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  1. Any chance we could add a "favorites" or "following" column to CKAN? This way I could filter the list to just my favorite mods, whether or not they are intalled. This would be useful when one of my mods isn't compatible with the newest version of KSP, but I want to remember to load it once it is. Just a thought. Cheers!
  2. I am liking this mod. Especially where I can turn it off and on at will. BUT....... Its nearly impossible to use at the moment because the commands are not balanced. At least in my case, the negative Pitch and Roll are six times more sensitive than positive Pitch and Roll. For example, I press the E key once to roll right, this creates a +0.050 input, but when I push the Q key once to neutralize it, it jumps immediately to -0.250. This makes the mod almost completely unplayable because I am having to constantly watch these numbers in a tiny font. Perhaps this is as simple to fix as having a
  3. Any chance we can make the user interface with this mod through tweekables? Buttons in the right click menu for increase/decrease span, inc/dec root chord, inc/dec tip chord, etc.... I can never remember the correct buttons, so I no longer use this mod. I would definitely change my mind with a tweakables interface.
  4. Another Suggestion: have the default setting be OFF, instead of on. I only need this for the odd spacecraft. It causes more problems than it solves for well balanced craft.
  5. I would like to see the ability to tweak RCS for "Rotation" and "translation" just like how you can tweak control surfaces for yaw roll and pitch. Also, just how engines can have a set maximum percentage of thrust, we should do that for rcs as well. This is helpful with spacecraft that have a high rotational inertia in one plane, but very little rotational inertia in another plane. One axis tends to be overly sensitive. (think of a long rocket: easy to spin, but hard harder to point the nose. Actually, I was surprised when this was not included in the tweakables update. -Cheers!
  6. It's amazing how much satisfaction I get from this mod. The idea is simple, but I love it! Thank you keeping it up to date!
  7. Granted, but it turns out that you have less time in zero-gee than if you had just ridden the vomit comet. I wish that my work payed me in bitcoins.
  8. I will add some screenshots of this ship in action. I am currently testing out the new MechJeb, and I am loving not having to manually dock all these ships! I still need to figure out the best way to command an aerobrake maneuver...
  9. Ah, thank you. I just downloaded it, and I am liking what I am seeing.
  10. You are correct about the Oberth advantage at lower altitude. The reason for the 200 km orbit is so that I don't accidentally get so slow in the atmosphere that I end up re-entering while aerobraking. Its just my own skill limit. You can have a parking orbit at what ever altitude you prefer. That was a neat video of the TROY. I hadn't seen that before. Thanks for sharing!
  11. I have seen Scott Manley's introduction to MechJeb 2.0, and I realize he was using a "pre-release" version, but I was wondering if there was any new information that has surfaced? It's a long shot, but I thought I would try. It's not available for download, right?
  12. This is the flight plan for a reusable interplanetary booster vessel: (my original December 2012 post on this was deleted in the server crash in April 2013, so I have re-uploaded this now) Here are some screenshots of my newest ARCHER IPB:
  13. Not deleted, but October was a long time ago... But the record of any important stuff, like PMs, are all gone.
  14. I use both mods. Sometimes even on the same ship! I love ORDA's tool for auto adjustment of attitude. I love Erkle's simplicity.
  15. I have made a tool, not a plugin, that will help you get you to within 1000 meters of a target ship in orbit. It isn't fully tested yet, but I am having great results. I don't know if you would be interested in something like this. You would open it in excel; easy user interface.
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