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  1. The concepts definitely look interesting, Specifically for me I think the orbital strike demo looked pretty cool. The outfitting one I am not interested in personally. It looks exhausting and time consuming, but I am only one voice among many ...and I think you're in the early stages, perhaps? Ultimately I guess it comes down to the final execution. I don't know what your plans are and how all of this will play out in the end, I may love it. This mod is a favorite of mine too. I actually (feebly) tried to start making my own part mods for BDArmory, but couldn't get the project off the ground. I may try again someday soon as I still have the 3D models; couldn't get them into the game working. I just wish there were more mission packs out there to keep playing. Edit: A thought I had regarding the #1 mod. Having special made templates for crafts would be a another way about loading... granted it's not exactly "manual loading" anymore, but it's an idea I had. Might be relatively easy using stock parts without the need for any robotics.
  2. Are there any plans to expand this contract pack with more missions?
  3. So I voted in favor of the presented idea by squad because I like it, granted I am never making VTOLs. But this three part idea is appealing to me. My question regarding it though is if you can increase the thrust power of one nozzle buy having more turbines. For example a "single engine" just has two turbines making it a more powerful "single engine."
  4. ***Update 24 August 2015*** So, I managed to do a cheap workaround for my issue, only problem is the center of mass is off a bit now. But here are some images of one of the Drop Tanks in game. Further on down the road I may work on a way to eliminate the need for a decoupler, but at the moment this is the extent of my capabilities. Good ol' decoupler and fuel lines.
  5. I managed a workaround for my issue, but now the center of mass is way off, and thus issue still persists. So I may just do that, at least for the time being until I can figure this out and learn more. As for having them draining first, fuel lines do a good job of that for the moment.
  6. Okay, so currently I only have node_attach. node_stack_top and node_stack_bottom are not in the CFG. I need those as well? I kind of thought that I need those if I want to actually stack parts via nodes as opposed to having it just be surface attachable only.
  7. I honestly have never even heard of this until you guys mentioned it. I may give it a go after I figure these out. I'm struggling with this as is already. - - - Updated - - - ***UPDATE*** So, I am hoping someone can help me out with this. I managed to get the model into KSP (Untextured), but it's attachment is all weird. Placing other things on it are not a problem , but when I place the tank, It's got some serious issues. I've fiddled around with the CFG, but for some reason nothing's happening. Should anyone know specifically what is causing this issue, can they direct me to it? P.S. It is not scaled properly at the moment. I aim to fix that in the meantime.
  8. That's interesting actually. After I get these working, I think I may do that...
  9. This here is a simple part mod that I want to create. Unfortunately, I have absolutely zero experience working in Unity... or with any sort of game development/ modding. So this is completely new to me. Nonetheless, I do have extensive experience with 3D modelling and Photoshop, and consider myself a pretty good modeler. I just struggle with texturing, but that I will overcome for this project. I spent a lot of time wandering around these forums and reading the guides to modding. So far I have created the models and downloaded what I believe to be the necessary tools needed to complete this project. Next is just implementing it... The story behind my inspiration is well... i'm tired of making drop tanks out of Oscar fuel tanks and want to have some nice looking tanks for once. I intended this mod to be especially suited to compliment BD Armory. These are roughly based off of real life tanks used by the F-16 and F-15. It was extremely hard finding good detailed reference material and images to go for a fully accurate reproduction. I just want to show you all what I have so far, as little as that may be, and receive some feedback. Is quality up to par? Is this a mod that you guys want? More styles? Other Suggestions? Etc. Based on reception, I may expand more and include tanks from different eras e.g. WWII Left to right: Center-line Fuselage Fuel tank (smallest), Mid capacity fuel tank, Largest capacity tank. Capacities are yet to be determined as I may find that I have to re-scale the models after implementation. They are intended to be larger than the .625 profiles, but smaller than the 1m profiles. That way it's not like just placing any old stock tank and should provide better spacing. ***I would like to note that the far left tank in this image is not complete*** All feedback and recommendations are appreciated. ***Update 24 August 2015*** So, I managed to do a cheap workaround for my issue, only problem is the center of mass is off a bit now. But here are some images of one of the Drop Tanks in game. Further on down the road I may work on a way to eliminate the need for a decoupler, but at the moment this is the extent of my capabilities... As little as that may be at this time. Good ol' decoupler and fuel lines.
  10. BD Armory has been getting it's AI updated to the new system, so will we see this refreshed soon as well?
  11. I don't understand what all these tweakables on the Pegasus VTOL Engine are. Edit: Never mind. I figured it out.
  12. Just finished going through the missions. They were great and lots of fun! I can't wait to see more.
  13. I actually was having this exact problem. Upon closer reading in the original post, I figured out why none of the contracts were working. Granted, I haven't had the opportunity to test it yet and see if it is fixed.