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  1. Yeah, same deal. We need a patch for this pronto.
  2. oohhhhh, 45 min, get ready boys What, why? I have not seen that anywhere
  3. Or, 2.5 hours from now.... all these time zones is confusing, haha
  4. UK should be at 20:00 me thinks. You can add 10 hours to 10:00pm PST
  5. This is a major step forward, thank's Squad.
  6. Yeah disappointed. Got the game August 201|2, now they want to renege on their promise of free updates and DLCs. Expected this when they sold their company.
  7. Whoa, I did not realize you had to run the experiment for each biome. So when you are orbiting the Mun, you have to run the experiment for each biome you fly over. Is that correct?
  8. I'm using version 3.4.3 I have opened the Biosphere Containment Study in the tree, but is does not show up in the VAB. I was able to access it in version 3.4.2 I would send a log file, but not sure how to do that, does not look possible on this site.
  9. I got the science from Minmus and got the BSS-1. Tested on the launchpad, works beautiful. Thank you for fixing this.
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