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  1. Ive been here since 0.16 and my god has this game come far. This community, despite constantly changing members, is still the kind, helping, supportive, and overall on of the nicest game communities that it was when it first launched as an alpha
  2. Penguinhero


    only in soviet Russia 8/10
  3. Penguinhero

    [STOCK] p 51 mustang

    a stock recreation of one of my favorite planes. enjoy
  4. Penguinhero

    Google Picture War RELOADED

    poor pooch
  5. Penguinhero

    AERION AS2 Business Jet

    [quote name='Kryten']If they ever will be it'll be in this kind of segment, but it's hard to see much of a market when supersonic travel over land is still banned in most countries.[/QUOTE] [QUOTE=fredinno;]I wonder if supersonic commercial aricraft will ever become viable.[/QUOTE] [IMG][/IMG] ahem
  6. Penguinhero

    Cheaters! Cheaters everywhere!

    you can't say cheater twice, CHEATER!
  7. Penguinhero

    Google Picture War RELOADED

    [IMG][/IMG] Boot gehen Tschüss (boat go bye bye) german U boat
  8. Penguinhero

    STEAM... (as in like water vapor)

    I had a theory come to me while I was melting snow If u drank nothing at all could you hydrate you body by breathing in enough steam instead of drinking water?
  9. Penguinhero

    Best Engine Elimination Thing

    TrainEngie you minus 2 not 1 actual scores LV-1R "Spider" 38 24-77 "Twitch" 36 Mk-55 "Thud" 40 LV-1 "Ant" 39 48-7S "Spark" 41 LV-909 "Terrier" 41 LV-T30 "Reliant" 41 LV-T45 "Swivel" 40 S3 KS-25 "Vector" 40 T-1 Toroidal "Aerospike" 40 LV-N "Nerv" 39 Rockomax "Poodle" 40 Rockomax "Skipper" 40 Rockomax "Mainsail" 40 LFB KR-1x2 "Twin-Boar" 39 Kerbodyne KR-2L+ "Rhino" 38 S3 KS-25x4 "Mammoth" 41
  10. Penguinhero

    Best Engine Elimination Thing

    There was too many things for a pole and plus there so last year......... So lets do an elimination RULES Every engine starts with 40 points. You add one point (+1) to your favorite Engine and subtract two points (-2) for your least favorite. You can vote once per day (every 24 hours).To vote copy and paste the vote above and add and subtract your current vote. Do not use multiple accounts, thats cheating. once an engine hits 0 its sent to the graveyard and remove it form the list. Last Engine Wins. BTW this is only liquid fuel engines. EX: Test 1 24 Test 2 21 Test 3 14 Next poster Test 1 24 Test 2 22 (+1) Test 3 12 (-2) HERES THE LIST LV-1R "Spider" 40 24-77 "Twitch" 40 Mk-55 "Thud" 40 LV-1 "Ant" 40 48-7S "Spark" 40 LV-909 "Terrier" 40 LV-T30 "Reliant" 40 LV-T45 "Swivel" 40 S3 KS-25 "Vector" 40 T-1 Toroidal "Aerospike" 40 LV-N "Nerv" 40 Rockomax "Poodle" 40 Rockomax "Skipper" 40 Rockomax "Mainsail" 40 LFB KR-1x2 "Twin-Boar" 40 Kerbodyne KR-2L+ "Rhino" 40 S3 KS-25x4 "Mammoth" 40 GRAVEYARD
  11. Penguinhero

    Will you press the button?

    No, no snow at all press the button for a newly colored button
  12. Damn Those pictures take me back its amazing to see how much this game has changed
  13. Penguinhero

    What will you build once 1.0.5 drops?

    SSSPTO's all day Everyday (Single Stage Sea Plane To Orbit)
  14. How do i give rep? How do i give 10 rep? How do i give all the rep in the world? Seriously this is amazing how much time and effort you put in to this like:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: