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  1. I was going to do that for python, that is why I asked. If and when you finish it could you release the source for us amatuer programmers (assuming you are releasing it of course)?
  2. For the acheivment bonuses, would they stack in the sense that if you go into orbit the first flight you have you will ge in the ballpark of 31,000 kk (I use kk for kennies fso it is not confused with k for thousand)?
  3. I was just curious as to what other players listen to while they incinerate/maime/bake/dismember kerbonauts. Personally I listen to Pink Floyd while in VAB and nothing while operating. Sorry if this is the wrong thread
  4. On the probydyne stuff, is it possible to see3 throught the cameras and the telescope or are they just decoration?
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