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  1. How soon are we likely to see CKAN's self-update feature offering the new v1.31.3? (Not nagging, just enquiring. =:o} ) I'll hold off doing any updates or installs until we've got the fix made "official", as it were, just to be safe.
  2. Ah! And of course the R&D boffins always take their new toys to show off to the others over a few drinks, leading naturally to "let's try it out right now in the car park!" =:o]
  3. "A rover launch site has been added in the parking lot for vehicles under 10 tons" Oh, excellent decision! That should work very nicely in the early stages of a career game, when gathering "local science" to help get some useful tech. =:o} (Slightly offf-topic, but it only just occurs to me that a natural extra spawning/"launch" site for rovers - or even non-mobile test "vessels" - would be the R&D labs. I mean, surely the boffins would be urged to thoroughly test all their newly developed instruments in their own parking lot, before they were allowed to take 'em anywhere near the launch pad or runway! I usually start my career games by "launching" a bare capsule with just a thermometer and a scientist on board...)
  4. pbristow


    NICE! =:o] I can see myself getting use out of those extra ladders, especially with the EVA engineering and construction modes: Engineers always need somewhere convenient to "stand" to do their work. =:o}
  5. Love the idea! Does it have it's own biome for gathering science, like the other site areas do? Perhaps it could be paired with an experiment and/or contract to test the effects of beer consumption on pilot competence! =:o} Maybe an hour spent in the bar gives Kerbals +1 courage and +1 stupidity, both off which are time limited? E.g. courage drops back to normal after 1 hour, stupidity after 6 hours.
  6. Those all seem like sensible decisions. Looking forward to seeing the results! =:o}
  7. Excellent idea! When I'm nearer the end of the tech tree in my current game, I'm thinking of some large construction projects to try, so this mod will probably be on my shopping list at that point. =:o} Ithink you're right that 15x lifting ability is probably a bit too high: I was thinking of 4 times, which is may be too low. Maybe 8x is about right? Another idea you might like to consider including: A simple "MLED" (Mechanical Lift Enhancement Device" - i.e. a car jack!) that a Kerbal can carry as an inventory item, and which doubles their personal lifting ability. This would be lighter and cheaper than exoskeleton, but still almost as useful has having an extra crew member around. Perhaps the jack should add more lifting ability if the Kerbal is an engineer (who knows how to use it best). Thus a typical team of three Kerbals - an engineer, a scientist and a pilot - could lift 7 Kerbals' worth of weight; Or the pilot could use the exoskeleton while the other two use their jacks... Lots of possibilities for optimising your crew's lifting ability. =:o}
  8. I like the sound of this! Not gonna try it just yet, as I'm playing "almost pure stock" at present, but it's a definite candidate for once my tech tree is running out of new goodies to acquire, and I want to move on to more ambitious constructions. Just had an idea: A nice partner for this would be a powered exoskeleton, that a Kerbal can wear to enhance their lifting ability three or four times (thus reducing the required crew-count on long-distnace building missions). Or perhaps just an "MLED" - Mechanical Lift Enhancement Device (a car jack!) that a Kerbal can carry in their inventory to double their lifting ability. (And maybe it adds more to an engineer's lifting ability than to that of an "untrained" vertical elevation manipulation operative(TM), such as a mere pilot or scientist. =:o} ) D'OH!!! [SLAPS FOREHEAD] And I've just now seen the link to the Exoskeleton mod. Oh well, at least now I know it wasn't a completely stupid idea! =:oD
  9. pbristow


    I love these! (Especially the, uh, *definitely* non-copyright "Police communications hatch"(TM) in blue. =;o] ). I like the docking collars and sleeves, too. Can the collars have a disposable fairing, to make them a bit more aerodynamic during launches? I'm just think that adding a stock fairing piece below/behind the collar uses up a fair bit of fairing material (and weight/costs) just getting past the length of the collar before you can start to taper inward. I'm playing "almost pure stock", right now, but once I get the tech tree maxed out I'll be looking for cool new "technologies"/parts to keep extending my game further. These will be high on my shopping list! =:o}
  10. This looks interesting... What are the max and min settings for each variable?
  11. I take your point, Snark. However, I do think that the above thread is covering slightly different ground than the one that you linked to. *That* one tells people why it's bad to pester the mods; *This* one prompts people to think about the difference between "pestering" and "just enquiring", and where one crosses the line. For those of us who *do* (occasionally!) think to check out the linked posts, it provides something that could help calm down or even prevent some of the debates that spring up. But I'm getting dangerously close to "Telling a Mod to 'Mod Betterer!' ", so I'll stop now. =;o}
  12. A good, civilised, balanced and thought-provoking discussion of the issue. Maybe it could be pinned somewhere/somehow, for people to refer to next time the topic crops up (not just here but elsewhere on the forums)...? Well said both sides. [DOUBLE THUMBS UP]
  13. Just want to say thankyou for your post, pslytely psycho (and I love your "handle" so much I just typed it out by hand!). I too went the unfortunate career route of "become one of the country's top experts in a specific technological niche *just* when everyone is giving up on using that technology altogether". =:o\ (In my case, it was "Clearcase Multisite" performance and trouble-shooting.) Your story both saddened me and warmed my heart. It's good to meet a brother in arms. For me, that was over a decade ago. Since then I've been working in retail. The pay's lousy, but it's much better for my physical health. (Warehouse work is a like a gym membership where *they* pay *you*! =:o} ). Except at this time of year, which is hella intense. =:o\ [SALUTES] both to you, and to @linuxgurugamer Can't wait to see what the future holds for Kopernicus, and KSP mods in general... [SITS RAPT, WITH FISTFULS OF POPCORN RAPIDLY VANISHING INTO MAW]
  14. Thanks Stone Blue. That's exactly what I mean. I thought I'd been clear, but... [SHRUGS] =:o\
  15. @Stone Blue: I was referring to the .exe of the browser. I.e. Have a Telemachus.cfg with a line in it like: Browser = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" ... or whatever. I'm already using the "open your chosen browser and then point it at the telemachus URL" trick, but thanks for teh thought. Hmm... I wonder if I can just bodge something into Windows shortcut...?
  16. Hi there! [WAVES] New Telemachus user here. Been meaning to check it out for ages, and now I've finally got round to it. =:o} Is there any way to specify which browser is used to open Telemachus/Houston? At the moment it opens in my default browser, but for various reasons (mainly to do with memory consumption, but also with possible accidental privacy slips when recording my missions!) I'd like to keep a clean, separate browser instance just for Telemachus. I'm aware this may be a case of taking the mod slightly away from being "platform agnostic", as the means of pointing it to a specific browser installation to launch will vary from one OS to another. (I'm on Windows, where the simple solution would be to let me specify the pathname of the browser's ".exe" file, e.g. by editing a simple .cfg file.) Is this already doable, or would it need an extra code to be added to the mod?
  17. New save didn't work, but deleting the SolarPanels.cfg file (well, renaming it to add ".DISABLED" on the end) did! Thankyou. =:o} Are there likely to be any unhelpful consequences from doing that? The content of the SolarPanels.cfg file looks to be only to do with tracking other light sources, so I'm guessing it shouldn't be an issue in KSRSS (unless I go adding another star/system to it!).
  18. As promised, log files (and screenshots) for the solar panel problem. https://wetransfer.com/downloads/6d650b2274284c1c23e8b8a638196e7b20190902023344/1d616e (Nice simple test case: Launch a tiny unstable ship with a solar panel on it, tip it over, then run down the battery by telling the SAS to try to stand it upright again. Make sure the panel ends up pointing East, towards sunrise.)
  19. Yep, it's there in my 1.7.3 directory. I tried re-downloading and installing it, to be sure I had the latest version (I'm assuming latest is appropriate?). Ran a quick test: Panels are still showing zero exposure, even when pointing due east on the pad in the morning. I have to go to work now, but I can supply logs etc. maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow.
  20. Solar panels don't seem to be working. Is that a known bug? (I've not added any other mods yet, just the basic set-up as before.) But despite that, I've just finished my first fly-by of the (mini-)moon! So much quicker and easier than RSS. =:o}
  22. Gamedata screenshot, as requested (at least, I hope this is what you meant! =:o} ) https://wetransfer.com/downloads/57683088ddd8dd22bbbb2931324713dd20190831135058/8d2172
  23. Hi! I'm just trying KSRSS for the first time. I have started with a clean install of KSP 1.7.0, and followed the instructions in the first post here, doing everything manually. (Sorry, CKAN, but you don't seem to be quite cutting the mustard lately.) I spotted the discussion about comma/period switches, and have manually fixed the Mars and Ceres configs. On firing up the game, I get an exception reported by Kopernicus, with advice to file a bug report with the planet pack author. So here I am. =:o} ADDENDUM: The versions I've got installed are: KSP_Win64 - 1.7.0 Kopernicus - Module Manager - 4.0.3 ModularFlightIntegrator - KSRSS - 0.4.1 KSRSS Textures - 0.4, 4k Here's the link to my log files (I included a couple of .PNG screenshots): https://wetransfer.com/downloads/ab8b5a91d93cbc63ccfea34fab928fad20190831111145/348627
  24. After wading through the last two pages of comments, I just want to say two things: 1. Thankyou, THANKYOU, *THANKYOU*!!!!... to whoever created Kopernicus, and to everyone who has maintained it since. [SNIP] (For the record, I'm currently playing KSP version 1.4.5. Why? Because I'm using RSS, and back when I started this instance that was the most recent version that RSS was fully compatible with. I wish I had some of the nice features of KSP 1.5, or 1.6, and I haven't tried any variant of 1.7 yet so I don't know whether to wish I had those, too... But hey, I'm having a good time anyway. When my current "timeline" is all played out, maybe then I'll see what's new in KSP version 1.9.73, or even be tempted to pay for version 2.0.3...? =:o} )
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