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  1. I'd like to build something similar to the V-22 Osprey or a Quadcopter drone.
  2. http://www.space.com/26529-experimental-military-space-plane-designs.html?cmpid=514630_20140719_28084816 So basically...what the community does all the time anyway.
  3. Didn't figure out how to get a VTOL up and flying.
  4. Well, i told FAR to put the speed into Miles Per Hour so i'd have a small chance of figuring out how fast i was moving.
  5. In my drone's current configuration i got it up to 6,300 feet and 920 mph before it started wobbling more than i could handle. I'll work on modifying the design tonight and post the results.
  6. Ah, that used to happen to me before I installed FAR too, even with a propeller driven drone.
  7. I prefer to build drones as i feel a bit..guilty about the amount of Kerbals that die when i try and build things. Also, if you wish i can record the video again and save in a higher quality.
  8. I don't play very often, in fact i lurk more in the mods forum than i post.
  9. Vanilla SAS, I can't understand what i should be doing with Mechjeb so i should probably get rid of it.
  10. I'll post a screenshot in the morning. I've recently started using FAR, is it overkill to have Mechjeb too?
  11. I find this happens a lot, it doesn't matter if i have a propeller driven aircraft or a jet engined aircraft, when in flight with SAS mode on, the aircraft wobbles and falls out of the sky a few seconds later.
  12. Where do i find the parts? I can only seem to find the cockpit.
  13. Has anyone had any luck building drone type quadcopters in KSP?
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