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  1. Now, there is an ulterior motive here, but... I would like to see dual launch pads and runways. Dual Launch Pads (Or even Triple?) ---------------------------------- When building in the Space hanger, when you launch, you can pick 1 or 2. If you picked 1, then tried to launch ANOTHER shuttle on 1, you'll get the message of "clear debris?". If you pick 2, well, it'll put you over there. Reasons this would be cool: 1. Scenery of seeing another one of your ships ready to go while you take off from another. 2. Another ship ready to go for your mission. 3. It would just be kinda neat. Dual Runways would in turn have taxi lanes, and would make the area seem a bit more... "connected", as currently, buildings, launch pads, etc are all somewhat separated by grass. The runways can run in different directions, or even parallel to one another.
  2. Would I be happy? No. Why? There's currently no point to the game... You land on the Mun... okay..and then what? Walk around? Maybe drive a rover? If/when they add resources, and missions..then hell yeah i'll be satisfied.
  3. I too can't wait for the career mode. I started making a tycoon based mod that would actually reward you for missions [Ex. $5,000 for landing on the Mun, $25,000 for exploring the Mun's surface] and it would track the cost of the parts... But, with work / my game i'm working on, this was put on the back burner.
  4. That video is weird as hell. lol
  5. I could of sworn that KSP hired someone to make the music for the game... I was looking at some videos on YouTube, and found a video for a car guage from Greddy... The music is... the exact same as the VAB.