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  1. I have win7 i kept the windows.ksp file and deleted the mac and linux files. I've tried about everything.
  2. I'm actually having the same problem, but after removing the 2 files I still have the problem here > Magenta
  3. I run all of roverdudes mods and then some, I have 132 mods running at 2.6gb up to 3gb at max but I run in opneGL. One of the best installs ive had in awhile. Dynamic texture loader runs at 3g up to 3.2gb on my install it only hurts me. But I don't like the lag it gives to the parts in the hanger.
  4. This mod will not show up in the ckan list for me for some reason?
  5. I couldn't ever get the helmets to work with my install no matter what I did. I just wander if it had something to do with the way reflections work now ?
  6. You sir are all WIN!!! This is great i have been trying to get it mark4 working with 0.90 but it was do some very weird stuff. I wish you could get the other demv working, especially the one with the kethane part tank texture, we need to get a karbonite tank working with the kethane one.
  7. Hey thanks homey, It was just killing me not knowing what was wrong i tried so many fixes to no avail thanks for the heads up!
  8. Is there a way to fix this [Missing Green Nav](http://i.imgur.com/KWU21x0.png)
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