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  1. Hi I'm looking to see if anyone knows about any mods that have that chunky style vibe like the ships from "Alien" I really dig that aesthetic and want it in my space program. (Sorry if this doesn't really fit, I haven't used the KSP forum in like several years.
  2. This is a brilliant looking mod but whenever I try different suits I continually get the Greenskull Inc. and also I cannot seem to get the gold reflective visor. Sorry if this has been asked/answered before.
  3. I wonder who my first kerbal is thats going to empty themselves in space.
  4. I hate summer right now my face is like pink leather and hurts when ever I touch it, this pack is out, and I'm on my net-book which can run nothing.
  5. I'm losing hope in all teachers. Everywhere.
  6. Teachers have a strange way to teach.
  7. Now I don't need to fear having my kerbal ejected then run over (Again)
  8. In my english class I got to watch Red Dwarf. Well because you're here I'll explain, final exams are upon me and they start tomorrow. My english teacher gave us a choice read a sci-fi story or watch a sci-fi comedy (of course we decided on the comedy.) The comedy turned out to be Red Dwarf. Also in history we watched Schoolhouse of Rock. Nostalgia! I leave you a question (And electro music) what was the best, funniest, weird or unreasonable thing that has happened to you in a class? Amazing trailer I saw today
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