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  1. DEMV4 has some issues: 1) Sizing. The tanks don't fit snugly as displayed in the demo pics, there's a slight lack in height as though there's a missing part that's a 5-10 cm slither? You could fix that by adding (6) as a slither of equipment under the tank, and / or stripping the top of the tank to accommodate (E). Also the pod is oddly shaped and just the wrong size to be skinned by 2M fairings, perhaps reduce it to 1.9 meters or bring it up to 2.5-2.9 so 2.75 or 3 meter bulkheads and fairings can attach (possibly add your own reskin of the bulkhead and fairings if you want it to be a fully 'modular' system) 3) The ability to fit only one tank is limiting, not even surface attached redundancy is available, and surface attachment is pretty buggy. 8) If the drop pod lands the wrong way up or rolls you're -****ed- as you can't right click to right it inside the pod, and opening the pod doesn't save it. E) Laser turret is cool, but it doesn't mount properly (it's like 1/6th the size of the other stuff that fits that node) and should be a turret alone that fits on that large unused node atop the DEMV4. 6) MechJeb and ISA MapSat should be included in parts, feel free to use :: <a href="http://www.kerbal.net/mod.php?id=80">Internalized MechJeb & ISA MapSat Antennae Kit</a> for them instead of their full units to keep it streamlined, or hack the DAE's, but note the ISA antenna currently won't map the planet as the developer of the plugin has hard coded the animation into the plugin code, thus if you don't use the original sat dish when it tries to animate your antenna it fails and the entire plugin ****s itself and dies. 2) Prone to the DEMV bug where your vehicle will--for absolutely no reason, even on flats under same speed--barrel roll smashing all your peripherals and leaving you stranded and wanting to smash your monitor. I hope this feedback helps, it's some pretty major stuff and I know the last thing you want to read immediately after a release are issues such as these. I am more than happy to assist you in any way I can, just hit me up on twitter (@bashpr0mpt) and tell me how I can help. I can make any part you require, my only weak point is adding / changing node locations (slow PC, ten minute loads) or UV skin, or ... ****, whatever you need dude. Hell, if you want, hook me up with the .DAE's and **** and I'll fix it all up for you and hand it back and you can claim the credit. Idc about that side of things, I just want to see the best rover in the game doing it's thing awesomely. Edit: Also, the kethane thing. The parts fit woefully with the DEMV, perhaps a DEMV variant? I'd also ideally like to see you release some ZO2 **** for your mods so we have to keep our kerbanauts alive and healthy, you've got electricity and kethane in there, you know you want to do the last missing piece to super realism!
  2. ... I haven't had to map a planet for a while, in the interim it appears that I can no longer map using the antenna for ISA, so it's currently just a geolocation device. I don't mind this as it is far more realistic (besides wave bounce mapping) but have contacted the mod to see if we can work something out. At present his plugin actually uses the CODE to animate rather than the animation mesh. This means that when using something without the animated pivots it breaks the entire code and the mapsat plugin just eats a dick and dies. :'(
  3. I too have this problem, it has only manifested since updating to the latest version, and I have released the <a href="http://www.kerbal.net/mod.php?id=80">parts I use</a> for others to access, so inevitably I'm assuming this means those are broken too? :/ Is there any way you can free up the code so that not using the default dish won't break the plugin?
  4. 'Internal' components for MechJeb and ISA Map Sat with external antennae. I've been running these for quite some time inspired by wave bounce sounding rockets; recently I noticed a lot of folks requesting smaller parts with less animation (ie: for folks like me with crappy computers, KSP can be quite a memory muncher!) and realized I should probably share these recycled bits and pieces. ISA MapSat is an essential to know wtf you are, and MechJeb, well, let's face it, 90% of players would have rage quit KSP without it, these two are plugins I and most folks cannot live without. Props go to the creators of those mods, and NovaSilisko for the sat pack from whence the remapped old parts came (with minor collision node changes, actually, major, as I desperately wanted realism for my space station and have undiagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder). I have tweaked the impact tolerance for use on DEMV rovers, which are notorious for spontaneous inexplicable peripheral destroying barrel rolls. Depending on the outcome of replies to the following note, I may be developing additional peripherals and reimaginings of existing plugins, remaps, and minor mods that don't require messing with nodes. I abandon all alienable rights to this where possible, do with it as you please, just trying to help. :: You can download the mod here: <a href="http://www.kerbal.net/mod.php?id=80">http://www.kerbal.net/mod.php?id=80</a> :: You can also find a lovely screen shot of it there, or if you're lazy and want to mouse-over it in Chome, hover <a href="http://i.imgur.com/zqXHX.png">here</a> Add me on Twitter if you appreciate these parts to encourage me to chase things up and find a group of modders, @bashpr0mpt, I follow back (and you'll get latent follows from my fans (near 50k and growing!) so share the loves.) (NOTE: Any other modders out there adept at dealing with nodes; Ive currently abandoned any interest in modding as loading KSP takes nearly ten minutes on my PC thus adjusting nodes a bit at a time is impossible. If anyone is looking for someone to work with, I have a few near fully completed mods, including: - 1) Androgynous Peripheral Attachment System (Full warp safe hard docking mod with ORDA in built.) 4) Redesigned Down Under Space Plane (With micro Buran style launch system.) D) Space Station Parts (Assorted, including functional docking systems.) I will happily give these away, or work with any group of modders out there interested in them. My strength is in graphical design and inventiveness, and my modelling is weak to average (still learning) but node manipulation I just cannot do, and thus all my stuff is sitting unused.)
  5. I've made an antenna that does that job. I'll upload it for you. It still makes maps, but it's a ****load smaller than the sat dish and more akin to older dated sounding rockets for data collection. 'Internal MechJeb & ISA Map Sat' with external antennae components: <a href="http://www./?tkckj2vagl8ws4l">http://www./?tkckj2vagl8ws4l</a> Had to tweak the crash and impact tolerance dramatically, as when equipped on DEMV rovers (which have a habit of spontaneously barrel rolling and smashing your **** and exploding) they proved problematically vulnerable.
  6. ****, bad news, but thanks for giving it to me straight. I fear my models will remain unused in my dev folder now, at least until I get a new PC that doesn't take ten to fifteen minutes to load KSP. :/ KSP doesn't really help matters, it eats more memory than cutting edge games like Skyrim and ****, then develops an intermittent RAM bleed where its consumption will climb exponentially until you're forced to restart it. To date I have my habitat system, re-modelled mechjeb and isa mapsat into antennae that look snazzy on your ship, an androgynous peripheral attachment system (ORDA + erkle working in unison), a remodelled (slightly) and massively re-rendered variant of the down under space plane using a resized and rerendered buran launch system, and some random space station ****. If anyone would like to fix the nodes on them, you're welcome to loot my stuff and release it as your own. I would rather just see these things in the game / be able to use them myself. Or if anyone with a modding team is looking for an inventive son of a bitch, I'll happily donate my time and graphics abilities. I'm still going to hash together a guide to modelling for people that will hopefully overcome the 'what the **** planet am I on?' reaction one has when loading programs that are counter intuitive as **** when it comes to operating them in a manner that will hopefully save them having to RTFM and also save them having to ask asshat questions like I have throughout this thread! I'm chatting to a mate ATM who's interested in turning it into a video, hopefully in a manner that is future-proof. But, the node problem is me out of the running as a modder for now. There's just no possible way my OCD will sit right with having to reload the game every node change to check it. I don't have that kind of time to commit (I'm estimating at ten minutes per load it'd take at least an hour per part, with thirty odd parts sitting here that's almost a weeks worth of full time employment, I just can't rationalize that.) but as I said above, if anyone wants them, or can put me to work with the parts I can do, I'm down. My eternal gratitude to those chaps who assisted with this endeavor, and I'm sorry for the disappointment of being unable to bring these projects to completion. Your assistance has, however, been wonderful and I'll ensure that the knowledge is passed on.
  7. One cannot possibly tell if there are solar panels or not on the vehicle, all there is visible is the camera mast, it's buried in the sand? >_>
  8. The diffuse **** was spot on by the way, you're a champion. Now I can thoroughly redesign the docking mod. As it stood I had to replace every model, and the remaining .DAE couldn't be imported so I had to replace that too. I'd personally prefer to use the existing Erkle clamp, but replace the ORDA parts. I also managed to trim all requisite docking parts down, including the code behind it, to about half it's original size reducing the already memory hungry KSP's need to eat more memory than it has to touch wood. I'm going to resume finishing it and just release it and give it away with broken nodes and hope someone out there can fix them and re-release it I guess.
  9. To some degree I've figured it out, nerdrage aside. However, there are still intermittent problems where **** just refuses to work and absolutely no sense or reason seems to be involved. I'm unsure whether it's Blender being sketchy, KSP being sketchy, or what. KSP tends to be the culprit behind most problems I've encountered, it's very arbitrary with what will make it freeze up (nodes). Would you be able to recommend a set way to implement connecting point nodes that doesn't involve changing a number and restarting the game? Because it makes making anything more than a few odd parts extremely impossible time constraint wise, for example, my docking system laying abandoned because it would take me way too many man hours just sorting the nodes out. :/
  10. Sounds fantastic! I've encountered intermittent nonsensical problems again. The oxygenator panel I showed you guys, made a collider mesh, threw a material on it, skinned it; wouldn't load in game. Removed the node **** from the CFG entirely in case it was that again. Wouldn't load in game. Redesigned the node_collider in case one part of it that was trimmed inwards was 'concave' by KSP standards. Wouldn't load in game. I designed a docking system based off the ORDA / Erkle warp clamp and loaded that flawlessly, yet something as dumb as a panel won't load. The docking system's connect nodes are ****ing all over the shop though and I have no idea how to fix it besides changing a number, then reloading the game, changing a number, reloading the game. Given how memory hungry KSP is loading the game takes about five minutes. So adjusting one node to be perfect took me a few hours. Each piece in the docking system will, projected upon that few hours a piece, combined will take me 12 hours just to align nodes. I can't think of anything better to do this week. Besides maybe smearing honey on my nuts and letting fire ants eat them. So I've given up on the docking system for now. :<
  11. That's really bad form. Asking for donations, or even being willing to accept donations, for creating parts in an indie game that's still in beta, really? Anyone who thinks that's appropriate in any way really has poor etiquette.
  12. So, I followed the Collada plugin for Blender import instructions (<a href="http://colladablender.illusoft.com/cms/content/blogcategory/23/32/">here</a>) precisely, and Blender still can't import .DAE's properly. Has anyone had any experience with this ****ing up? Why can't anything to do with this work first go when you follow instructions verbatim? :'( Anyone else notice that? :b I got it working. The instructions were completely incorrect. The file structure was incorrect. The placement of the .py's was incorrect. I had to reverse engineer the way Blender is set up to figure out where the parts went, and then look at the source code for the way it loads up it's modules on start up to replace the current 'collada import / export' that does sweet **** all and make it load that module instead. Can this **** be any less user friendly? I mean, there's user unfriendly through generic accidental ignorance and oversight. But sweet raptor jesus, entirely wrong instructions, file / folder names, part placement, etc? They've -got- to be ****ing with us when they do **** like that. The worst part is, this is every step of the way with all this free software. It reminds me of my *nix days of YAYAYAYGNUOPENSAUCE optimism where every ****ing thing was incomplete and half arsed with the caveat that if you don't get it working by spending hours ****ing around you're a 'LOLNOOB' for wanting something to work out of the box. D:< I'll have to add all this shiz into my tute for my fellow nooblings. My people need to know these things to be aware that the rest of the world will mock our stupidity. :'( I've got to say though, I hold four degrees (double bachelors, masters, doctorate) in law and communication sciences. This **** is more complex than any academic endeavor I have ever undertaken. EVER. By far. It ****s on 100,000 page+ decade long constitutional law cases in it's difficulty. I take my hat off to every modder here who can pull off amazing feats.
  13. To finally answer your question (after having figured it out myself!) you need Python to be able to turn a .DAE (COLLADA file) into a .blend to be able to **** with other peoples parts, or rework stock parts. Without it, you just can't make it happen, as the Python API isn't enough.
  14. Well, I've finally got my part in game, and repeated the task; the problem was within the CFG file, the nodes made KSP **** bricks. I'm double posting this to Aescwulf and SpannerMonkey, as the two of you were both having the same kind of trouble. I'll be figuring out how to make the 'new type' of parts (the mu files and mbm's and ****) and writing up a brief outline of how to do it in a manner that there's no possible way anyone can **** it up hopefully, and releasing some random **** in the coming days. <3
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