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  1. Fantastic news, thanks so much for this and ALCOR! Can't wait for the update.
  2. So I haven't done Module Manager patching in a while and I'm probably wrong, but at some point I made my own custom MFD pages and used MM to replace the originals instead of overwriting the mod files. Here's the code: @INTERNAL[*]:HAS[@PROP[RasterPropMonitorBasicMFD]]:FINAL { @PROP[RasterPropMonitorBasicMFD],* { @name = your_new_name_here } } So take the base file "MFD40x20.cfg" as you did and copy it and make your changes. But you can rename it and replace the first line "name = RasterPropMonitorBasicMFD" in your file with your own name. For example, I used "your_new_name_here" in the code above. .... Ok, ok, I had to try it out, so here for instance I modified your file with a new "name=": and then added a MM patch file: I put both in your "Jackellice/MFD" directory, and then moved your file "MFD_Revived.cfg" into that directory as well. Everything seems to work, and you don't have to write into the JSI mod folder at all. Hope this helps - and thanks for working on this mod!
  3. Thanks for the update - I was wondering about that. Unfortunately testing in an otherwise Stock install (plus MM) still getting lots of errors during loading. Here's the log: EDIT: Actually, you just left an extra ] in the config file. Also there's a separate MacOS directory in your zip unless that was intentional.
  4. I actually had the same issue with hanging on loading Pathfinder (DangIt 0.7.2 version I think) and got rid of Pathfinder - didn't realize it was a conflict with DangIt.
  5. Yep, deleting that section fixed everything. Thanks! (well, craft designed while that bug was in are price-borked, but no biggie) I know just enough MM syntax to know I don't know what's wrong with your def, but hopefully it's an easy fix.
  6. First off, I'm super excited this mod is being revitalized; it's definitely one of my favorites. I'm having a few issues - just created an all-Stock game with DangIt and ModuleManager and still having the same problems. Part prices are crazy high - like $40K for the Mk1 pod, $400K for a simple plane that should cost a few tens of thousands. All parts, like every single one, even in mods, has SpareParts capacity with 15 loaded by default. While looking for the cause of 1 & 2 found a typo in SpareParts.cfg, line 153, "ModuleCargoBay" instead of "ModuleCargeBay" My log file here in case you need it:
  7. Ok there seems to be a few problems in the part .cfg I can try to fix. Forgive me if I am misunderstanding, but in FSfuelSwitch, you specify tankCost. Why do you have to specify it, is it not calculated automatically? Part of the issue is the net cost of the part seems to be calculated as: base cost + (unitCost * resourceAmounts * %full) - (unitCost * resourceAmounts) + tankCost. So KER_WheelBay base cost is 2500. Hydrate unitCost is 0.5 (per CommonResources.cfg) and it holds 10000 hydrates, and you have tankCost = 5000. If you have tank cost set differently, as seems to be in some of your configs, you get weird things like negative part costs or extremely high part costs. It seems it would be simpler to have the part net cost calculated as: base cost + (unitCost * resourceAmounts * %full) + tankCost where tankCost is then just a small modifier depending on the expense of retrofitting the particular tank type (e.g. pressurized cylinder more expensive than a box). I will try to look at the FSfuelSwitch code but I don't even know how to use GitHub much less compile anything.
  8. Hi RD, not sure if this is a bug or not: KSP 1.1.2 with only Karibou and MM 2.6.25 installed. When you cycle the "texture" on the rover parts, such as the Wheeled Bays, the part cost changes a lot even though the tanks are empty. For instance, the Wheeled Storage Bay when empty costs 2,500 when configured for Dirt, Gypsum, or Hydrates, but costs 35,500 empty for fertilizer. It is even more extreme for an empty Supplies tank - 131,000! I could understand slight variations with tank types as some storage is more complex than others, but two orders of magnitude seems extreme. Looking at the MM config statements I don't understand where this inconsistency between some resources is coming from. I can't seem to account for it with some combination of "tankCost" and "resourceAmounts".
  9. Good news, glad you're in a better place. Looking forward to new builds, thanks!
  10. Did you zoom in and make sure you are really clicking on both sides of one docking couple? Only one will have the undock option. If it's a docking mod problem I'm not sure how to troubleshoot it...
  11. I was having the same rotation problems going from Blender to Unity, and after some trial and error with all the default export types, I found that the Wavefront (.obj) worked properly with "Z Forward" and "Y Up" and check "Apply Modifiers", both "Objects as OBJ", and "Materials Groups" (maybe not all necessary). In theory the Autodesk format should work, too (it's what C7 uses in his tutorial), but it gave me the same rotation problems.
  12. Ah! I got it to work! So I saw somewhere that adjusting the Collider geometry controls could cause problems, so I set the Box Collider center to (0,0,0) and Size to (1,1,1), then used the Transform controls at the the top of the page to make a box that is more like yours, with just a little clipping. Thanks for the help! You also showed me I can delete the unneeded renderer sections from the Unity Inspector to get rid of ghosting in the VAB. p.s. Hmm, my Kerbal did explode coming out of the airlock, but a little more clipping and he usually catches the ladder now. I think I can be happy learning a little Blender and Unity from nothing all in one day (with minor insanity produced)!
  13. Tiberion, thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for. And great work around KSP in general! Unfortunately, no luck in getting my Kerbals to behave on the ladder. For hours I've been trying your exact dimensions and many variations, and they still either immediately fall off or bury their faces into the module. Also the axes are in the correct directions. For instance: Leads to immediately falling off: It's like he is being overwhelmed by the ladder clipping forces - any setting I could be missing? I was using the Unity Mesh Collider before, but switched to the Box Collider you used, but no difference as I would expect.
  14. So I'm probably missing something simple, but I can't get ladders to work reliably. My Kerbonauts either grab and then bounce off the ladder violently, or clip badly into the base structure while climbing. I think the problem is I don't know what the part trigger box/collision box should look like in Unity (I'm pretty sure I've got the up and facing orientations correct). Does anyone have a reference for the width and depth of the collision box, and how it should/shouldn't clip into the base model? I've got airlocks working fine so it seems like I'm mostly there. Here's a pic of a failed attempt (trying skinny boxes): Thanks!