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  1. They basically changed the previous stable branch to the current version so yeah, it's happening!
  2. Had this for almost 2 years. I'll probably update to a 150 mbps internet soon. My download speed actually is 13.9 mb\s. I think I reached once 15 mb\s.
  3. Well, Wernher von Braun did all the hard work for the Americans. He always wanted to send the first human in space or on another planet and he actually did it. After he surrendered to the Americans, he and his team of rocket scientists have moved to America and later he helped the Americans with the rocket industry. If he died or if the Russians would've captured him then the Americans wouldn't win the space race. USSR would've beat them or another 1000 other things could've happened. When the V2 rocket hit London he said that the flight went perfect but the ship landed in the wrong place. So what I'm saying is that if the Americans didn't have Wernher then they wouldn't have won the space race. Maybe in an alternate universe there was no war and the Germans won the Space Race.
  4. Moon's equatorial radius is 1200 kilometers. Earth's equatorial radius is 6000 kilometers. Kerbin is 600 kilometers, Mun is 200 and Minmus is 60. If we would have a Minmus-like moon at that distance ( probably twice the Moon's orbit ), I don't really think that it would affect us. Even if it had 600 kilometers. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. Happy Birthday ! I hope the truck didn't explode.
  6. Well, if anyone remembers Kerbalcon ( or kon ), KSP 0.18 was released at the end ( after 16 hours of streaming or 14 I think ). So there is a chance for that.
  7. Damn, you're old. On one more week and I'll be 2 years old ( on the forum of course ). Ah.. Good ol' 0.8.5 days.
  8. Got all of them. Crafted a badge with them. Let's say that it has been an honor to have them. Now I got to get them again somehow and craft a new badge ( level 2 ). I really like this system.
  9. Welcome ! It's good to see that Squad has another employee. I have a question: What is your job ( PR means public relations, right ? ). If I would search what does PR person means I would probably get a definition that is 2 pages long.
  10. Same here.. I can't dock even with the same iss docking ports.
  11. First time they actually announced the start of the experimental phase of an update and it was not accidental or something like that. Nice !
  12. Ah.. 0.8.3. I still remember how I wanted to throw my ship into the sun.
  13. No more waiting for downloading the new version and waiting 3 days for the forums to come back up. Thanks very much !
  14. Awesome job you did there ! I still remember when 0.12 was launched.. only after 2 months I managed to land on Mun. After MANY failed missions.. Now, if I get in orbit and I have some fuel, I can achieve at least a elliptical Mun orbit. If you are ever gonna try to land on Minmus, just bring a small fuel tank for liftoff and the reentry orbit to Kerbin. And you should try to use Mechjeb. And yeah.. it's a cheat part but you can learn all the maneuvers from a circular orbit to landing on another planet. Good Luck !
  15. Oh god.. Last post was 2 months ago ! I am getting bored of these necroposters.. At least you are new here .
  16. Ok.. This was freaking awesome ! I suppose that you had some "fun" time editing it.
  17. The oldest saying on Kerbin:
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