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  1. I searched the thread, however the AFTER Ion Thruster appears to be upside down
  2. Id love to have the config files for the suns so I could pick, I have a feeling the various differing colours may give me a headache, literally. Also out of interest do the new planets have mineral sources? because I got a ship into orbit of some of the planets/moons and the survey scanner gave no information.
  3. Oh yes! I cannot wait to strap this onto my heavy launcher and watch it tear itself to pieces.
  4. Fun Fact, according to real copyright laws any mod is owned by the IP holder, in this case its Squad. So someone could take this mod over without even needing to ask.
  5. Yeah i discovered that, its a pity because I love this mod But I doubt it will get updated as the coders not been online since the 8th of June.
  6. How about the UN Flag, but with Kerbins landmass.
  7. Sorry but I cant say anything other than: About this mod.
  8. I managed to develop a new sort of rocket that landed the habitat onto mun and minmus, made them all "self sufficient" looking containers and launched a 10 container deployer into space, tug included to land each one safely. Suffice to say it ended very kerbalesque, love the mod. Personal thoughts regarding the texture, you should try to make it look as stock as possible I think stockalike texture parts are the bomb! Litterally.
  9. 5 years? I once spent 20 years trying to get to Duna cos i missed it on my first pass, then just as I get into near Orbit, I realise I havent the fuel for it. Suffice to say the ship got re-ejected and sent deep into space, it hit Jool square in the chops.
  10. I gotta say, I love this group of Rovers I use it for just about everything. The Praetorian definitely needs a Kethane Tank/Skin. Would you consider adding a cfg pack to add Zoxygene to all of the Rovers Command Centres (or Rovers if they're onesies ^.^)?
  11. This 'could' be used to keep Kethane scoops in a fixed orbit inside an atmosphere. I wonder if it will hold something at a fixed height.
  12. JDP, you just saved my bacon. I still crashed on Duna though.. My Duna Launch record is worse than the Russians with Mars.
  13. You cant land on it, damned clouds, but we could argue it is.
  14. The thread is huge so im not sure if this has been mentioned. Could it be possible to increase the search area instead of getting a 1 dot search pattern. Or if you've planned, or will be, adding a mouse over GPS sort of affair like ISAMAP. This mod really makes me play KSP further than just getting to a Planet/Moon and 'maybe' landing on it with all kerbals/parts intact.