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  1. omg i think i foundya

  2. This happened when I went into the VAB. I opened the Debug menu and it showed "No Texture Memory Available to upload" and the game froze. What does it mean? Not enough RAM? I'm running 0.24.2 on OS X 10.9.4 with 4GB RAM. Thanks!
  3. How many times do you want to open a part's .cfg file to find out the part's descriptions and names and stats without having to open the game? Many would have to open the folder, and if the part.cfg is a unix file, that would be bad luck as one would need to use the "open with" function and select the TextEdit application to open, imagine doing this to all the part you want to know what it does. Try this out. With the Get Part Info Finder Service for Mac, finding out what a part actually is (without opening the game) is easier. A new tab allows you to open the part's .cfg file without having
  4. In my opinion of course. Which means if you have not buy the full game at $23, you may buy a previous version say 0.18.4 at like $15, while the demo 0.18.3 can remain free as well as versions before 0.18. I'm not trying to say that I don't support KSP. I'm just trying to see who has the same idea.
  5. Hi. I have mods that are updated to 0.20. Mods that require PluginData… Where to put them? It does not appear in-game. Someone please tell me the proper file structure...
  6. The Dev team mentioned a 30% reduction in memory usage. But does it? In fact many said performance dropped, frame rates slowed. For me, I observe no noticeable changes though ever since 0.19.
  7. You should not predict the release date, that would only make things worse for yourself if it does not come out that time. But I would definitely plant a flag somewhere and start mining and explore new parts.
  8. Tylo's cave was dark, scary and creepy. It was then I turned on the LIGHTS! Preparing a base there too...
  9. What about DOCKING? That's my top priority for the next update.
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