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  1. Yayyy! Updated! Great job @linuxgurugamer, thank you!
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    Newsfeed - April 20th 2018 Welcome to a fresh newsfeed from Binary Aerospace! In this update we will talk about this week accomplishments and progresses. Space Division's activities were definitely quiet, after qualifying the four variants of the Comet rocket, engineers are waiting to discose the necessary documentation on them along with made them generally available to the market. The Board of Directors is working in these days in planning the next step after the Comet program will be fully completed, rumors talks about the possibilities to focus next SD efforts on satellites or on a single seated spacecraft. Obviously the idea is to leverage on the above rocket family for lifting them to the orbit. Jet Laboratories were on the contrary super busy in refining and testing the planned aircraft. 9 test flights were performed this week and, after having qualified the A-1 Aerojet and it's variants, engineers are at work with the F-3 Falcon, the D-5 Watchman and last but not least the B-4 Raven, with the maiden prototype flight held just yesterday (with flawless results). The D-5 development (D-5 Watchman is a lightweight drone) was not very straighforward as multiple issue were found, in fact 3 different test failed. In two of them, the drone literally crashed to the ground after a couple of meters of altitude, while during the third, the drone lost controls during a turn and again fell to the ground. Luckily these issue were addressed and now the the division can move forward with the development. The Skunkworks was also very active with 3 flights, one for qualifying the high speed experimental plane X-2A Dart, and two with an unmanned prototype of the X-2B Dart, the spaceplane variant, that provide incredible data for the engineers by touching a speed of 4.5 Mach at high altitude, but unfortunately was unable to reach orbit. Engineers will probably need to apply more radical changes between the X-2A and the X-2B to have the latter reach space. Some stats for you folks, here a graph with the subdivision of actual tests and flight (we call them "missions") per program: Today last news is about a new kerbonaut that was hired and took part of the Ares program, Wenmore Kerman. We welcome her and wish her the best! CEO notes (non-fiction) I'm proceeding well this week with the airplane program, I will have some vacation in the next week so I may refresh a little myself and have some time to think about next steps, hopefully providing finally blueprints and craft files upon my return. In the meantime I experimented a little with KRPC, it's very useful without the need to add specific parts to the vessel for getting telemetry data. There are quite super nice interfaces to view data, like MOCR, but what I really need is something that, along visualizing the data, grabs all the telemetry "max" that I need, like for example max recorded speed and plot some graph for ascent profiles. Hence I started writing my own telemetry tools, it will take some time (also because I intend to play and create vessel rather than developing all the time) but results so far are very nice. Since I want to create something modern and sleek, I'm developing an NW,js application upon the Vue stack (it's a modern javascript framework), relying on KRPC-NodeJS library since I can inject node being in NW.js environment. I will update you with more information as soon as I move forward. That's all, thank you for your attention and have a nice day!
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    Thank you @SiriusRocketry! I will surely follow you back, @Raptor9 as you said is actually what inspired me too! I use Photoshop, if you don’t have it I suggest you GIMP, believe me it may take some time to master it but you’ll immediately see the benefits of working with layers rather than a plain file like Paint. And yep, I’m waiting too for an updated version of KVV.
  4. Hi @Ezriilc! Do you have plan to update this wonderful mod? Thank you!
  5. That's really impressive!!!
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    Newsfeed - April 16th 2018 Welcome back to BA periodic updates on our activities! Today we will have the first images coming from the KSC, let's view them immediately! In the first image on the left you can see the A-1 Aerojet performing a flight over the island east of the KSC. The Jet Labs confirms that the aircraft is ready for entering the final qualification stage and all the variants were already developed. The aircaft performed greatly and has impressive maneuverability, moreover the J-33 Torbofan engine pushed the plane to a max speed of 0,94 mach with a service ceiling on 11,000 meters. The upcoming week will probably see the qualification of the plane and the Jet Labs moving to the F-3 Falcon. The image in the center is the X-2A Dart, parked in front of the SPH. The aircraft is an experimental, cutting edge tech, prototype that is being developed by the Skunkworks. The craft endured two flight so far, where the first was unmanned. It's peculiarity is the ability to reach impressive heights and speed, surpassing over Mach 3. The projec is still in the early stages so we don't have additional details at the moment. The last image, on the right, is a photo taken from a recon plane of the R-1B Comet II launch system ascending in the atmosphere. The R-1B is able to deliver 2 ton of payload on LKO, and it's the second LS (Launch System) in the Comet series developed by the company. So far all five Comet variants were already developed, and we got information regarding the possible cancellation of the last variant, the Comet Mono, which is supposed to be a single stage rocket. Due to inefficiencies, the price of the Mono (R-1E) resulted superior to both the R-1A (Comet I) and the aforementioned R-1B, therefore there aren't any commercial reasons to keep it in the company offerings, considering that a customer can simply buy a much more efficient and performing R-1B paying less. You can click on each image to see them in full detail. We hope to be able to disclose more details as soon as we sort out the legal issues mentioned in the previous update. CEO notes (non-fiction) While waiting for KVV to be updated, I posted some images anyway of some of the vessel I'm designing. I discovered some strange bugs in these days in my "quasi-vanilla" sandbox, probably related to NRAP when splashing down hard (let's say very hard) or Mechjeb Embedded. I will probably need to port the vassel in a new save file to clean things out, especially considering that all the progresses are tracked on a Google Sheet files, along with crew stats (at the moment only mission performed), so even recruiting back Kerbals will be very easy. Talking about craft files, I discovered that both Action Group Extended and Mechjeb Embedded (so probably also Mechjeb per se) put a lot of code in the file, so I'm really considering to disable both (AGX was used to better remember AG during flight, while Mechjeb to test an "immutable" launch profile and getting displayed telemetries, for the latter I think I will rely on KER for display), plus try to understand the reason of the issues with NRAP, eventually disabling it and create some test payloads. In the end I want that the files are 100% vanilla, so I need to be keen on this. That's all for this update! Have a nice week folks!
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    Thank you @Walden! I really appreciate your comment!
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    Thank you @Raamster !
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    Newsfeed - April 12th 2018 Hello fellow customers and partners! With this feed we would like to share some accomplishment we managed to reach during the last days. All our three programs are progressing, altough Skunkworks unit progresses were halted to have their teams helping out the Space Division in the final qualification process of the Comet I (R-1A). After several testings, for the 1 ton payload-able rocket, we get problems and strange readings in the last phases of the qualification. We discovered that the test payload was interfering with the SAS (stability augmentations system) of the rocket itself, hence in QA, where the rocket is also tested without the payload, the onboard computer perfermed wrong calculation during the ascent and ended up basically not performing the 40° gravity turn program embedded in the system. The replacement of the SAS module did the job and then the rocket was fully qualified. The same goes for the Comet II (R-1B), the bigger brother of the aforementioned launch system, which mounted the same SAS and core module and after the replacement was qualified. At the moment the space division is about the qualify also the third of the LS, the Comet III (R-1C). On the runway, the Ares program is proceeding by the book with the Jet Labs having tested extensively the first jet of the company, the A-1 Aerojet, with both the ER configuration (Extended Range) and the S configuration (Surveillance). The S is not really a configuration but an aircraft per se since the modification of the fuselage to accomodate the surveillance packet is extensive. We currently cannot share media as our Marketing Division is put on hold by Legal due to some paperwork to finish, but we hope to do that soon! CEO notes (non-fiction) During this week I found some time to work out some graphics to add to enrich the story, and in the meantime I was testing and building the assets listed above. It was weird what happened with the SAS units, in fact I'm using NRAP to test payload weight and I discovered that NRAP bring his own SAS module (discovered... not really since it's crystal clear if you just take a look at specs ) and before saying "ok this rocket is qualified" I want to ensure to test it also with zero payload because if I say 1 ton payload I want to ensure that the same performance are achieved with less. Hence I discovered that the onboard SAS was too small to apply the necessary force to initiate the gravity turn. I choose to add both a core unit and SAS to each launch system because even if it can be costly, the benefit of having the upper stage reentry or be put on a graveyard orbit in my opinion are greater and regardless of your payload you know that you can handle the rocket. For example you can add a probe without SAS and don't worry about how to maneuver your launch. The "paperwork" to be finished before publishing media in reality is just that I'm waiting for KVV to be ported to 1.4, being LinuxGuguGamer the saviour of the mod, and having him maintaning more than 70 mods, I believe that he had a lot of stuff on his plate but the update will came sooner or later. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!
  10. You, sir, just earned yourself a follower.

  11. @Raptor9 is a source of inspiration for all the community. I'm ongoing a vanilla run JUST BECAUSE I would like to 1% mimicking what he have accomplished so far. So if you ever run for a presidency in one country you'll get my vote. Thanks!
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    The Kerbal Space Center
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    Current mods and game version The current game version is: Kerbal Space Program - v.1.4.2 DLC - Making History Expansion The current mods that I'm using, mainly for utility purposes are: Action Group ReExtended - 2.3.3 Blizzy's Toolbar - Chatterer - 0.9.94 Click Through Blocker - 0.1.61 Docking Port Alignment Indicator - 6.8.1 Kerbal Engineer - KSP Alternate Resource Panel - MechJeb 2 - Mechjeb 2 Embedded - n/a Module Manager - 3.0.6 notes - 0.14.01 NRAP - 1.5.11 S.A.V.E. - Toolbar Controller - The above list is to ensure that all the craft files will be pure vanilla + official DLC, images and other media that will be published will be taken using a different game folder that will have graphical overhauls mod installed for aesthetic purposes.
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    SUMMIT PROGRAM Operational Unit: Skunkworks Start Date: D1Y1 (6th April 2018) Goal: Develop a series of experimental vessels, primarly aimed to high speed and high altitude testings along with possibly spaceplanes. Status: Ongoing Scope: Opened Assets Planned: X-2A Dart - Experimental high speed aircraft X-2B Dart - Experimental spaceplane Program Description Summit is an opened scope program that will handle experimental assets. Primary objective of Summit is high speed testing along with the possibility to develop a series of SSTO (Single Stage To Orbit) vessels able to reach space and return to the ground safely. The operational unit tasked with the program is the Skunkworks that will have the possibility to access both the SPH and VAB. Further details are unknown at the moment due to the nature of the project, the assets however will not be available to the market unless productized by Jet Labs or the Space Division but not definitely in this early phase of the program. Kerbonauts TBD Launches TBD Produced Assets and General Availability TBD Images Outcome TBD