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  1. It would be neat if they could be used in the next update to weld parts as long as you have an engineer onboard.
  2. Sorry i didnt put that very well. I mean building ships in situ with harvested resources. And maybe we are two steps away if we count moving and attaching bigger parts as its own step. So we need to be able to turn ore into parts and construct with the big parts as well.
  3. This is super cool. Managing heat in the base game has always felt like guess work. It isnt very clear and never seems to be enough. Im not even sure how the numbers in the item descriptions are supposed to be used.
  4. My main issue is that they said they would do feature videos roughly monthly and we havent seen anything since then. Total radio silence. At this point i would be happier if they came out and said "sorry guys we have to delay it to 2021" They gave us a ton of information at the start then went silent. Maybe they should have waited a little longer to start the hype train or maybe they should be keeping in better contact. I honestly dont mind if it takes longer to make the game if the game comes out better, but I dont think it is too unreasonable to want an update once in a while.
  5. soooo mad max on the moon?
  6. yes yes yessssssss, but dont feel rushed please take your time and give us the best!
  7. at first i thought the nav ball was bugged out but it makes way more sense that you turned by literally tilting the probe core relative to the rocket. really ingenious way to do that and i am very exited for this. robotics parts was great but automating rockets is better.
  8. yay now the floppy mechanical parts wont flop out of the cargo bay in flight!
  9. wow... just wow, how do i learn to build like this?
  10. Upon a reinstall I found the issue was with me, sorry to have wasted your time.
  11. I'm sorry, I reinstalled it and the issue was resolved. Thank you for trying to help, sorry I wasted your time.
  12. Im having trouble mixing this with Restock. Has anyone else had trouble with these and found a solution?
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