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  1. Good idea, immediately felt that the new engines were off when building replica Saturns.
  2. Removing Eeloo.cfg from OPM\KopernicusConfigs\SarnusMoons should do the trick.
  3. Is there a version suitable for 1.4? I tried it out and some of it is working. But the ScaledSpace texture update button doesn't work for example.
  4. Hey @Galileo I updated the Spacedock, Curseforge and forum thread to include a link at the top that redirects them to this thread.
  5. READ THIS: Outer Planets Mod is no longer being actively maintained through this thread. Click this link to go the new thread, where OPM is being developed by a group of people. Outer Planets Mod Outer Planets Mod is a mod that expands the outer edges of the Kerbol system, to create something akin to the real Solar System’s. It adds Kerbalized versions of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, as well as several of these planets' moons. At the moment not all of these planets have moons around them yet, but even without any satellites these faraway planets provide a challenge rarely encountered in Kerbal Space Program. You'll have to figure out new transfer windows, manage your power supply differently, provide your spacecraft with more Delta-V and be ready to travel years or even decades. Downloads 1. Download the mod from one of the mirrors. You can also use the CKAN mod manager to download and keep it updated automatically. 2. Download Kopernicus, which is a third-party mode required for OPM to work This version of OPM works best with Kopernicus 1.2.1-1. We can't give proper technical support if you use a Kopernicus version that a particular OPM update wasn't designed for. 3. Install Custom Barnkit. This allows OPM to reach KSP's antennas to each the outer planets in a balanced way. 4. Install all mods, by moving the unzipped contents of the downloads into the GameData folder. You should end up with the folders OPM, CTTP, Custom Barnkit, ModularFlightIntegrator and Kopernicus in GameData. 5. (Optional) Check out the Mods section for third-party mods that OPM was designed to work with in the OP. For example, SigmaBinary makes Plock and Karen a true binary system like Pluto-Charon. Installation note: If you're updating complex mods like this, please do not overwrite the old version with the new one but delete it instead. This can prevent issues, as incompatible changes can be made between versions. To uninstall just remove the OPM folder from GameData. Features Explore 17 highly detailed planets and moons, all in a stock-a-like artstyle Discover never before seen worlds, such as a subsatellite, Trojan moon or a set of binary bodies Collect science in over 140 biomes, with almost a thousand unique science blurbs Custom terrain textures and improved ground scatter has made planets and moons never look so good up close A full set of KSPedia entries for OPM’s various bodies helps you to navigate the far reaches of the Kerbol system Extensive third-party mod integration means you can play OPM with a whole range of other mods Screenshots 2.1 screenshots 2.0 screenshots (slightly outdated, bodies look better in map view now) Mods Supported Mods PlanetShine adds light reflecting off planets and moons to illuminate your ships. The Outer Planets Mod supports PlanetShine and if it's installed, it will cast spacecraft close to Sarnus, Urlum and Neidon in colored light that really adds to the visual experience of the new planets. PlanetShine isn't very modular, so you'll have to install it first and let OPM overwrite it, for the new planets and moons to get their colors. Distant Object Enhancement adds flares for faraway planets and moons, so that they're visible even from Kerbin's surface (like in real-life). The Outer Planets Mod supports DOE and if installed, will display correctly colored flares for the new planets. Final Frontier adds personal merits to Kerbals. It'll help you keep track of which Kerbonaut went where and when, with nice looking badges. The Outer Planets Mod supports this with custom badges for the new planets and moons. ResearchBodies let’s you discover all the planets in the Kerbol System through a telescope. The Outer Planets Mod supports ResearchBodies and if it's installed, you'll need to discover the planets first before sending any spacecraft to the planets. Community Resource Pack gives modders a toolkit of commonly used resources to play with, and helps us all work together in the same resource playground. The Outer Planets Mod supports CRP and if it's installed, it will add resources to OPM's planets which later can be extracted to make fuel or life support. SigmaBinary helps change Plock and Karen into a binary system, like their real-life inspirations. This means that the two orbit around a common barycenter, a point of gravity between the two. This gravitational dance is rarely seen in mods and is quite the spectacle. CustomAsteroids allows Outer Planets Mod to add the same procedural asteroids to other places than Dres and . If you have it installed, you'll see asteroid 'moons' around Jool, Sarnus, Urlum, Neidon and Plock. Note: no 1.2 compatible version at the moment. Recommended Mods Near Future Technologies has a whole range of part packs that might be very beneficial for your (manned) deep space vehicles, such as nuclear reactors, advanced electrical propulsion systems and more (and larger) solar panels all in a very nice stock-a-like style. Transfer Window Planner allows you to have a readout of the ideal transfer window to both the stock and this mod's celestial bodies. This makes planning a mission to Sarnus, Urlum or Neidon a whole lot more manageable. Atomic Age adds a lot more nuclear thermal rocket engines, that can really come in handy to get to the far planets introduced in OPM. Fan made 1.2 update found on last page. Better Time Warp adds, among other things, more time warp levels. This makes journeys to the Outer Planets a lot more doable, as you won't have to wait fifteen at stock KSP's highest timewarp levels. Fan made 1.2 update found on last page. Realistic Atmospheres redoes the stock atmospheres in a more realistic fashion. Its creator @OhioBob helped me make OPMs atmospheres more realistic. As such OPM and Realistic Atmospheres go very well, making every atmosphere from Eve to Thatmo to feel as realistic as possible Compatible Mods SCANsat allows planets to be scanned to create all sorts of maps. The terrestrial moons in OPM can now be scanned just like the stock planets and moons Surface Experiment Pack adds deployable experiments which thanks to dev @AlbertKermin also have custom science definitions for OPM Miscellaneous OPM adds a lot of new bodies, which means that the amount of science that can be gathered has increased by a lot too. To compensate this, since version 1.5.0 there has been a ModuleManager config that balances the stock science multipliers. If you don't want it though, you can remove the StockScienceMultipliers.cfg file located in the OPM/KopernicusConfigs folder. Here's a great Delta-V map for the stock system and its expansion by the Outer Planets Mod. @Olympic1 has started a wiki for information the planets and moons of Kopernicus mods like OPM called the Kopernicus Planets Wiki. It's never done, so if you have time please add some content to this wiki. @PLAD has made program called Flyby Finder that can calculate flyby windows for you. Recently they added support for OPM bodies too, so you can find out when to launch and how to get the Jool-Saturn-Urlum-Neidon window needed to recreate Voyager 2. Changelog Pre-2.0 changelogs 1.9.5 -Removed Module Manager from download (please use the MM version included with Kopernicus) -Added FlyingAltitudeThresholdvalues to Thatmo's ScienceValues -Added SpaceAltitudeThresholdvalues to Plock's ScienceValues -Add a custom gravity value to Karen -Added ScienceValues to Karen -Added timewarpAltitudeLimits to Karen -Removed duplicate value tidallyLocked in Thatmo's cfg -Redid some older FinalFrontier badges to fix some issues they had -Fixed two errors in the science blurbs -Redid the SigmaBinary support as it now has a new plugin-based work flow -Removed PlockKaren.cfg since it's been made obsolete because of the SigmaBinary changes -Reworked the temperature and pressure curves of OPM's atmospheric bodies to give them more realistic atmospheres, courtesy of OhioBob -Switched Sarnus, Urlum and Neidon to use Jool as a template to fix issues with lighting present since 1.1.1 -Removed some values in the ScaledSpace section of the OPM gas giants to account for the switch to the Jool template -Sarnus, Urlum and Neidon now use the same cloudy normal map that Jool uses -Updated the AVC version file 1.9.2 -Added procedural asteroid moons to Jool, Sarnus, Urlum, Neidon and Plock through the CustomAsteroids mod -Updated PlockKaren.cfg to latest version of the SigmaBinary template -Changed the texture paths/locations to allow for LoadOnDemand functionality -Made Karen's description a bit vaguer to account for the optional nature of the SigmaBinary mod -Redid the FinalFrontier ribbons for Plock to reflect its new look -Added FinalFrontier ribbons for Karen -Fixed the incorrectly sized ScaledSpace .bins for Plock and Karen -Updated Module Manager to version 2.6.17 -Updated the AVC version file 1.9.1 -Re-added the FlightGlobalIndex variables to the various bodies to maintain save game compatibility and prevent save game breaking from occurring in the future 1.9.0 (download 1.9.1 or above, as this is a bugged release) -Redid Plock, changing it from a Vall look-a-like into a unique body -Added a moon to Plock called Karen -Redid the gas giant's rings to adjust for changes made to the ways rings are rendered now -Flipped the biome maps of Thatmo and Karen, so that they correctly follow the terrain -Changed Plock's orbital color, PlanetShine and DistantObject color to a light greenish brown -Removed the FlightGlobalIndex variables, due to obsolescence -Fixed an error in Plock's description -Updated ModuleManager to version 2.6.13 -Updated AVC version file 1.8.1 -Add biomes to Thatmo and Nissee -Added science blurbs for Thatmo and Nissee -Added science blurbs to earlier bodies -Added an actually working version of the AVC version file -Updated resource configs for Community Resource Pack compatibility, courtesy of Olympic1 -Added discovery messages for the ResearchBodies mod, courtesy of Olympic1 -Rebalanced the time warp limits for the OPM bodies, courtesy of Olympic1 -Changed adiabatic index of OPMs atmospheric bodies for better FAR compatibility -Fixed a spelling error in the description for Nissee -Updated ModuleManager to version 2.6.8 1.8 -Added two moons to Neidon: Thatmo and Nissee -Added support for Kopernicus Expansion's procedural gas giants feature, adding it to the OPM giants and Jool -Updated the Karbonite configs for Tal -Fixed a spelling error in Tekto's description and added a 'or her' after 'his' to include female Kerbals -Removed a duplicate entry for Wal from the DAE config -Converted the ring textures to PNG format for Kopernicus Expansion compatibility -Updated ModuleManager to 2.6.7 1.7.2 -Added custom water textures to Tekto as well as other ocean tweaks -Removed the double color textures (color/map), because they were no longer needed by Kopernicus -Added support for ResearchBodies -Artificially enlarged the SOI of Hale and Ovok -Reduced Hale and Ovok's gravity to more realistic levels -Fixed the issue with not being able to stand on Tal -Fixed the issue with Tal becoming gray scale when transitioning between terrain and ScaledSpace -Fixed Tekto's dark terrain -Flipped Tal's biome map to the correct orientation -Moved the version file from the GameData to the OPM folder -Reduced the spikiness of Ovok 1.7.1 -Made Ovok egg-shaped again -Added biomes and science descriptions to Tal -Removed all mass values from the configs, as it was unnecessary to include when GeeASL was also included -Changed all PluginData textures from .png format to .dds format -Renamed the FinalFrontier file back to, as it was needed for the OPM ribbons to show up -Corrected spelling mistake in the science descriptions -Updated the Module Manager plugin to version 2.6.6 -Updated the Module Manager license included 1.7 Release -Moved the Texture Replacer cfg to the OPM folder and removed the TextureReplacer folder -Updated the Karbonite configs, courtesy of Olympic1 -Updated the ModuleManager plugin to version 2.6.5 -Changed Wal's template back to Moho, since the black body bug was fixed by Kopernicus -Tekto is much more playable now, since the dark terrain bug is fixed by Kopernicus -Changed the AntennaRange config to reflect changes in the mod's recent updates -Changed the rotational periods of the gas giants to make them more realistic -Tweaked the atmospheres even further to create smoother transitions similar to stock atmospheres -Balanced Tekto's atmosphere to make it less tedious during descent -Changed Tekto's atmospheric ambient color from reddish to the correct green -Rounded the atmospheric heights of all OPM bodies, to match the new style of the stock bodies -Corrected Priax's mass -Added relative paths for the .bin files in the OPM bodies' cfg files -Adjusted the SOIs of Ovok and Hale to make scanning and orbiting less problematic -Removed the Kopernicus folder, the mod can now be downloaded separately, making combining OPM with other planet packs easier 1.7 Beta 2 -Added about a dozen extra science descriptions to Urlum's moons -Fixed a description that was about Priax, but was listed for Wal -Corrected the spelling in Neidon's description as well as a science description for Polta -Moved Eeloo's ribbons and config info into the OPM/Ribbons folder and removed the Nereid folder -Removed the useless svn files and folders from the Ribbons folder -Fixed a compatibility problem with ATM through a config/moving the ring textures to a separate folder -Converted the ring textures to DDS format -Renamed the configs in the OPM folder for clarity's sake -Changed a value in the antenna distance config to account for a change in RemoteTech -Moved the PlanetShine config into the OPM folder and removed the PlanetShine folder -Added Tal to the PlanetShine config -Updated the ModuleManager plugin to version 2.6.3 -Fixed Priax's biome definitions not matching the actual biome map -Tweaked the atmospheres in OPM to make them work better and to make them more unique from one another -Temporarily made Dres the template for Wal instead of Moho, to prevent the black body bug 1.7 Beta 1 -Added a moon around Wall called Tal -Added biomes to Urlum's moons -Added a couple more science descriptions to Tekto -Rebuilt the mod to only use the new Kopernicus -Removed KopernicusTech because it's no longer used -Converted all gas giants to work without a template -Removed DDSLoader because it's obsolete since 1.0 -Removed CustomAsteroids support since it hasn't been updated in months and is buggy -Removed the solar power curve config because it is obsolete since 1.0.1 -Updated ModuleManager to version 2.6.2 -Rotated Priax so that its lighter side is facing the orbital direction -Added FinalFrontier ribbons for the Urlum moons -Enabled Plock's ribbons in the FinalFrontier config -Rebalanced the prestige you get for each OPM ribbon -Changed Wal's orbital color to make it more distinct from Tal's color -Changed Wal's description to fit the inclusion of Tal -Made Wal's orbit larger to realistically allow subsatellite Tal to exist -Added custom timewarp limits to the existing OPM bodies -Redid some of the normal maps for the existing OPM bodies -Integrated OPM with the new stock resource system -Renamed the RegolithConfigs folder to KarboniteConfigs, to reflect Karbonite mod dropping Regolith for the stock resource system 1.6.5 -Added a ScaledSpace .bin for Plock -Removed tidal locking from Plock -Added a rotational period to Plock -Tweaked the mass and gravity of Plock slightly to make them more consistent with each other -Made Urlum's rotation prograde to fix issues the retrograde rotation caused for some people -Changed the descriptions for Slate and Eeloo to make their lore more realistic -Fixed the incorrect height map for Slate -Made Slate's normal map more detailed -Updated the KittopiaTech license to the most recent version -Updated DDSLoader to version 1.9.0 -Updated ModuleManager to version 2.5.13 -Updated KopernicusTech to version 0.13 1.6 -Added three new moons to Urlum: Polta, Priax and Wal -Added licenses to the download as per the rules -Added AVC support with a .version file -Resized Slate's color map to reduce memory use at a negligible loss in in-game quality -Tweaked Tekto's atmosphereAmbient in the PlanetShine config to make it as much as other atmospheric bodies -TextureReplacer incompatibility fixed 1.5.5 -Updated the plugins to KopernicusTech 0.121 -Updated ModuleManager to 2.5.10 -Removed the Kopernicus Cache .bin files -Added the Kittopia ScaledSpace .bin files -Added the DDSLoader plugin -The Sarnus texture has been given Saturn-like polar hexagons -Ovok has been made more egg-shaped and several body characteristics have been changed to account for the new shape -The Ovok biome map and the science descriptions have been changed to reflect the changes to Ovok -Switched all textures back to DDS format -Made some textures smaller (gas giants, small moons) as their high resolutions only increased memory use and didn't improve the in-game quality much -Fixed Tekto's ScaledSpace ocean not matching the real ocean and tweaked the color a bit -Moved the new planets and moons out of Systems.cfg and into their own config files for increased modularity -Fixed the knowledge base atmosphere height of Tekto not matching the real atmosphere height -Removed the rotation periods for Hale and Ovok as they're tidally locked now and don't need that info -Tidally locked Eeloo as well, just like its inspiration Enceladus -Changed the distances of Eeloo, Slate and Tekto to be more similar to the relative distances in the Saturn system -Tweaked Tekto's atmospheric color -Added biomes and science descriptions to Tekto -Added some science descriptions to the older planets and moons -Corrected some descriptions of the older planets and moons -Removed AVP configs and moved them to a separate download in the forum thread OP -Reduced the temperature multiplier for OPMs gas giants to prevent issues with DRE/FAR -Moved the atmosphere handling for the gas giants from Kopernicus to Kittopia -Tweaked the atmospheric colors of the gas giants to make them look better 1.5.2 -Included the correct DLL for Kopernicus 0.4, so that the biome bug is now actually fixed -Added a missing cloud layer in the AVP config for Sarnus -Added biome-specific resources for Sarnus' moons to the Regolith config -Added resources on Tekto to the Regolith config 1.5.1 -Removed unused Tekto ocean textures -Mirrored the textures for Hale, Slate and Ovok vertically so they look like they did in 1.4 -Updated Kopernicus to version 0.4, which fixes the biome bug -Removed the now obsolete biome enabling/disabling config -Removed the ScaledSpace folder in KittopiaSpace as Kopernicus can now handle that -Set ModScaledAtmoShader to false for Sarnus, Urlum and Tekto so that atmospheric gradient once again displays correctly 1.5 -Added a new moon to Sarnus called Tekto -Updated ModuleManager to version 2.5.9 -Switched the Kopernicus and KittopiaTech plugins to the KopernicusTech fork -Moved terrain handling from RSS to KopernicusTech; RSS is now no longer included -Switched textures to PNG, since KopernicusTech does not support DDS; DDSLoader is now no longer included -Tweaked the rings of Sarnus and Urlum a bit, adjusted Hale and Ovok's orbits to compensate -Increased the gravity of Hale and Ovok to enlarge the SoI to make it easier to get an encounter with the moons -Tidally locked Hale and Slate to Sarnus -Added a specialized Regolith/Karbonite config -Added a way to disable biomes on the new bodies, as a bug applies the new biomes to the template bodies too. To disable these biomes, remove Kopernicus/Config/OPMBiomes.cfg -Rebalanced the science multipliers of all bodies to compensate for the added planets and moons. The rebalanced multipliers for the stock planets can be disabled by removing Kopernicus/Config/StockScienceMultipliers.cfg -Adjusted Plock's characteristics to make it less like Vall and more like Pluto -Made Neidon start farther along in its orbit, so that it and Plock will never come too close -Added a config for AntennaRange and RemoteTech that extends the range of the longest-range dishes to compensate for the expanded Kerbol system -Added Astronomer's Visual Pack-compatible cloud configs for the planets and moons with atmospheres 1.4 -Upgraded KittopiaTech to version 0.192 -Added biomes for Hale, Ovok and Slate -Added science blurbs for the new moons -Added atmospheric science blurbs for the gas giants -Removed the RSS time warp tweak as it was causing issues -Tweaked some of the orbital and body characteristics of OPM planets and moons -Made Slate's terrain smoother in places -Changed the default textures from 4K/8K to 2K/4K. Low and high res packs can be downloaded separately 1.3 -Updated KittopiaTech to version 0.19 -Moved Eeloo to an orbit around Sarnus -Made a new Pluto analog called Plock -Added three brand new moons to Sarnus: Hale, Ovok and Slate -Changed Sarnus' ring texture to realistically fit Hale in -Added support for FinalFrontier -Changed Urlum from a retrograde orbit to a prograde orbit -Made Urlum rotate in a retrograde direction and changed description to reflect that -Switched from PNG to DDS textures -Redid time warp speeds using RSS, it can now go from x1-x1,000,000 -Changed scale heights and max altitude of the new gas giant's atmospheres -Halved the spawn rates of OPMs procedural asteroid moonlets -Updated ModuleManager to version 2.5.8 -Moved the PlanetShine config into the base one, to get it to work correctly 1.2.1 -Reduced Urlum's shepherd moon spawn rate from its extremely high value (which I used for testing) to its intended value 1.2 -Added a few science blurbs for the new planets, but only orbital experiments for now -Gave custom science multipliers to each of the new planets and upped Eeloo's to reflect its more distant orbit -Added support for PlanetShine and Distant Object Enhancement -Added a new type of procedural moonlets: Urlum ring shepherds -Tweaked the values of the existing moonlet types to be more realistic/less random -Changed the ring texture of Urlum to make it less identical to Uranus' -Changed the atmospheric heights of the new planets -Changed the description of Neidon 1.1.1 -Updated PFUtilityAddon.dll (courtesy of Thesonicgalaxy) and capitalized the first letter of the ring textures' filenames to ensure rings show properly on Linux 1.1 -Added support for CustomAsteroids: this will allow procedural asteroids to spawn around Jool, Sarnus, Urlum and Neidon and represent their very small moonlets -Added planetary rings to Sarnus and Urlum -Gave the new planets unique rotational speeds -Included the correct resolution textures for Urlum and Neidon, accidentally released them with half-res textures -Updated ModuleManager to version 2.5.6 -Removed Sarnus_rim.png, an unused texture 1.0 -Initial release Known Issues These issues apply to the latest version: Due to limitations, some contracts will still generate for the fake Plock-Karen barycenter body that is created by SigmaBinary. Just don't accept them and you'll be fine Thatmo has a very bright light on it in ScaledSpace. Still investigating how to fix it Polta and Wal don't have their biomes linked to the biome map. Will fix ASAP. Frequently Asked Questions Yes and I'm not talking about Ovok's shape. So go out and find them! Acknowledgements Developers CaptRobau Eudae55 Contributors benjee10 Diddly Feelerino hazard-ish Olympic1 Spacepetscompany Augustus Porkjet Akinesis tygoo7 OhioBob Thanks Sarbian for maintaining the ModuleManager plugin that this mod uses BryceSchroeder for creating the Kopernicus mod that this mod uses Padishar for updating the Kopernicus mod to 0.90 Teknoman117 and ThomasKerman for developing the Kopernicus mod for 1.0 and beyond Augustus for giving me advice and for providing me with configs for Final Frontier support Kcreator for making KittopiaTech which this mod uses Thesonicgalaxy for helping me fix the ring issue for Linux MOARdV for maintaining the Distant Object Enhancement mod, which this mod supports Valerian for making the PlanetShine mod, which this mod supports Olympic1 for providing me with configs for CRP support Nereid for making the Final Frontier mod, which this mod supports and for helping me generate the required graphics RoverDude for making the Community Resource Pack mod, which this mod supports simon56modder for making the ResearchBodies mod, which this mod supports rbray89 for making the ActiveTextureManagement mod, which this mod supports toadicus for making the AntennaRange mod, which this mod supports Remote Technologies Group for maintaining the RemoteTech mod, which this mod supports shaw for making the TextureReplacer mod, which this mod supports cybutek for making the KSP-AVC Plugin mod, which this mod supports Bekiekutmoar for supplying the winning names for the Slate Naming Contest Gravitasi for updating the Kopernicus/Kittopia plugins and showing us how to use them together KillAshley for lots of help with atmospheres, PQSmods and lots of other things Felger for providing the basis for KillAshley's help on OPM converting to the atmospheres in 1.0 Rosco P. Coltrane for the original Delta-V map for OPM Misucat, Galahir350 and Kowgan for all the various contributions to the current Delta-V map -ctn- and others who contributed to the Outer Planets wiki Special thanks to: Sigma88, Eleusis La Arwall, Amarius and all other unnamed fans of OPM License This mod is licensed:
  6. First off a happy New Year to all of you! I will drop by Great project. I'll link to it in the OP of this thread, so people are directed to it and not the outdated versions of me. That would be great! Glad I could help you get started.
  7. Hello old friends, I’ve been gone far too long, but I couldn’t leave the community like this; so here’s a big post with an update about me and OPM. The community Just to get it out of the way, I do feel like I left you people out in the cold. My silent exit from the community was a result of me getting burned out on KSP, feeling guilty about not stopping by the forums anymore and getting rusty with the modding tools. The KSP community deserves much more than that, so I finally decided to write this and get the ball rolling on how to preserve and continue OPM. More on that in the final paragraph, first an update on what else has been going on with my life. Personal life My personal life has had its ups and down. On the one hand I wasn’t given a new contract after 2 years working at my current job. It was a great place to work at and I’ll miss it, but the economy is strong and I have no doubt I’ll find something that fits me in the coming months. On the other hand me and my girlfriend finally got around to officially having our own place, after being in a relationship together for 7 years. That evens out a lot My game As I mentioned the last time I commented on my future, I have been working on a game of my own. In the early months it was more about finding the right concept and the right engine to work with. A few things didn’t work out, but this is par for the course in game development. For a while I’ve been working on a concept and have been developing it beyond the initial stages. Its working title is Desktop Monsters. Like Stardew Valley before it, Desktop Monsters tries to bring an underused genre to PC: that of the monster fighting/collecting RPG. This genre of RPG has become stale in recent years and it has never had much of a PC presence, so I thought I’d have a crack at it. To make this game I’m using RPG Maker MV, an updated version of the engine that was used to make great games like To the Moon and OneShot, as well as many fan-made Pokémon games. It’s easy to get started with, but can do quite a lot once you get into it. It might seem like a departure from what I did with OPM, but it’s surprisingly similar. Both projects rely heavily on making clear systems: just as the moons and planets I built had to follow certain rules, so does the day-night cycle influence what NPCs show up or what monsters you will encounter. At the moment I’m working on the various gameplay mechanics that the game needs. Once it becomes more visual, more like the final product, I’ll have something to show off to you guys. The future of OPM The things above are what is keeping me busy these days. Because of this I don’t have the time to work on OPM anymore. Poodmund contacted me a while ago and came up with a great idea about this: turn OPM in to a open source project to ensure its longevity. I think that the best thing would be if I didn’t have a too important role in managing an updated OPM. I suggest a small team of people with managing rights of an open source repository. That way the mod would continue to be updateable, even if someone falls off the face of the earth (like I did). Also could someone update me on the state of (Kopernicus) modding scene these past months? I have no idea what’s been going on and it’s a bit too gargantuan task to read back all the forum threads
  8. Hi, everyone. I had less time than anticipated these past few weekends, so I didn't get to finish and test the update. I'm going away on holiday for two weeks, and since some stuff was at least done I didn't want to leave you guys empty handed. Via the download link below you can download this alpha.!pexWzarR!6MgmsD1sSuHfpRhBqMzZBtar3yn3BO8ekdBVSzqJtpk Please note that it's not tested like a normal release (although I'm quite sure the most of it works).
  9. Most of you will know Porkjet's excellent Habitat Pack It provided the community with a type of part that was rarely seen before in KSP circles, but one that has become increasingly important for the future of manned space travel: inflatable habitats. The Habitat Pack is started to show its age. It hasn't been officially updated since 0.23.5 and there can still be a lot more done with the concept than the current number of parts in that Pack. There are other mods that have done a few inflatables, such as OKS, but they haven't captured the stock look and purpose as well as Porkjet's parts have. As such I'm putting in a request for a modder to take up the task of making a new inflatable hab pack and go above and beyond what Porkjet has already done. Ideally Porkjet would finish his great mod, but at the moment it looks like the old chap is far too busy doing all sorts of wonderful things for Squad such as the new Mk3 parts. To help the process along I've written down some suggestion for parts. Potential additions to the part types Porkjet already made, changes to the way Porkjet implemented certain things, etc. Maybe it can get a discussion going about the subject, which will help inspire someone to do something with this request. 1.25m inflatable habitat The way Porkjet did this is pretty much perfect. 1.25m nodes on both ends, with on one side a small airlock part with a place for Kerbals to enter/leave the hab. I think the only thing the Porkjet version missed was an IVA. 2.5m inflatable habitat Only one critique on how Porkjet implemented this: the part has 1.25m ends, even though its core was much closer to 2.5m. This limits construction option. It simply needs to be a 2.5m version of the 1.25m design, so no tapered ends. 3.75m inflatable habitat Where the 1.25m hab was inspired by the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module and the 2.5mish version in the Hab Pack by the BA-330, the 3.75m version could take its inspiration from the massive BA-2100. Multiple levels, a gigantic habitable volume, this thing would allow one to house at least a dozen Kerbals. 1.25m inflatable centrifuge Porkjet's version is already spot on, so it woudn't need to be much different. 2.5m inflatable centrifuge The 1.25m version is fine for space stations and what not, but for a spacecraft its diameter is too small. A 2.5m version would fix that. 3.75m inflatable centrifuge Necessary to make something cool like this: Anyone else have any ideas what kind of inflatables would benefit the community?
  10. Ah yes. Still have to do this too. This combined with my previous TODO will be what I'll be working on next weekend.
  11. Hi everyone, Sorry for disappearing off the face of the planet like that. Been really busy with a game of my own. It's not far enough to show off, but I can tell you it's not space-related à la KSP. This has taken up all my time. But I figured OPM needed a last big update to work out all the kinks. After that it should be much less daunting for me to keep it updated. I have two questions for you guys: Did anything in general happen to KSP, Kopernicus, etc. that's worth knowing for me? I know that there's an expansion coming, but other than that I've been pretty out of the loop. What can I fix/improve for the next update? I have a list of stuff already (see below) but I was wondering if other bugs, etc. have been found recently. This is what I already have planned for KSP 2.2 Corrected the link between the biome cfg and map for Polta and Wal, so that the biomes work correctly Fixed a wrongly colored region on Wal's biome map Redo the CommNet configuration. Remembered this didn't really work well with early career mode. Open to suggestions on how to rebalance it. Remove mention of Urlum's retrograde rotation from its blurb
  12. Thanks. I remember now. I've made so many changes to this mod over the months, it's hard to keep track.
  13. I don't know of anything that OPM adds that would do that. Nor can I find any mention of experience changes as described in the changelogs of update 1.2 or above. Its rotation around its axis is reversed. Not the rotation around the Sun. Do you see it now? Don't like any more generic tiny moons than necessary. IMO Plock-Charon is already plenty unique and interesting as is. Thanks for taking the time to suggest something, that's always a good thing.
  14. it's inverted in the same way that the image is. DDS is always saved flipped vertically. What I don't get is why it would happen to just OPM, as it uses the DDS format just like stock KSP does. Could you use it for a stock body too?
  15. It's actually named after you :D. I once gathered a list of KSP devs, moderators, modders and helpful fans to name biomes after. I think I saw your name pop up here and there on the forum for helping other modders with stuff for their mods. That was enough to make the list. Once I got to naming the biomes, your name was one of several that actually sounded good as a biome name. And here we are!
  16. I'll look into it. Not yet. I need someone to test them for me, since I don't have Mac and can't see if everything is working correctly. Would you mind taking a look somewhere this week or something at a PNG pack? The help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Yeah it is. OPM_CommNet.cfg in the OPM folder does all the magic. Edit or remove it to suit your needs. Thanks. Must've overlooked that during development (had TODOs for almost everything). I guess there'll be a 2.1.1 soon. I'll just a wait a little bit to see if anything else pops up before I publish it. No new career mode is going to get out there that fast.
  18. Outer Planets Mod 2.1 is here! The second biggest update ever, 2.1 really finishes up nicely everything that was started almost two years ago! Biomes for everything Features Complete biome overhaul. All OPM bodies (including the gas giants) now have biomes, existing ones have more biomes, more interesting biome names and the color palettes are much more pleasant to look at Improved normal maps bring out the detail in the planets and moons Full 1.2.1 compatibility (Custom Barnkit needed to get balanced CommNet coverage of OPMs greater distances) More player-friendly timewarp altitudes All sorts of small fixes For more information, please see the full changelog below Downloads 1. Download the mod from one of the mirrors. You can also use the CKAN mod manager to download and keep it updated automatically (could take a while for it to get 2.0). 2. Download Kopernicus, which is a third-party mode required for OPM to work This version of OPM works best with Kopernicus 1.2.1-1. We can't give proper technical support if you use a Kopernicus version that a particular OPM update wasn't designed for. 3. Install both mods, by moving the unzipped contents of the downloads into the GameData folder. You should end up with the folders OPM, CTTP and Kopernicus in GameData. 4. (Optional) Check out the Mods section for third-party mods that OPM was designed to work with in the OP. For example, SigmaBinary makes Plock and Karen a true binary system like Pluto-Charon. Installation note: If you're updating complex mods like this, please do not overwrite the old version with the new one but delete it instead. This can prevent issues, as incompatible changes can be made between versions. To uninstall just remove the OPM folder from GameData. Compatibility This update probably won't break any saves outright, but there are enough changes that I recommend starting a new save just in case (or backing up any valuable saves that you want to try and use with 2.1). Especially for career saves do I suggest that you start over. The new biomes won't break anything, but the balance will be off. Screenshots Changelog
  19. I always intended it to be a seperate config, so it's entirely optional Sure
  20. I don't change anything about the stock biomes themselves, although there is and has been for some time been a config included with the mod that rebalances the stock science multipliers to account for the added bodies. That'll get a small tweak for this update, to reflect the added number of biomes.
  21. Hi everyone, Work on 2.1 is continuing at a healthy pace and things are finalized enough now that I can give you a brief overview of what's going to be in it: Biome overhaul Gone are the old boring Highlands, Craters, and Lowlands. You'll find the Silisko Sea on Tekto, Falkor Plains on Polta, the Ryloth Region on Thatmo and Kowgan Archipelago on Slate. Names inspired by KSP devs, modders, fans as well as pop-culture (sci-fi and fantasy) really help make OPMs planets and moons feel more alive. There's also more of them and they're more contiguous (so less pixel hunting biomes). Science blurbs have been changed or moved around and the science payout of bodies has been tweaked to account for the changes. Oh, and all the biome maps are easier on the eyes too. Biomes for Plock, Karen, Sarnus, Urlum and Neidon The faraway dwarf planet and its moon, introduced in 1.9.0, finally get biomes of their own. The OPM gas giants have also been given biomes, after @Snark proved that those were possible, but also a good idea. In total these biomes and the overhauled biomes mentioned above add 100 biomes to the 60 biomes that you could come across in OPM 2.0. This is in line with the biome count of stock KSP since 1.2. Improved normal maps for bodies The normals are correctly lit now and the details is just right. The planets and moons have never looked so good from high orbit/the map view. Redid all timewarp levels to transition more quickly to useful speeds Less waiting at low altitudes and ideal orbital altitudes, because the timewarp levels are now better adjusted to each body. A (temporary) hack to make comms work at the ranges of OPMs expanded system Long-range antenna will be boosted quite a bit. This throws off balance in the inner system, but it's the best I could do without something like Custom Barnkit adding more options to change KSC's antenna ranges. All sorts of little fixes A cure for the white planet bug, the Linux/Mac issues and updates made to fully update the mod to take advantage of 1.2.