copyright material, or have a naughty video habit. Heck, I get still get spyware or a virus once a year and I know what I'm doing. Once you have a virus, your antivirus may catch it. It may even notice it before you do. It may clean the files it notices. However, in most cases I've experienced it doesn't clean viruses completely. Generally you have to do a websearch to learn how to truly clean an infection and it may involve removing unrelated files or finding registry keys the virus put in. I'm just saying that you should install antivirus, but be aware it isn't the end all be all. You should also install anti-spyware and anti-adware software. In the end the only way to avoid malware is to not connect to the internet...
  22. Dwarf Fortress....I found I got along a lot better when I found an O-Reilly ebook for $5 on Amazon that I picked up for my kindle. I read through that, and then referenced it while I played, and found I got along much better. when I added Dwarf Therapist to manage assigned jobs. I'm not saying its easy, but it reduced the learning curve A LOT. If you like Dwarf Fortress but wish it were just a little less complex and a little more pretty....check out Rimworld. It will be available for general consumption in the future, and be on Steam (it got greenlit during its kickstarter). Right now access is only for backers of a certain level.
  23. I get the feeling I'm in the minority in that I can turn off my science brain and just watch the movie to be entertained. I went in expecting a Godzilla v Gamera level movie, not a dystopic science fiction masterpiece. I was not disappointed. that said...they kept saying X number of diesel generators per muscle strand. I don't know if they were powering hydraulic pumps or if the muscular architecture of the robot was powered by electricity. Then the hilarious moment where digital vs analog becomes a thing... Oh and the weird dual person walking clunkily translated to movement in the bipedal robot? It was a big monster popcorn flick. I will look at it as nothing more. I really loved it as long as I look at it that way. If I overanalyze it, it would destroy it.
  24. I pitched in on the Rimworld Kickstarter after seeing Scott Manley play it the other evening. I enjoy Dwarf Fortress but generally find it a little too obtuse to enjoy every day, plus the militia system is a little annoying. This looks like a fun space/Firefly/more accessible attempt at the same kind of Colony Building genre. Plus it has psychotic space squirrels...whats not to love.
  25. If its has as enjoyable battles as Total Annihilation I'll totally buy it, but all I've read of it how much is crashes and I'm not ready to spend my money on it.