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  1. What is CKAN? I'm happy for you guys to fiddle with this till your hearts content. Electricfox and Zitronen were part of the team who made this, so if they are still here, a nod from them and its all yours. I'm done with KSP guys. Have fun, good luck in life and be happy. Ride a permanent wave of joy and live life to the full. Best Regards Angus
  2. I am using the current version. The only major problem I can find is with the large stage 1 landing legs. Remove them and it runs fine.
  3. There are ways of allowing multiple textures for a single part. The rollkage mod does this but not in a tidy way so for a quick fix you could look in there. I think the firespitter plugin might be what you need to look at for the best way of switching but I'm not sure.
  4. Looking really good! Thought you were new to this? Isn't it a classic orange-red paint thats traditionally used on these beasts?
  5. Well, your asking the wrong man for help, I'm an amateur. Making the models was my task in the beginning then my concept was spotted by someone who could make models who then joined the team. Your making this a bit complicated if you are new to this. It can be very frustrating to get your first working fueltank ingame nevermind multiple parts that form a working rover. Checkout the forum for tutorials on using blender and unity.
  6. Heya Unstableorbit An old mod by myself and 2 other amigos: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/36786-RollKage?highlight=rollkage Is it something similar except a musclecar theme instead of dune buggy????.......cool!
  7. Your welcome zagamaph, if you don't like the clipping try: node_attach = 0, 0, 0.4, 0, 0, 0, 3
  8. I made a cfg edit to the engine that makes it simpler to attach as this was annoying me too. Open the part cfg file with notepad and change the node_attach parameters to this- // --- node definitions --- node_attach = 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 3 then save the cfg file. Its not a perfect fix, but it makes the engine much easier to use. I really like the style of this pack Yeon! Nice work! Thankyou
  9. Yes, the wheels are way too slippery now, something must have changed in the game. Zitronen is the chap to speak to about the wheel set up, but I don't think hes on the forum much these days.
  10. OK SmiteZero, you win. Updated the Mk2 link in the first post. Added front and back nodes as it has been requested a few times. (there was a reason that I never ever added them, but now that the Alt button disables surface attach, well that cures the reason. - Don't ask me what the reason is or was cos I simply don't remember... )
  11. Yes, and with the effort that SmiteZero is putting into building these it would be a skill worth learning.
  12. Excellent rovers SmiteZero! Minekat in particular. Nice work.
  13. Haha! Its also very old, but I'm glad you enjoy it none the less. I'm amazed that people still use this!
  14. Brilliant parts BahamutoD THANKYOU! Similar landing legs would be handy. Probably already been requested:D
  15. Yeah.....looked like a woven metal rope, but you're right. Harpoons did not fire.
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