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  1. I would have phrased option 2 as, "No, I'm getting it for free since I bought KSP before May 2013", but I'm weird.
  2. No, he's exactly right. My dad was an industrial engineer over at the Michoud facility where they built the external tanks. NASA ran the shuttle solely to burn tax dollars. Any real work that the shuttle accomplished was strictly incidental. The Orion is the same way as evidenced by the fact that they refused to use the pre-existing 40m fabrication tools, despite repeated urging to do so from the people who have to actually build the rockets, until after they'd been in storage for so long that they needed to be completely replaced.
  3. Meh, the movie never really managed any dramatic tension. All it really had going for it were the jokes, references, & the soundtrack. It's more of a "fun to watch once" kinda movie than a "must watch over and over again" movie. Still, great job with the poster. It looks awesome.
  4. So long, Frizzank, and thanks for all the fish the amazing mod.
  5. Yeah, well, I can't seem to my registration code for EV:Nova to update at the moment either, so you can feel doubly bad for me. Also, nice Rebel Cruiser icon.
  6. Only on their overclocked 4ghz monster of a dev machine.
  7. Is that Spike Spiegel's spaceplane in your sig? O_O Color me impressed. What mods did you use for it? On topic: I'm mostly playing a lot of LoL right now, but I'm thinking of maybe doing an all stock low part count lifter for the challenge. Can't wait till the update.
  8. If this doesn't happen then I should make a mod that fixes the stage numbers. Because the first stage of the rocket is the stage that fires first, darn it! It can't be that hard to fix right? Right? - - - Updated - - - Quite right, ol' chap.
  9. You can actually asparagus stage with only one set of boosters you know, and honestly, the lower thrust after dropping a booster should be made up by the lower mass after dropping a booster. A couple of pairs of asparagus staged boosters hardly cause any drag at all, anyway.
  10. But having aero is easier to fly in than the old pea soup. Just set heating down to nothing.
  11. Woohoo! He's back! HYPE!
  12. I'd rather scale up the Kerbol system 6.4x and rebalance the rockets appropriately for that scale than make the physics for reentry heating less realistic just to add challenge.
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