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  1. soooo mad max on the moon?
  2. yes yes yessssssss, but dont feel rushed please take your time and give us the best!
  3. at first i thought the nav ball was bugged out but it makes way more sense that you turned by literally tilting the probe core relative to the rocket. really ingenious way to do that and i am very exited for this. robotics parts was great but automating rockets is better.
  4. yay now the floppy mechanical parts wont flop out of the cargo bay in flight!
  5. wow... just wow, how do i learn to build like this?
  6. Upon a reinstall I found the issue was with me, sorry to have wasted your time.
  7. I'm sorry, I reinstalled it and the issue was resolved. Thank you for trying to help, sorry I wasted your time.
  8. Im having trouble mixing this with Restock. Has anyone else had trouble with these and found a solution?
  9. Im having trouble mixing this with Stockalike Station Parts Redux. Has anyone else had trouble with these and found a solution?
  10. So i love the making history wheels, it is nice that they fold... ... but... if they were a tiny little bit smaller or folded a tiny little bit more compact that would be perfect. When folded they still stick out sideways almost as much as when deployed. It would be nice to have more folding wheels. Breaking ground helps a lot... for anyone with a good computer(thankfully i have a good computer).
  11. Kerbals are small yes... Kerbin is also small, The kerbal system is also small, Is it too much to ask for some small wheels? Yes curiosity is big, like a car, hence the current smallest rover wheels, Spirit and Oppy were both smaller and the Sojourner rover was even smaller. I dont think it is wrong to say we need smaller wheels in game. I do appreciate the rough terrain explanation. I would appreciate it more if the planets in game actually had terrain.
  12. Ive seen it, ive used it. It is cool. My problem is the ones you might use to make a kerbal car or mun excursion rover are still massive when side by side with a kerbal. Most tires dont come up to my knees. just crazy
  13. Making small kerbal rovers is always more like making a monster truck dune buggy with how big the wheels are in comparison to the kerbals them selves. Might be nice if we could downscale the wheels a little or get some smaller rover wheels..