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  1. Is there a working mod in existence that has a part that operates like the extendable thermal radiators, as in it pulls heat from the whole ship, but stores it until you are able to extend a radiator? this would be great on SSTO planes because you don't want to extend your radiators in the atmosphere but you still want to use your jets to get more speed and are burning up. It could be like water tanks used in some off-grid home heating systems where excess heat is stored in large insulated tanks until it is needed. It could be heavy for its size to keep it from being op in game.
  2. Has anyone had trouble with the high altitude parachutes, the orange one, or is it just me?
  3. I run a win8.1 and i can't get any parts to load, tried everything i can think of. HELP!!! Please _figured it out_
  4. Congratulations Youen, you area boss!!!
  5. does this work in 24.2 64x
  6. Zero266

    A cup and a cloth

    cool not bad by my standards
  7. CALM your selves give it time and love be patient unless you want to fix the code yourself
  8. Zero266


    is their a link to a working version of this I would just like the original to work in 23.5
  9. Zero266

    Before I discovered and played KSP, I..

    I used to think up means orbit and a strait line means get where your going
  10. can you add a docking port and maybe shielded docking port with built in parachutes the inline ones you have are great but very unaesthetic.?!!
  11. This is absolutely sad, This has rocked by faith in squad.
  12. Granted... you now care about starving children in Africa. you donated all your food and everything you have!!! I wish Jeb could lift things with his mind...
  13. The part could be inline with fuel transfer capabilities or could be a set of four radially attached parts!!!
  14. Zero266

    [WIP] [KSP 0.24] Kethane Plus v0.3

    I love this a great improvement to kethane (an add-on for an add-on)!!!