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  1. Awesome release Nertea! Your mod is now stock for my KSP from here on out. Nice touch with the Mk4 drone core Cylon Eye.
  2. Quick reinstall of HC got it working with the right click menu. Should have done that first haha
  3. Nertea, Have you had any issues with the radiator panels not opening? I've placed them on both stock pieces and various reactors from NFE, but I'm not seeing anything. Does the thermal limit need to be hit for them to unfold or am I missing something?
  4. /random fireman here who agrees //wait a minute...this train doesn't look safe ///carry on everyone (opens window to jump out) ////quad slashie
  5. A completely new approach to Kethane drilling. Essentially a self contained intermodal drilling rig that can function as a surface resupply point. Can also be outfitted with a skycrane or additional tanks as needed. and yes, it can be flown up with minimal expense with an SSTO. Drone-97_Heavy made it enough fuel to transport to the Mun.
  6. Oh I know Squad can't fix Verizon nor should they (have to get my jab in at Vz when I can). I'm simply asking if they've given any thought to torrent files for non-Steam files. A torrent file essentially allows access to a completed file (ex: KSP0.xx.zip) through which a user can start, stop & resume when they can without losing the accumulated file. Essentially you download the file in one shot (like most smaller downloads from sites) or as you can in increments (connection permitting). My issue is with downloading the file through the browser when it is interrupted, you lose all that ac
  7. Unless this has already been brought up, has Squad given any thought to setting up a way to utilize torrents as an alternative to downloading new versions (hint hint .90)? I bring this up due to those of us who have run into the 90% download completion, only to have it interrupted or some other perfectly timed roadblock (looking at you Verizon )
  8. Rofl, have you thought about the Valkyrie (XB70)?
  9. Just went online last night. Designed to be completely modular, the Babylon station currently has a Command module, habitation module and power module (with detachable solar panels) that can be expanded as needed. The two ming tugs (at each pole) do most of the "moving" around with either a docking port or grabbing claw. Should be adding the docking and science modules later. I haven't done this in career mode yet as the price tag tops over 500K. The shuttle docked with the mini tug grabbed
  10. Been going over the thread and I'm still stuck at the moment. I'm using Linux Mint 17 XFCE (x32) and extracted KSP .25_linux to my home folder (zip file from store). Whenever I try to run the KSPx86/Launcherx86, I just receive a message for selecting the appropriate app to use. Now, I've used Linux for quite some time now but not with games. I attempted to execute with Wine, but received a Mono error. It appears I'm missing something and am wondering if anyone here can assist me in this. My laptop can run KSP just fine when I boot to Win7 so the hardware shouldn't be an issue (AMD driver). I'
  11. Great job with .25 Squad!! The inclusion of Porkjet's mod was a great touch (kudos to Porkjet as well!). Is there any chance that you'll use any other mods that Porkjet has created, like the Habitat Pack v0.4 or even additional cargo bays for 1.5m & 2.5m in cylinder form?
  12. Anyone come across the bug where when flying, every time you hit Spacebar to advance a stage, the crew report window pops up also? I've checked the keyboard inputs, but nothing to suggest this. I've since remapped to another key, but am interested if anyone else had this. KSP(x32) vanilla Win7
  13. Thanks. The design allows for the use of each ion engine bank at half throttle with no energy use and RCS movement.The bigger version I'm working (Hammerhead) will be able to carry 4 Kerbals, KAS winches and a rover for full deployment.
  14. After watching Discovery Channel's Alien Planet, I had to make my own floating explorer. Each package is sent with the explorer unit and the resupply unit. The explorer unit can haul the resupply unit with it, but I keep it landed and reconnect when the explorer is low.
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