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  1. Banned for polluting the skies above for more than 3 years.
  2. i really hope u come around and update your gpws-nagging nadia :(

  3. pretty much any conspiracy theory. "I mean, why is the flag WAVING in space?" Sure, you can see movement in a still image... "[insert industry] is making it happen because it's a $[insert random number] billion industry" .. just. There, facepalmed. There are plenty other things too, but I'm not turning this into a basement fist fight, soo yeah.
  4. You sound like the perfect guy for the job, and we need active writers more than anything else. If you are willing to do the "sorting" and get a straight plot overview that would be awesome !
  5. I got my first screen name when I was playing WipEout on the PSP, and still I'm living in Hautes-Garrone in France, I chose WipEout31. But then I got into Flight Simulator X, and went with AirFranceLiner (because I did nothing but commercial flights with Air France skinned aircrafts back then). Then I discovered Orbiter, and when registering to the Orbiter french forums I felt AFLiner wasn't "appropriate" for space. Since you could do interplanetary flights, which seemed mind blowing at the time (it was a solid 9 years ago now wow), I chose SolarLiner, as an evolution from AFLiner. And then, for those 9 years, that name followed me. But I have two more "names", one is my more or an artist name which is Refractor. The idea goes back 3 years in science class with a friend, we had a running joke about how I could refract light (I wish I remembered the origin of that inside joke lol), and it eventually stuck with me: "The Refractor". And the third is a recent username, an alternate account on reddit to kind of play the character of my favorite character in my fav series: "POI_ROOT".
  6. Plutonium and Helium walked into a bar ... Nobody in a 15 blocks radius survived. Two scientists walk into a bar. The first says, "I'll have some H2O." The second says, "I'll have a glass of water too. Why did you say H2O? It's the end of the day and there's no need to talk about work." The first scientist stares at his drink, angry that his assassination plan has failed. The favorite Kerbal chemical compound? BaOUm (Um being the element of confusion). Why does climber never seem to get a mosquito bite? You can't cross a vector and a scalar. There's 10 type of people on Earth: the ones who know binary, those who don't, those who thought this joke was in binary and the one expecting it to be in ternary.
  7. Perfect timing, more advertisement to my newest track ...
  8. Let's have a quick history class. Comic Sans was created by Microsoft employee Vincent Connare in 1994, with the legend saying that Melinda Gates herself asked him to design a typefont to go with Microsoft Bob. Connare took inspiration in comic books, and designed a similar font. It never made it into the final MS product, but became available in Windows 95 as a default typefont. Breaking down the font name: "Comic": supposed original font name by Connare, inspired by comic books handwritings "Sans": Appended to notify that it is a Core web font, a font that can be safely used on the Web because whatever will be used to display the page will have those fonts "MS": You tell. The correct French term to translate would be "Sans comique", which would then translate to "without comics". Obligatory Vsauce video:
  9. wow much font very april much update so colors wow
  10. Yep, this is much easier to answer. If you do nothing, everyone dies. If you send the small ship, 2/3 dies. If you send the big ship everyone may survive. But if they don't, well you tried, and that didn't change the fate of the sinking ship crew. Therefore you end up sending the big ship and hope for the best.