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  1. An old one, but though I'd contribute anyway. EDIT: wrapped it in a spoiler!
  2. haha, makes smile when i see my stuff pop up
  3. I really love your art style! It's not something I've seen before, but it works really well!
  4. I love the the full page of the engines, looks really nice with them all together.
  5. I too am on study leave (or whatever people call it, that 2 month break off school). I see you're managing your time better than me I should get back to drawing.. haven't done a KSP related image for a while.
  6. these drawings are pretty cool! they aren't drawing very professionally, but in a way that makes them kinda better.. i dont know, i like how there are slightly messy (lines wise) i guess you used a mouse? not an easy task! only criticism would be lighting, you could try cel-shading (simple lighting, like stuff in cartoons)
  7. i love them! a great balance between what you manage to fit into the drawing and the resolution! awesome pixel art my friend!
  8. Ive kinda had allot on my plate recently, ive started game development alongside kerbal engineer's Cybutek as well as taken on a commission for an animation. Plus ive got a school art project on, so ive note really had time for this thread. However i will try to get back to it when i can!
  9. welcome to the forums! to post an image use F2 in game and F1 to hide/show the interface. When you've got your image upload it to imgur.com and then use the built in tages to show it once you have your picture uploaded! you may also consider putting up more details and the craft file too!
  10. sweet buttery jesus thats big! and there was me thinking i had reached a miles stone making my first eeloo and back craft...
  11. haha, there are some good ones yeah. in a bit im going to make a start on some more posters; that one was by Palker. I like photo-manipulation but im not sure if i should just straight up draw them or also do photo manips. EDIT: decided on good ol' fashion drawing!
  12. That works, but mine more or less reflects the well known side of KSP.
  13. that may have been the KSPOD; however TTlabambaTT hasn't streamed in a long time; nor the KSPOD which he does with cybutek and mikeru94
  14. [bump] vote! go vote! on the main page go to the link! And please don't abuse it voting over and over again
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