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  1. This. There will be a transition period though. Air force fighter communities have a lot of influence in purchasing decisions and will resist as hard as they can. While air forces are still led by folks who used to fly themselves drones will only be a supplement to manned aircraft, but once those people are all retired it'll be unmanned all the way. So you're probably looking at 40 years from now before it'll be considered the norm.
  2. It wasn't your post I quoted. But yes, what Red Iron Crown said.
  3. QR codes are just a better form of bar code. They're widely used in many industries. For example, I just printed out a prepaid address label on my PC, it's sitting right in front of me and includes a matrix code very similar to a QR so that the mail-sorting machine can read the address and automatically sort it to the destination. Just because you personally don't know what something is actually useful for doesn't make it useless.
  4. 500ms-1 is actually pretty slow if you're talking about weapons projectiles. Rifle bullets travel about twice that speed. But they will deform during deceleration into a solid target, hence my question about what the mechanical properties of the impact site are. Sand will stop bullets with fairly minimal deformation, granite won't.
  5. Depends on lots of factors. What distance is the deceleration carried out in? What are the mechanical properties of the impactor and impact site? What angle is the impactor coming in at? What do you call "surviving"?
  6. The MIT team's points don't necessarily prove that it's a fake, just that their plans aren't realistic. The difference is in the intentions of the people behind Mars One. Personally I think it's a reasonable proposition that a genuine Mars mission isn't their primary goal (more of a startup-esque "stretch goal"), but the lack of a workable Mars plan doesn't specifically prove that.
  7. Slough. It's the last place they'd expect. Edit: I would have a secret train that took me to an underground entrance under everywhere like the White House, Buckingham Palace, the Kremlin, etc so that I could sneak in and skulk around wearing a lizard mask just to troll the conspiracy tards.
  8. Same reason people ride rollercoasters, do bungie jumps or fly aerobatics. I've back-seated in combat aircraft, low-level nav or ACM pulling loads of g is hard work, but fun once you get used to it. You have to pull a crazy amount of g to get hurt, mostly it's just harmless fun.
  9. Because the governing bodies of those sports either haven't applied or haven't qualified for them to be included.
  10. We've got a combi microwave. It's really good for whipping up stuff for one. Stick it into convection oven mode and it'll cook bread or baked potatoes much more quickly and efficiently than using the full-sized oven. Aren't all ovens convection ovens these days though? Can't remember the last time I saw an electric oven that wasn't.
  11. It often is when people describe their cursor jumping, yes.
  12. Yes, it's possible to install a dual boot with Linux and Windows, but it's easiest to do it by installing Windows first taking up the whole drive, then install Linux. The installer for Ubuntu well guide you through setting up a dual boot, it's pretty easy. However your issue doesn't sound like you need to take such drastic action. It sounds like you need to change the settings so that the track pad is disabled while you're typing.
  13. Seret


    0.50cal AP-T round into something volatile (LOX tank?). Fire on the pad. Kaboom.
  14. My top three, in no particular order: 1) Leonardo da Vinci (artist) 2) Leonardo da Vinci (engineer) 3) Leonardo da Vinci (scientist)
  15. Unless you're suggesting the bending is due to creep it's a perfectly valid test. This whole bendgate thing is stupid. A thin phone can be bent if you bend it hard enough. Is that really news? They're not really expected to be indestructible. If you need something hardcore get a Catphone.
  16. That's not quite correct. When all their external impacts are assessed nuclear does come out well (certainly better than most fossil fuels) but it still isn't as good as renewables. Take for example Pearce et al 1992 "The Social Costs of Fuel Cycles", which rates various fuels in terms of external costs in UK£ per MWh: coal = 54 gas = 3.9 nuclear = 4.8 renewable = 0.55 oil = 60.5 These external cost assessments attempt to take in diverse factors such as atmospheric pollution and GWP, human health, land use, damage to forestry and buildings, etc. PV cells aren't made from volatile materials, they're mostly just silicon which is what a large percentage of the Earth's crust is made from. The semiconductor industry does use a lot of nasty chemicals in the manufacturing process, which I assume is what you meant. Contrasting nuclear to renewables is a bit pointless though. They're not competing technologies. They serve a different role in a well-balanced grid, and are complementary. A low carbon grid can (and probably should) contain substantial amounts of both.
  17. I would go post the same question somewhere like askubuntu.com (I'm assuming you're using the standard version of mint based on Ubuntu). I suspect there might be some technical limitation of the persistence file that limits the size. You'll need to find some people with in depth specific knowledge about the system. You're more likely to get that there than here. Could your problem be this for example?
  18. Cleaner than coal and oil, but exactly the same as gas. The natural gas we currently burn is almost pure methane. There's nothing particularly green about this source of carbon, it's still releasing a geologically sequestered carbon store into the atmosphere. The only way it could help is if it was cheaper to recover than coal so would displace some. Given where it's located that seems highly unlikely.
  19. They're usually just called visualisations. Most audio playing software on the desktop includes a few. Have a pike around the IOS software library, I'm sure you'll be able to find some.
  20. I'm assuming he was intending to help addicts who have some motivation to change their behaviour, but need support. IIRC there are already drugs available to help people avoid drinking. My understanding is that they create nausea in the drinker. That's probably a better bet for behaviour modification as it messes up the reward pathway that addicts have associated with their unwanted behaviour.
  21. Modern aircraft don't get gimbal lock because they use ring laser gyros.
  22. What are you hoping to get out of this discussion SpaceXray?
  23. Well, I've never encountered any type with such a thing. The pilot is just supposed to make sure they fly within the limits.
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