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  1. Is it actually the colliders' date=' or is it the rigidbodies/joints that are the limiting factor in KSP? Even if not the colliders though, it is a good idea the keep the performance load down to allow more time to be spent on the other physics components. From the unity documentation (the engine KSP is based on), emphasis mine:
  2. 'mod' covers a variety of things. From the bits you mentioned it sounds like you're initially interesting in making new parts for the game, is that correct? If so that's one of the most common mods so there's plenty of guides available - I'd start by reading the stickies in the various forum of the add-on section. Sketchup isn't the best choice for game modelling but there are plugins that provide some help such as PlayUp. Blender is generally the modelling tool of choice as it's free and very capable, unfortunately the unpolished and clunky interface (it doesn't even have tooltips) means that
  3. Empty tanks increase the minimum launch weight rather than decreasing it. Using full fuel tanks with fuel lines attached to drain them as part of the launch stage will get you a lighter overall rocket. Yeah, if you want to mod it's usually best to avoid anything that modifies things on your private computer without any involvement from you.
  4. If you want to do it that way yeah, then delete the mesh filter & mesh renderer components afterwards. Personally I just add the box colliders (to extra empty gameobjects if the visual mesh is a single object) and adjust them numerically to fit. Unfortunately unity doesn't have a flat-ended cylinder primitive so a inline rocket parts usually will need a mesh collider but for things like rover parts it's worth looking at.
  5. We know it's KSPEvent tagged because it appears in the GUI, so as per sticky you use partInQuestion.SendEvent("EventName"); As to getting the event name, try iterating through PartModule.Events and seeing what name corresponds to the GUIName of the right click menu (alternative just guess, they're usually something simple and similar like Shutdown or ShutdownEngine).
  6. It's best to avoid mesh colliders entirely and use multiple primitive colliders where you can. If you do need a mesh to wrap a mesh collider around then it doesn't matter how you import it, if it's easier for you to model it in a separate file then go ahead and do so.
  7. Given the average PC game main menu these days can barely be seen between the animated adverts and social media links a single word really isn't going to bother me.
  8. Use whatever you want, the main requirement is that you produce a common language runtime assembly at the end of it. The most popular choices around here are the C# IDEs - MonoDevelop/Xamarin Studio, SharpDevelop and Visual Studio (Express). What are you trying to do?
  9. The part tools don't function properly if unity encounters any errors (generally, not with the part tools). That null reference exception listed at the bottom of the screen is probably what's interfering. Click the console tab and see what the rest of the details about it are there.
  10. In general none at all, a basic plugin is a very simple thing. Obviously if you want something more complicated you may want to start from scratch when you've got more experience, but making a rubbish version of it first both gets you insight into the game and problem as well as the general experience.
  11. You've got two decimal points in your mass entry, so I'd assume it's interpreting your 0.1.228 as 01.228. Remove the rogue decimal point and it should be fine.
  12. If you're running a 32-bit version of Windows 7 then KSP will be limited to 2GB instead of the usual 4GB.
  13. A static variable is accessible by all objects of a particular class.
  14. From the error message it may be a scope issue, can you post your code? specifically the following code compiles fine for me: public class SomeClass : PartModule { [KSPField] public float color_red = 1.0f; [KSPField] public float color_green = 1.0f; [KSPField] public float color_blue = 1.0f; public Color tracerColor; public override void OnStart(StartState state) { tracerColor = new Color(color_red, color_green, color_blue); } }
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