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  1. I have to ask- is there any way I can set it so -any- kerbal can use the building tools? I mean, c'mon. It's a wrench. It's not like you have to take college courses to put two pieces of metal together and tighten a bolt. Also a -lot- of my craft, especially early game, are one-man...
  2. Okay, now that I'm home from work and not rocketing on rage here. I was trying a "start at 10 degrees," get to 1km/sec, slap it up to 30ish, maybe a bit higher to get apoapsis where you want it, then circularize. But I can't seem to make it WORK. I don't know how to get someone else's ship to be -recognized- by my game. I tried putting one in the folder and it doesn't list it. It doesn't help that I really am used to using Mechjeb for my flights, and this is really not something I can use Mechjeb for.
  3. Okay, I've been trying your tips but either a) I'm not meant to be a pilot or b ) (STUPID EMOTICON) KSP physics has just decided I'm supposed to be ground-bound. After nearly 12 straight hours of bashing into the water, overheating and exploding, or flipping around like a leaf, I'm -done.- Is there a way to go back to 'Flight Physics that aren't meant to make it impossible to fly?'
  4. Well, I made a little dink engine ship that DID get to orbit, but couldn't -make- orbit. I really wish there was some sort of official guide.
  5. Tried, failed several times. Here's my problem: Accelerate on relatively low pitch to 10km (Speed: 300m/sec surf.) Pitch up! (Speed drops to nothing) Use up all fuel, even switch to rocket mode; apoapsis 18km. Splashdown and kill all crew.
  6. What the heck are the airbrakes for?
  7. I'll give it a try. Got anywhere I can look for a 'good example' spaceplane? I mean with the changes, and all..
  8. Okay, I admit it took me a long time before all the atmosphere rebalance, but I used to have a functional, even simple, SSTO spaceplane that could get to orbit, dock with a station, unload cargo/crew, return and land more or less safely. The atmosphere changes hit and suddenly I can't even get off the -ground.- Every spaceplane I design seems to hit a max altitude of 3km and then gives me the middle finger and sulks until I land it again. I'm seriously missing my old SSTOs. Is there -anyone- who can tell me what I'm supposed to be doing now? My old pattern was "45 degree burn to 15km, 15 degree level there while acceleratint to mach 2, 45 degree angle until lack of air cuts the engines, switch RAPIERs to rocket, and bam. I'd have an Apoapsis where I wanted it and be ready to circularize." But now I'm STUCK. I can't seem to design ships with enough liquidfuel to get anywhere -near- where I need the rockets. http://i.imgur.com/R6gwiRY.png That's my current design. What on earth am I doing wrong?
  9. So I have to ask. I'm using this with RPM but... basically any use at all drops my framerate to a horribly choppy level. Is there an easy fix? A setting I missed? Should I be bringing this up on the RPM thread instead?
  10. Massive problem. I'm trying to recreate this with these -exact- parts. http://i.imgur.com/jgIkX2d.png Except it doesn't let me attach it; it goes red and says "Target object is not allowed !" Help? I kinda counted on this to work... [edit] In fact it seems I can't attach ANYTHING to ANYTHING ELSE, though I managed to attach the ground base to Minmus. Help?
  11. Currently as it stands once you transmit data from an antenna, you can never extend it again. I've been going NUTS trying to find where I can fix that so I can make a quick modulemanager file, but I can't! Does anyone know what I should even be looking at?
  12. Ah, somehow I missed that. Derp. Thanks though- I REALLY want to use those pods. XD
  13. Here's a request- any chance we could get the Near Future cockpits http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/52042-1-04-Near-Future-Technologies-(fully-operational-in-1-04) included in this? They're incredibly useful and some of my favorites! If it's not possible I understand, but man I'd love to have those pods...
  14. Hey- I LOVE this mod, it's one of the first I always download- but I was wondering. Any chance I could get a 2.5m version of Critter Crawler? I mean I can scale it up myself, of course, but I was wondering if there was some way we could get a "Heavy duty" version for larger crawlers? It's amazingly useful...
  15. So I'm trying to figure how to make protective shell bases a) thinner (Dear god they're obscenely fat in some cases) and have an integrated separator at the top to eject the next stage, because... that only makes sense... and c) use modulemanager to do this. It's been a LONG time since I poked around at all, though. Where would I look for advice or tutorials on those three parts?
  16. And now I know that. But I didn't know how much had changed or how badly it would impact my launches.
  17. Hey, it's not starting with a marathon. Previous to this update I had a -very- efficient design and was very good at getting it to orbit.
  18. It was the Ampyear mod. I haven't played since before the update so I thought it was that. Derp.
  19. The only addons I have currently are Ampyear, Mechjeb and ISA Mapsat... It's ampyear, isn't it. I feel like an -idiot.-
  20. So there's not much to tell. There's a strange problem I keep running into when I set to warp so I can get to a maneuver node- the ship EXPLODES, and the text reads, "Not enough power to run timewarp!" Is this some new bug? What the hell is going on and how do I keep it? It's sort of a huge gamecrusher. And for reference this ship had a LOT of power storage...
  21. So, for the first time since the update, I decided to play and instantly set about making a SSTO spaceplane based on a previous design. Unfortunately physics seems to have changed- and with the new heat mechanic, it breaks. So... help? I only had one design that ever remotely worked, and without that I'm screwed on the SSTO field. Is there an updated guide? Some blueprint I can reverse engineer? Something?
  22. Question. Is there any way to remove that "Only those with repair skill" restriction from building? I kinda need pilots and scientists too, after all.
  23. So it seems to me to be annoyingly redundant that I have to put a decoupler under a heat shield. Somehow to me it seems that they should have that built in. So I want to try and -make- that myself. Catch is, I haven't got the first clue how. Would it be possible? Would it screw with the fairing? Where should I look for advice?