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  1. If my dog were wearing pants, he would have just S'd them. I suppose that's what he gets for sitting under my desk.
  2. Venom-I searched the forums for MechJeb and viewed the relevant posts. I still don't see a 1.2 release.
  3. Does anyone know if there is a MJ release available, or in the works for 1.2?
  4. I have the same problem and the only suggestion that I was given was to edit the status of the port in the save file :/
  5. The issue I am having is with the docking ports. I brought up a small tug to use to place future modules and re-arrange them. After bringing up a module, I went to undock the tug, and the option was there, but it didn't seem to actually undock. I tried again and theoption simply isn't there. I've tried controlling from both vehicles, manned and unmanned and even remade the tug entirely and added it to the station, but the same thing happened. The only part mods I'm using are KIS/KAS(but none of those parts are aboard) and NF Solar. http://imgur.com/rO7k1SJ
  6. I was considering trying to make some parts but have very little 3d modeling experience. Recently I was messing around in Sketch Up and found it to be pretty friendly. Is it possible to make KSP parts in Sketch Up? I looked in the forum for a tutorial but didn't find what I was looking for. I was hoping for some kind of tutorial.
  7. Thank you so much. That makes sense. Definitely appreciate the detailed answer.
  8. I have a question regarding transferring to another planet. My method thus far has been as follows...I'll use Duna as an example. First, I get into a circular orbit around kerbin, usually 80k. Once in orbit, I burn prograde until I escape the Kerbol system and enter a solar orbit. From a solar orbit, I'll make a node and play with it until I get an encounter, but I usually get the encounter on the opposite side of my orbit. My question is, is it better to extend my orbit and get an encounter far far away from my current position, or to wait until I am just behind the planet...I'm having trouble explaining, so I'll include some poorly drawn MS Paint examples. The first is how I currently do it. I raise the other side of my orbit until it matches that of Duna Is this a better method?
  9. Am I the only one not using the newest MJ? I tried it and found it overly compliciated. I used it for probably three launches before reverting back to the previous version. Admittedly I do use it to launch and achieve orbit, though I CAN do it by hand. I also use the smart ASS features for aiming at nodes etc and I use it to circularize orbits after an encounter. Any features outside of that, I don't mess with personally. What's everyone's take on this?
  10. I'm nowhere near what I'd call "good" at this game, but I think you'll find Munar landings to be less daunting a task than you think. Because of it's proximity, it's pretty easy to go from LKO to a Munar encounter. Then along the way you can adjust for a pretty low PE, and with the lack of atmosphere, you can have a very low orbit, so the distance that your lander actually has to descend can be minimized. Because of the low gravity, landing can be a bit difficult, but at the same time, if you've got too much vertical speed to land, it's easy enough to gain altitude and try again. These are just my findings. The fine folks on this forum are very helpful if you have any questions.
  11. Thanks guys! I knew there had to be a better way. And I agree-to be able to change the style of symmetry would be fantastic, and possibly eliminate the need for two building facilities.
  12. I have a question regarding the construction of rovers (Munar or otherwise). When you make a rover, do you create it in the SPH first, and move the rover's save file to the VAB? When I do this, I get the style of symmetry that I like, but get odd problems in the VAB. Once I clikc my rover in the VAB, it will then rotate so that the command pod is facing up rather than horizontal...and I understand that. But say I launch my contraption and crash, it no longer lets me return to the VAB from the end mission dialogue, only return to SPH. I guess I'm just trying to figure out if it's easier to build in the SPH and move to the VAB, or fuss with the symmetry of the VAB for a rover. The problem I have in the VAB is that placing wheels specifically is a PITA, and I end up having to place one at a time......
  13. It's this common berthing module I don't know how to use. Currently I drag pieces to my station atop my rocket and command module, dock the piee with a docking clam, disconnect the command module and fly home.
  14. It is the expi parts. I had some parts in space and there was a docking clamp from Erkles clamps on them and the piece from expi that says it is for connecting more modules. I just can't figure how to connect additional modules to it while in orbit.
  15. Of course I forgot to check when I got home, however im fairly positive it is expi.
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