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  1. Thanks man! Sorry for thinking it was KIS/KAS. This mod is one of my favorites out there, and I'm glad to know it's working fully!
  2. I'm not exactly sure if it's KIS or KAS, but I removed both and the error I'm about to explain went away. Ihave a bug where when I go on EVA, when I re-enter the capsule, there is still a Kerbal on the ladder waiting to get in, even though the Kerbal is inside the space craft. This kerbal becomes a dead prop, unselectable or playable. he's just waiting to get inside the capsule. Also, this prevents me from recovering the vessel in the play screen. If I press random buttons the program gets confused and returns me to the KSC, and I can recover it in the Tracking Station.
  3. I've discovered it's because Module Manager broke in 1.1.2. Download the newest MM, and FAR will work again.
  4. IDK if "Where the singularity started" is a pun on all our mods breaking today, but it gave me a good laugh. Thank you for your speedy work man!
  5. I'm not sure if it's a glitch, but I have no air resistance. Parachutes don't work either. I used to have this problem with the 64 bit KSP before 1.1. Is there a reason why it's back? I also have real chute installed if that's a thing?
  6. Hey it actually seems to be working! Thanks for the suggestion. The rumor was that anything having to do with plugins would be dead. But seems this works! I tested out the quad nuke engine with some radiators, on 64 bit. No problems.
  7. Nice man! This is one of my favorite mods. I'd be happy for an update!
  8. Sooo, this is a fairly old thing, but I recently found it searching through the forums. I'm kind of curious. If I wanted KSP to perform its physics on multiple threads, would there be a way to use this? Or, better yet, could I modify FAR to use it?
  9. I used the newer version of Kopernicus, and nothing floats.... Is there a way to fix this? Anything that hits the water, keeps going till the bottom of the sea.
  10. All my reactors produce no heat, and I'm not entirely sure how to turn them on?
  11. I really really really love this mod. However, I've found that it puts itself visually on top of cloud layers I add in through other mods. Is there anyway, for instance, for the Jool config file to place itself bellow other layers? I'd really like to have lighter high clouds above this mod.
  12. Curious, but is there a reason why, at times, Kerbin is a blue marble with no land from orbit? I've noticed it every once in a while and was wondering if there's a fix?
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