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  1. Hello I  am a youtuber and I would like your permission to use the ksp title screen remix in a ksp short movie that I am developing. I will leave credit to you and a link to the song anymore that you want I will do. Many thanks

  2. Also having trouble with 64 bit TAC in RSS. Only thing that doesn't load properly.
  3. Stock parachutes aren't working, about to try the real parachutes mod and see if that does.
  4. Will there still be a 10x scaled Kerbol? I've been using the RSS and love the challenge it gives, but I want to explore the Kerbol system on hard mode. Is that still going to be possible in the .24 mod?
  5. Agree with ancaster, I prefer the look of the planets compared to astronomers pack, but really don't want to use the rest of the stuff as it conflicts with loads of RSS mods.
  6. Is there a way to rescale the models to fit 4m? I'm playing RSS, and this mod would really help out in getting some science together!
  7. This seems to conflict with hotrockets...which really sucks. I think the Hot rockets mod has it's own sounds which I guess won't be muffled?
  8. I would also download this if there were a simple Config for RSS. It's stunning, so I'm hoping there's an easier way to solve it since RSS takes about 5 mins to load!
  9. Hey man, your pics aren't working. You know the rules, no pics, no clicks!
  10. Found a weird bug. Whenever I load Urania, I seem to lose all my science archive data. Any fixes?
  11. Is there a way to add music to planet surfaces? I'm actually thinking of implementing some wind effects on Duna or some vibrational subbass noises on the Mun, not entirely accurate, but immersive!
  12. Wow, good job! Does it randomise the values of the planets too or just where they are? Some pics would be awesome too, I'll try it out now and post some here. Edit: Ok so we're looking at some pretty amazing stuff here, have a look: First new game planet spawn.,bBq7fjF#0 Second new game spawn.,bBq7fjF#1 I love the orbit that Duna has here, even if it is a little over the top.
  13. I've been trying and having no luck adding the Part grab module to the Hullcams mod. I want to know if we can stick those to a kerbal and has a (shaky) first person view. Anybody managed this?
  14. I love how the fix for FAR just ended up being removing a few features about terminal velocity. Also, it's made some textures go weird.
  15. Well, I'm not hugely experienced with models, but if you need models, I need something to do tomorrow?