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  1. What data do you exactly need from the GEOTiffs? I have Terragen 3 which reads GEOTiff and has various methods of exporting.
  2. Thanks for that confirmation Pagan! Much appreciated, and all your hard work. I would love to see a upcoming update, and reach out to me if you want texture help for revigoration. I have a history of fiddling with game engines.
  3. Great video. Have you checked out the bundled presets? There are plenty to choose from including minimalistic. In general this mod is made for nothing more than screenshots and videos. BlueHarvest in based on ENB Series, which does not have a compatible 64bit version for Unity, and there is no OpenGL versions. Boris has no interest in these additions except on a specific use basis, like Skyrim SE. Since my old friend Lucifer Hawk has long-since released his GEM-FX Configurator, I see no reason in continuing this mod as if you are running 32bit KSP, it works, and if you are running 64bit KSP I would suggest using GEM-FX Configurator. If you look at this topic here the new versions of GEM-FX will almost be 90% compatible with OpenGL (as well as other applications and DX7-12) As for CKAN, due to the nature of this mod and it's D3D9.dll explicitly being required from enbdev, I see no reason to add it. Boris will not let anyone package his resources unlike I was able to do with Lucifer's permission with GEM. If anyone is interested in my developing presets for GEM-FX Configurator and releasing those as apposed to a update here let me know
  4. I'll give it a go! Thanks for the feedback. Will report back. I was able to get a rocket module to my mining rig without cheats so there is that, no disaster. Though a ridiculously redundant craft I had to make for it's purpose. Hehe
  5. Hey @AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures, first of all great mod! I really enjoy it. Though I noticed one issue, I don't know if it constitutes a bug or not for you but I had an accident at a Asteroid and I really did not want to lose the ore I had got for other missions so I wanted to cheat in a new rocket module to attach to it. However, I found out that after installing your mods, Asteroids are no longer listed under the Set Orbit menu. I believe the privileges of where your planets are inserted is confusing KSP and not letting it add asteroids.
  6. Sorry for the lack of responses people. You could try to take a look at the Curse mod page for BlueHarvest?
  7. GEM core and ENB are both 32bit. I'm working on a basic x64 version The brightness bug seems interesting. I assume you are on new versions of KSP? In any case RC10 will be ready soon.
  8. Thanks for the updated configuration file.
  9. My custom parts, and most downloaded custom parts will break the game with TweakScale. When you go to attach a part, suddenly it will break it's attachment nodes (none will be visable, part will be unattachable) if you let go of the part, it acts as though it's attached and moved the whole craft around. You cannot delete the part. you cannot save. You cannot launch. The only method of fixing is force-closing the game. Should you not apply default scaling to 'unknown' parts like the original scaler? There is no way in hell you should expect people to edit hundreds of parts. In older versions of KSP with scaling, all parts, even custom, worked without any alteration. What happened to those days?
  10. All versions of ENB are based on Generic. Generic has more features than any version, other versions have things removed that don't work, and customized settings for light/dark/bright/color balance of games (where generic has these in entirety to customize for any game). Skyrim actually has features removed, and variables added to settings for night/day fine tuning (since mods impact default lightness/darkness of the game so sometimes they need fine tuning, or are based on the realistic lighting overhaul mod.) The problem is KSP object rendering which ENB in general is blind too. Which is why Bokeh and DoF do not work well. BlueHarvest +GEM is released which has a nice. Bokeh lense flare and stuff but it is blind to lights.
  11. Try disabling ExpEffect in GEM settings. You can do this in-game via F11. By spiking, do you mean flickering? Is this could also be due to AO. ENB is very much a beta as it is not compliant with all video cards and systems, and some things preform differently for different systems, so sometimes you have to fiddle with some settings.
  12. What OS, and what resolution are you at? Does your refresh rate correspond to your resolution and framerate? Like I said I can't reproduce this bug at all except in windowed mode.