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  1. The opening post description of twitching frog legs immediately made me think of how they inspired Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and some of the questions it asked about the nature of life. But more importantly though, who in hell puts frog legs on pizza!
  2. I've become skeptical of the direction I'm seeing in early access gaming. If companies were charging 5 to 10 dollars for these things it would be fine, but $20 for a buggy game missing many features is way too much. I've played KSP from 0.12 and it was the best game I ever bought, but most of the time it won't be like that. I would recommend staying away from any early access game selling for more than $15 and then only if it looks close to beta.
  3. This kind of reminds me of some of those ladder logic simulators for industrial PLC.
  4. Ouch, well so much for saving the engines.
  5. Just my personal opinion, but that's actually a lot of new flight hardware in just 14 years. We do have better and cheaper technology than 46 years ago, but that's still a lot to do. Just getting the prototypes ready for their first flights by then might be doable?
  6. I have AdwCleaner booked marked but never got around to trying it. Maybe I'll run it tomorrow and see what comes up.
  7. Getting stuff like that off your computer can get maddening. It took me three days to figure out how to get that Bing search engine from hijacking my browser settings and home page. Some of Bing's distribution methods are just legalized virus programs. Have you ever tried Spybot Search and Destroy?
  8. I'm actually quite shocked by how small the barge is compared to the rocket stage and too much junk on deck as well.
  9. Well if it's still on the barge, I wonder if the engines are still salvageable? I can see tipping over damaging the upper tank, but the landing gear might still protect the engines. Well assuming no fire.
  10. Yep, they should have kept a better watch on that apple.
  11. I'm reasonable happy with my $35 dollar Timex watches. They tell the time, no one is going to rob me for one and if I break it, I won't feel like jumping from the roof.
  12. You can still deliver nuclear weapons by aircraft and intercontinental range ground-launched cruise missiles. Where there is enough will, there is a weapon system that will get it there.
  13. I think I'd only want humans if it is possible to make them proportionally accurate. Otherwise I'd rather see the Kerbal equivalent of a chimpanzee or a Robonaut like robot: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robonaut
  14. Maybe just make the A-10 cockpit the lowest priority. Once you have finished everything else that you want to work on then make your decision about it.
  15. I guess I should have been more specific, I meant dropped from orbit at orbital speeds of 28000 kph, not hitting the ground traveling at that speed.
  16. From what I understand a 10 ton tungsten rod drop at orbital speeds (about 28,000 kph) would have the kinetic energy of a 10 ton bomb explosion. The energy would only be released when it hits the ground, so a lot of energy, but not all is going into the ground and then reflect out and up too. I don't know any percentages, but nothing like a land wave is going to happen. Even an atomic weapon doesn't create land waves like that.
  17. OK, so I'm guessing the unreacted hydrogen comes out so hot that it then burns with the atmospheric oxygen and then turns to water as well?
  18. I think in the British test (6 minutes into video) they mentioned that they placed three cars on the train and that adding more wouldn't have added to the force of the impact. Adding more track and cars I think would have been more sensible. To me this is an over engineered answer to a simple problem. You might even make an argument that the results of the test are not truly as actuate as they could have been, because they didn't use a more real world train set up as the British did. In any case it makes for great YouTube videos.
  19. It's not that hard to lay more track and they are in the middle of a desert, so space shouldn't have been an issue. This is like fishing with hand grenades. It will work, but really.....
  20. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you strapped six Nike rocket motors onto a train and then crashed it into a truck carrying nuclear waist? Well apparently the US government did too:
  21. How much H2 is left unreacted? Would it be like 97% water and 3% H2 or is it really quite small. I'm guessing the ions left over would be in the parts per million/billion?
  22. OK thanks, that's what I was wondering about. I didn't realize that they decayed afterward.
  23. Well different patent offices around the world may have different rules. I get the impression that the US patent offices go by whether an idea is new, not if it will work. I could see legal challenges being filed over a patent office decision of something not being workable. The patent office could win easily over something like this, but that just means hiring more lawyers.
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