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  1. regarding my earlier post, im making a test cube that functions as a fuel tank. any help on why my part wont load and im getting "FormatException: Input String was not in the correct format" in the debug menu. hopefully this will give you enough info to diagnose my problem. my file(your going to need 7-zip): http://www./?8pm2xdy224jf9nt
  2. hey, ive created a model and the load screen gets stuck when it tries to load the part, on the debug console i get this message "FormatException: Input String was not in the correct format" this is driving me insane, any help would be a godsend
  3. update: nvm, it was my config file, it was my node points and all my numbers. so it works now. hey guys, im a total noob at this whole thing of modeling and modding, and ive been having some troubles. to make a long story short when ever the load screen with the yellow loading bar tries and loads my custom parts, it gets stuck there. i have tried endless amounts of permutations but to no avail, i have followed the plethora of tutorials to the point (as far as i can tell) and im still getting nothing. i have both the collison mesh (named node_collider) and the main part modeled. i have an empt
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