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  1. Sounds good. But then again, so did the $130 paper weight I just bought until I tried to turn it on.
  2. So this is making me think about getting steam, except their about page doesn\'t answer the one question I have; If I buy games on it now and download them, can I re download and play them on any computer I buy later?
  3. Hi all. I\'m just beginning to learn Russian and I\'m hoping someone can provide me with a list of translations for the sort of space related terms you usually can\'t find in dictionaries. Things like \'periapsis\', \'prograde\' \'re-entry\' and so on, as well as the names of the different types of parts in KSP.
  4. Scurge, were you on time warp X5 or above? Physics and collisions aren\'t calculated when on rails.
  5. I don\'t seem to have the screenshots anymore, but I like to hang rovers under a Novapunch fairing plate with the fuel on top and radial engines on the plate. The legs by captain slug give you enough clearance if you want to land the whole assembly. Otherwise just drop off the rover and the weight loss will cause the sky crane setup to fly away.
  6. Could you upload the modded telescope .cfg? Also, does editing cameraFOV work on a per-camera basis, or change all of them?
  7. I just figured the seas of Minmus had such high reflectivity that they never heated up enough to melt.
  8. One exists, you might have to look back a few months worth of threads in the plugin forum though. Might even be in the archives by now.
  9. So I had the idea of of copying a command pod, making the copy a strut module, then after decoupling the clone pod changing it from the clone to a proper CM in the SFS and changing it from debris to a vessel. The good news: it seemingly worked. The bad: It doesn\'t give you control of the ship. Attitude and throttle input don\'t get a response. So can anyone think of what\'s going wrong?
  10. Set them to whatever key to control that group with that key. You can have multiple groups on the same keys.
  11. Mine did something, but that something was trying to do TMI at Munset rather than rise. Another issue: There is no \'abort\' function for the auto landing. I accidentally hit land at target rather than select target and had no way to save the mission. This also prevents you from refining the final landing site manually.
  12. Thinking about the upcoming EVAs and all the new ways of attempting to wipe the smirk off Jeb\'s face they entail, I\'ve remembered a backup idea for lunar surface launch NASA once were considering. It essentially amounted to a lawn chair with a rocket strapped to it, it didn\'t even have a computer or it\'s own life support systems. The idea was that it could be used by the astronauts to rendevous with the CM if the ascent engine failed. Something like this should be possible next update between mechjeb and probodobodyne, and it\'s making me want to read about it again but I can\'t remember t
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