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  1. can someone link OFFICIAL 3.3.4 ? first post giving 3.3.1
  2. connections are too weak they are breaking away easily
  3. thats realy cool more realistic lights... i want it... i think BigNose will be happy about it btw did you chek page 4 about textures part itself? can you make it also? BigNose said hes not working on this mod so maybe you can make it ?
  4. heheh ''green color'' not always means photosynthesis anyway theres lots of way for living beeings to produce food themselfs like chemosynthesis, ect ect... well im seeing they have mouth they have legs they have arms and hands, they are moving, so they are like us basicly... so we may put them to animal world...but they are clearly heterotrophic... no one will live forever so they are not also they may extend their civilization to late universe and im seeing in that universe scale they have 2x more gravity per mass than us so their universe probably closed... i mean their universe probably gonna colapse itself after some point of expanding cause of that strong gravity....they are beyond thath critical mass so only way for them to find a way to go another similar universe (may paralel) (if exsist)
  5. Good job implementing these to game i realy like your effort and working together... what program are you using for modelling? i have alredy phoenix model on max... was trying its solar panel to work on kps but couldnt yet... if its use able i can donate whole model to phoenix project when it comes... maybe you can work on it to get faster progress
  6. // --- node definitions --- node_stack_bottom = 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, -1.0, 0.0, 0 node_stack_top = 0.0, 2.161, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 0 ....................... Last numbers ''7.'' adding scale of that green nodes... 0 is minimum it can be ''1'' ''2'' for bigger...
  7. thats nice i have to add this suggestion pls do curiosity unlike prometheus.. prometheus rover only wandering around and can do nothing about simulatin science... if we can implement some plugin to it, tools like isa-map, like kethane, like lazor or anything like these ones will make it to realy playable or you can directly make curiosity with compatible and implementable with these mods... i think these things adding more playability and more fun to rovers... thats better than just landing it on planet/ moon and wandering around with no purpose... heres one of my rovers bulded on cart rover with this consept its have camera in 1 arm lazor in other and kethane miner on middile arm... also its have remorte tech antennas/ dish at back.. full with kethane mod... so its actualy doing something after land.... thats im talking about... also we need realy functionalty about powering rover with real electricity from solar panels or like curiosity radiotermal, ''functional''
  8. reinstall max and use meters on units and also unchek automatic and mark meters on exporting window... that was same with my old installation but suddenly reinstalling max fixed this issue... dont know exacly what causing that actualy... using sclae 1.0 at unity and ''scale = 1'' at cfg file... btw im doing evryting right at unity and part tool.... but im still getting stuck at loading screen... i can only manage to add single meshes to game like single box... but cant sucsses for multiple mesh models... any explanation for it? do i need to do something about multiple meshes on max? or in unity? if i make them to collapse 1 single mesh than they are losing their animation cause of pivot point loses... :Z and reseting x form doesnt helps also... maybe im doing cfg wrong? cfg file can cause that? i can make animation on max so when i exporting.... im exporting animation also with fbx and than to unity and .mu format.... how can i enable this animation on game? like landing gear? do i need to do it on cfg file? actualy first i need to solve stucking on loading screen thing before implementing animation ... didnt got any help and couldnt found useful info about problem ...
  9. what actualy happening when do not apply throttle fix on last release? if its making mecjeb use throttle again and making control throttle more long time i would prefer to using witout that fix... can you link alternate version without that fix for temporary provide mecjeb compatible until full fix come?