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  1. Hi, I'm having some trouble running Near Future Propulsion on KSP 1.11.1, and I think the problem is that it depends on B9 Part Switch which isn't compatible with 1.11. But it looks like people in this thread are using 1.11 without problems, so how are you managing that? Edit: Nevermind, mere moments after posting this I had the idea to simply delete my B9 Part Switch folder and it seems to be running fine. I guess the functionality was bundled or something.
  2. Mocha2007, I think that Smart A.S.S. just doesn't activate until you leave the ground. There's already a suggestion to change this on idea.ksp.mumech.com, I suggest you vote for it: http://idea.ksp.mumech.com/?ia=57742
  3. Yes, many people have had trouble with transfers to orbits lower than their own. MechJeb does seem to be incapable of doing the proper calculations. I assume that it was programmed with Kerbin -> Mun transfers in mind. I have had success by transferring to a 9 Gm orbit and then transferring to Eve. In those circumstances it behaves perfectly. On another note, I have noticed that the Smart A.S.S now seems to come into effect only once you leave the ground. Was this intentional? It is problematic for me because I usually use it to keep unruly spaceplanes on the runway during liftoff, and that doesn't work anymore.
  4. A trash can seems a little big for a .5m engine. How about a bucket? Also, and this is a strange idea, but I think the kerbals could really work with a mesh laundry hamper. Good for cargo that can be exposed to a vacuum, or something.
  5. Given this post, I think we can assume that it\'s reentry heat. I can\'t think of any other reason he\'d want something to find out if a part is 'exposed'.
  6. Even so, that sounds like more than the usual bias. Can you check to see if your craft is entirely symmetrical? Are all engines firing?
  7. Yeah, that\'s the only problem: there\'s no simple way to measure gravity from orbit because you\'re in free fall. So explaining how the sensor works would be difficult. One explanation that comes to mind is that the sensor uses orbital data to solve for gravity.
  8. I understand how a new player would find these parts a bit complicated. But once you get some experience in the kerbal world, you might want to come back here and try them out. They\'re simple when you have everything else down. Nova, I think it would be more useful to calculate the gravitational force exerted by the planet at the current altitude, instead of measuring the acceleration on the ship from the g-force guage. This way you could calculate the mass of the planet from orbit.
  9. A rangefinder will be a life saver. I\'ve lost count of how many times I\'ve lost a mun mission because the ground was 200 m above where it was supposed to be.
  10. That is the single most exciting image I\'ve seen all day. The Probodobodyne sensors will set a new standard for mod makers! ...not to put down others, of course.
  11. For organisational purposes, they\'re under either crew or decals. I forget which.
  12. I imagine that cargo ships like this will become all the rage when we have persistance, so that you can let your huge lander off in munar orbit, fly back to kerbin, land, switch to the lander, land, and optionaly lift off again. Not to mention that this thing can bring up entire space stations.
  13. That engine is more than enough for mun landing, mun take-off, and orbital adjustments of all kinds.
  14. Well then that\'s perfectly fine. Though I don\'t believe it\'s the most energy-eficient propulsion method, it does avoid carrying its own fuel.
  15. I think you should strike photon sails off your list of interstellar propulsion plans. The acceleration is just too slow. It\'s just not the kerbal way.
  16. That\'s Pinkie Pie. She has nothing to do with rainbows.
  17. You didn\'t kill them, because you never went back in time. Time paradoxes prove that. Also, time paradoxes are a different sort of paradox than what we have here. A verbal paradox makes an invalid statement, while in a time paradox any event in the timeline can be made false to solve the paradox.
  18. Cardgame, that bouncing pony is making it really hard to concentrate on the paradox.
  19. Do you think it likely that Harvester will use your solar system as a model? Has he commented on the subject?
  20. Sample returns are exactly what I was thinking, thank you. And in the future we might have other planets to send our probes to. An aeroshell would be great. Also, have you thought about a double-length fuel tank? Not neccicary by any means, but still nice.
  21. Loving this pack. Could you add a small parachute? It seems wierd putting a command-pod sized parachute on a tiny satelite.
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