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  1. It seems that kerbalstuff is having some difficulties today, I've been having issues getting many mods to update since the primary location is kerbalstuff. Any fallback systems in place (IE auto selection of alternate download locations)? Would that be a feature that would need to be officially requested (and possibly difficult to implement)?
  2. I saw on the download site that you guys are just finishing up paperwork for the new edition of b9 before the official release. Thank you for all your hard work in bringing this fantastic mod back in all of it's glory. Side note, the HX endpieces would make for fairly awesome control pods/ bridges with little work
  3. Awesome, this is a fantastic addition to karbonite, and SCANsat. The orange beach balls were not exactly helpfull, but this should make landing in good areas much much more simple. Might I suggest adding in AVC (Automatic Version Checker) compatability, specially if it's still under active development?
  4. That happened to me with novapunch installed, think roverdude needs to go over something, seems related to his mods.
  5. Ignore the throttle control guy, your problem is inbalanced fuel, TAC fuel balancer worked for me, but there are other options. Mentioned it to RoverDude this morning on the IRC he suggested creative fuel lines
  6. Would be awesome if the RCS thrusters would flush mount in the corners (instead of getting the little boxes tacked on wherever you place them)
  7. A few pages back they had the s2 tank piece which instead of the 4 different models (rcs/lfo/liquidfuel/fusealage) they combined them into one piece with a button to switch the modes in the assembly buildings. So while the pieces are all "there" they might not work the same (or have been combined into a different piece)
  8. admin building, now adding RED TAPE, so you can sift through the same bureaucratic nightmare NASA has to deal with!!!!
  9. $600 a day is WAY to much to be paying them, quick look at nasa website shows that the pay is closer to 60k a year. http://astronauts.nasa.gov/content/faq.htm They get paid on the goverment scale between GS-11 and GS-14 which translates to $64k - $141K a year, your paying them almost double the peak pay. 600 * 365 = 219,000 Closer to realistic would be $175-386 a day
  10. short answer HYPE TRAIN CHOOOO CHOOO!!!!!!!! On the other hand, wasn't really expecting to get picked as a tester, but after seeing the number of applicants, i'm pretty sure i'm going to end up somewhere in the middle 1/3 of that.
  11. I know one of the "kracken" bugs is due to rounding errors in unity. I found an idle game that I've been playing for a few weeks, which involves some very very large numbers and is coded in Unity. Then I got to wondering, if they can keep numbers this large in unity, how, and would they be willing to share that information with Squad. The name of the game is AdVenture Capitalist, and it can be found here on Kongregate.
  12. I think karbonite is perfect, consider it a heavy hydrocabon molecule, possibly with it's own oxygen bonds making it prefect for most fuels (with some refining) with oxy as an extra exhaust output. Could use any number of different hydrocarbon chain sections for a variety of things, plastics, generators (natural gas), refine it to RP-1 (kerosene), or start some serious cracking for hydrogen, could even use the leftover carbon to make "diamond" glass.
  13. Having issues with crashes on my x64 install. As soon as it loads up a save or new game i get a crash and logs. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwafOVjmId3YQzMwOUdHMVF2RXM/edit?usp=sharing Only happens when KW Rocketry is installed :/
  14. Like i said it was going to be developed into the RMA-1 but they lost the bids for the yf120 engine, but they did get the contract for a different branch of development the f136 engine. Although I did find a research paper on it. http://www.ecosimpro.com/download/articles/VKI.Modelling_and_Simulation_of_the_Revolutionary_Turbine_Accelerator.pdf