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  1. One of my worst fears when I started this happened: Much like one of my previous AARs, this never came to a finish. So, for any potential readers, I'm sorry for being a lazy writer with this. Time to get this series going again.
  2. Glorious, glorious day! Our winged hussAAR has returned!
  3. I've had a tendency to draw out sections of time spent pre-mission and on Kerbin in my past AARs, but Chapter 1 will mark the beginning of the actual mission. Expect that soon. Also, there are slight updates I am making (mainly descriptions of Lenney and Richald) to the 1st part of the prologue, expect those shortly.
  4. Prologue Part II: Looking Past It All Kirrim, Richald, and Lenney were stuffed by the end of their budget meal, hands on their bellies. The announcement, by none other than the newly elected President Genesby, was nearly 10 minutes away; Kirrim was the first to launch to his feet with a grunt, herding the other two into his car and slamming the gas pedal down. The old battleship's engine rattled as it lurched onto the road and off to the employee parking section of the Astronaut Complex. Kirrim quickly flashed his I.D. to a security officer and headed into an open spot; the three rushed off to
  5. I'm glad to hear that! Side note: Chapters may be a bit slow for the next week because of finals and business.
  6. Prologue Part I: A Rusty Mess The sun beamed down over the space center, causing the pure white walls to shine like a gem. Many of the workers were huddled inside, watching live yet poor footage of Henski Kerman undocking from their station to head back down to Kerbin. While the smooth service roads were nearly empty, one car remained. A blue, vintage coupe rumbled down the road, driven by none other than the program's fan-favorite: Kirrim. Kirrim was 35, with a head of orange-red hair and a beard that matched, scraggly and lightly kept. He had been in the program for nearly 9 years, ever sinc
  7. STATUS: M.I.A. Enjoy the bland placeholder until I make a nice logo! I've had the idea to start up a new story for a while now (though unsure if this counts as an AAR- Much of the pictures and storyline are not based around an actual mission.. though many AARs are fabricated in the same format.) I've had a few in the past... though I believe they aren't good. On top of that, a somewhat recent one from before my break from KSP was never finished.. I simply didn't have the willpower to push through it. The majority of the pictures are gone, as it stands; I've cleared out my imgur gallery for sp
  8. Operation Secure Post 10K Completed. I think. Either.. eh.. Astronomer or me. Is the main post included? And now for a look back at my first Mun landing nearly two years ago!
  9. We're nearly up to reaching 1,000 pages, as well as 10,000 replies!
  10. Will this be the first thread on the KSP forums to hit a thousand pages? Let's try to reach that goal by December! Just don't spam!
  11. The dreaded blue I of IE.. Worst thing is you probably had to wait ten minutes for IE to load
  12. I'm trying to get it to 1000 before starting a new one. So, unless a moderator tells us otherwise (I got permission to make a new pictures thread last year), pictures still go here.
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