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  1. I want to know how many of you have tried to create Kessler Syndrome around Kerbin/the Mun/etc. I'm currently trying this myself, and if you guys have any screenshots to share or a save file with KS, then please, send it our way
  2. Yeah, it's as close to multiplayer as KSP gets. This is an extra challenge so we can do our own mission control thing. I can't explain it any more clearly than i did in the original post. Join the hamachi network and we'll get set up.
  3. How it works Telemachus allows one to connect to one KSP game via any device on a single network. I have figured out that Hamachi creates networks. I have tested Telemachus with Hamachi, and controlling one KSP game over the internet is entirely possible and happens flawlessly. So my idea is that we get together on Hamachi and form mission control as an extra challenge. One person will be limited in their role in the launch of a spacecraft. One person could handle the basic flight control (throttle, staging, etc), while another could handle Mechjeb's Smart A.S.S for controlling the direction of the craft. Both the basic flight control and Smart A.S.S people will be extremely important. If you're interested, you need to meet certain requirements. You need previous experience with Telemachus, and you will definitely need good timing, and plenty of experience with KSP. Finally, you will need Skype and a microphone so we can effectively communicate and make this work. Of course, we will be in a group call on Skype and I will share my screen with everyone on the Hamachi network so everyone can watch the launch. This is not meant to be easy. Now, onto the good part. When you feel you're ready to fly, join my Hamachi network (kspaceprogram, pass: ksptest). Since Hamachi only lets 5 people on a network at a time, we have space for only 3 people (I already have a friend in the network). Once again, the network information is: kspaceprogram ksptest When we're filled up, I will tell you all that we're at capacity.
  4. Fun fact, guys: The way telemachus is set up, you can access the telemachus webpage from ANYWHERE in your network without further modification. I want to see if I can modify the source code slightly so it binds to a different port. That way, I can forward said port and use Telemachus via an external IP (That way, even other people can use my Telemachus!). EDIT: After giving the previous posts the most cursory of glances, it turns out that someone already mentioned what I said about how Telemachus is set up before I posted. Still, I want to see if I can get it working using an external IP.
  5. Granted, but you die just before I'm able to grant your wish. I wish to be in Joolar orbit.
  6. Dude, that ain't an interplanetary rocket. That's what Jeb thinks an FTL drive should look like.
  7. Jeb has a strange thing going on where for as long as hes smiling, the crew has a chance of survival. If not, then someone strapped on one too many NERVAs.
  8. Quick answer to your question: Nuclear propulsion -> radiation all throughout our atmosphere and space -> lots of people get cancer Do you really want that? Besides, nuclear rocket engines have already been invented.
  9. All that I can figure is that with Laythe's atmosphere and sheer distance from Kerbol... I would say that Laythe's oceans must be something other than water... but it could easily be water if tidal forces create internal heat that supplements Kerbol's energy. It is simply too far from the habitable zone to sustain liquid water off of Kerbol's light alone.
  10. Zapy, this in itself is off-topic, but please, try to use better grammar, for the sake of the people reading it so they can understand more easily.
  11. I think the EVA configuration could just be part of the game's engine, which couldn't be modified without tearing it all apart and loading your computer with useless source code. I wouldn't try.
  12. What you need is to come up with a noun that reminds you of your craft. For example, you design a spaceplane that can break Mach 2 at sea level. Call it Falcon.
  13. I have developed a plane with a cargo bay using Damned Robotics. It needs a warpable docking clamp, however, and I don't have that mod.
  14. Not actual orbit. That's just a straight launch You can tell by his prograde being almost straight up He's gonna crash.
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