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  1. Airplane Plus Powerful stockalike parts for aircraft enthusiasts. Feedbacks would be helpful. And if you have time, please take the Poll: Click here to vote on what part do you want to be added Download at: Spacedock · Curseforge Optional: PATREON (no idea how it works) User Patches: Tweakscale Compatibility RPM Compatibility AJE Compatibility F-16 Cockpit RPM Remotetech Config Sound Issue Workaround is under "Issues" Below If you want assist in hovering, I recommend this mod I'm using Craft Files (Click Image): -- Album disappeared because of forum issues, here's the link - -- Video of Rotorwings in Action Extra: Video of the Rotary Engine, Demo of Helicopter, and Landing with Flaps Latest Changelog: Installation: Remove old folder if there's an old installation. Copy the GameData folder into your root folder. -Included in the pack are AirplanePlus and Firespitter folders. It also packs ModuleManager* *I do not own these mods, I merely packed them in for Airplane Plus to be functional and avoid linking downloads for dependencies. Big thanks to their Authors. FAQ: Is Tweakscale/RPM/BDArmory/AJE compatibility possible? Yes, but I'm not too keen in doing that over what I want to do with the mod itself. There are user patches here in the OP, below the downloads. The blades aren't moving/the blurs are visible/some parts look weird. How do I fix this? Very likely caused by a broken firespitter.dll, generally, the Plugins folder is necessary, but the resources folder is very important as well. My VTOL/Helicopter pitches up/is uncontrollable despite the CoT being right above the CoM! What am I doing wrong? Too much power from the engines cause it to pitch up, this is avoidable by throttling down, lower your thrust limited or adjust the RPM lower for helicopter rotors. My engines are stopping at a certain speed/sometimes the engine says that it can't combust in Kerbin's atmoshphere. How do I fix this issue/Is this intended? This is caused by going too fast for the propeller. Mostly happens for early engines in career mode. Still possible for others but those have higher speed limits. I don't want all the parts/I only want certain parts of the mod. I know, it's not a question, but there's a part deleter's guide in the zip itself, you can check it out and see which parts you want and it says there where it is. License: *I only take credit on my parts. Firespitter and Modulemanager which are included in the pack are made by different authors with their own licenses. Most performance configs powered by @Tanner Rawlings Shout out and big thanks to @acc for doing a test run back then. @kiwinanday helped a lot on producing important info in reconfiguring performance, thanks a lot!
  2. @Murican_Jeb I've tested it now for some actual data (and I wasn't angry ) and with the same craft, at exactly same altitude of 320m, the Kraken is struggling to get to 170m/s. On the other hand, the Tornado easily surpasses almost easily surpasses 180m/s. Of course that might be different on different altitudes but I haven't tested those. You probably need to have a lighter aircraft or in an altitude where the engine setups best suits. @stuChris Sounds like a faulty firespitter install. Also, a page back and the page before that, it's discussed that herculesgear is not supposed to be on official release. Please check at least a page back, guys @royying The ramp being that high is just a bonus. In reality, the landing gears lower the front so that the ramp is level to the ground. If you want to make them fit, you can retract your landing gear (which I do) and set the door clamp to 50% deployment, it should be level to that thing and goes straight up from the ground. @MaverickSawyer Interesting but I have no idea about those ingame mechanics (yet). And since the idea already exists, I'd hate to make a copy. I still can, but it won't be a priority. @qromodynmc Is there such a thing in real life? Or is this just fantasy? Caught in a...
  3. @Shadowmage Yep, I'd have to make a new pack dedicated to it though. The gear is never going to be developed in stock only. Let's see what happens to that gear. @Murican_Jeb I thought we agreed that you can't replicate things in KSP? Look or performance is there for the choosing. Also, the Griffon Spitfire is much more powerful than the BF-109. @SaelbenNoa It was a request a while back, but it will break FSEngineblades. I reverted the Gemini from doing that. @Matenplays Well, if you could detail it more, it would be helpful. What are the missing parts? @Kerbal101 Checked and I indeed missed the 0 after the point. This is also the reason why I'm bad at percentages...
  4. @lttito As he said, I don't plan on doing anything with that gear. Just accidentally packed with the release, and I won't remove it just to make people redownload it so it's gonna stay there for now until I release again. The fin you're talking about is kinda confusing. I'm gonna have to take a look. The first time I tested it, it was reversed so I did something to reverse it. Then I tested it repeatedly, and it's fine. Now on release, it's reversed. Unity transforms are difficult sometimes...
  5. Thanks for patching it up for people who use it. Does it need to be packed or is it fine if I link it in the OP? I might pack up everything that people made in the future, but I'm not sure if they're hooked to only work with the mods on. So not yet right now.
  6. DOWNLOAD SPACEDOCK -- Thank your sponsors by placing their logo on your craft! These stickers are highly customizable and can be placed almost anywhere! It doesn't depend on your mission flag so you can have as many sponsors as you like. It also comes on different sizes but compressed into one part thanks to Firespitter: Sticker Mini is 0.625 sized with both vertical and horizontal versions as well as a flat one. Sticker Type A has a bigger flat version as well as 1.25, 2.50 and 3.75 and is strictly attached to a horizontal tank. *It needs to be rotated as the orientation is wrong in order to preserve correct mirror in sph Sticker Type B has size 1.25, 2.50, and 3.75 and is strictly attached to a vertical tank Sizes 1.25, 2.50 and 3.75 meant how wide the sticker is, they all come in same sizes but the bigger the tank is, the wider it's needed to be so it's adjusted by you in right click menu. This idea suddenly came to mind when I made the Cargo Bay for my Airplane Plus mod. In fact, the Sticker Type A mesh is derived from it. -- How to use (you probably won't look at this anyway because you think you know already, and you're probably right): Current Variant shows the size you chose for the Sticker. Flat is flat, Size 1 sticks perfectly to 1.25, Size 2 to 2.50, Size 3 for 3.75. Type A means Horizontal and Type B means Vertical. The "Current" Below it is the sticker's name. Note that the pic is 1.1.3 but this is tested on 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 -- Limitations: You have to make some changes for custom decals to be ingame but there are instructions in the configs now as well as the template on squad's flags folder. No need to start from scratch. License: GPL It's just a few simple mesh. Firespitter and Module Manager have their own license and isn't covered by mine. Additional: I just added a few mesh parts, the textures I used are 1pixel placeholders. All textures are referred to squad's folder so there shouldn't be significant performance hits. Just a lightweight add-on.
  7. @Vladokapuh I can't do anything about it. It's tweakscale not recognizing FSEngineBladed. You should take it to Tweakscale and report the Firespitter module isn't recognized. @redmonddkgamer I've updated their descriptions, as well as expanded it because I just realized it is cut because the box was too small. Also, I separated the Size 2 Planes in the pictures with a horizontal rule because I still can't find my craft files.
  8. There are certain angles where you can't position the landing gear to mirror. The mirroring I use is based off the stock landing gear. So it functions the same.
  9. @zeineizoku I don't have a patch for Community Tech Tree. You might want to take it to them especially as I'm not familiar with it.
  10. @Wolf123 What are you trying to do? I just tried placing it with the wheels out right now, and I was able to mirror it. I can't replicate it so if you could kindly provide a picture.
  11. @StevieC Been developing it for a while, accidentally included it. It's not working and never gonna work, I stopped devving on animated deploying gears.
  12. Release 17 At last the update is out. Just like it says in the tin, sounds are at focus this time and lots of fixes as well thanks to people who reported them. I also added craft files on the OP, just click on the image and it will take you to the KerbalX page. I'll try updating for more when I have time. There's five for now. Here's the formal changelog, also available on the OP: Added Delta-Advanced Winglet based on MiG-29 Tailfin Added Basic Curve Winglet based on P-40 Warhawk Tailfin Added Structural Fuselage Offset for Mk1 Bulkhead, can be used to slant body in 5 degree increments. -- Adjusted all sounds from "defeaningly loud" to "just about stock volume" Improved engine sounds for all rotorwings Improved blade visuals of rotors to flare up when spinning with blur -- Fixed power loss during hover in rotors Fixed sound problem on the Gemini rotors Fixed reversed "open" and "close" labels on Size 2 cargo parts Fixed file not found exception due to bad error Fixed tail rotors not working as intended Video again because helicopters are fun: Edit: @TMasterson5
  13. You need to put it in the config before it gets the option to be displayed.
  14. @SaelbenNoa Yep, TCA doesn't work with FSengine and FSenginebladed but the mod I linked on the OP works with it. Though if you're using 1.3, the rotors can hover on their own unless tandem rotor. Tandem rotors work with the said linked mod in the OP as well. It seems to be one of those lightweight mods so I suspect it won't affect load time that much.
  15. @Murican_Jeb I'd like to but I was never successful with animated landing gears perhaps when I decide to use KSPWheels, I might release a separate mod for that one. -- Here's the "Advanced-Deluxe Winglet" as the tailfin.
  16. @Bit Fiddler Have you tested the craft aside from basing it from KE? Seems like nobody had an issue before that isn't encompassed by the low static thrust. @Murican_Jeb Why don't you use Fantom Works? I tend to not focus on parts that are made already. That doesn't mean I will never make them, but even though you say you have an issue, that's still an alternative for now. @SpaceBadger007 It's an idea that's been running on my mind for a while. I might implement it after the coming patch. @qromodynmc Reminded me of a suggestion of his which I probably didn't make as exact as he suggested it. Considering it's curved anyway, I was quite sure it won't ever be modular so I just made the whole curved tail fin. I also made a huge MiG type Delta Deluxe but I don't have a screenshot right now. These might be what's it for now, paired with the rotorwing fixes and I'll look for the Size 2 Cargo labels close and open as well as @v8Dave's report and a patch might be coming soonTM.
  17. @JadeOfMaar It's reverse psychology, they'll never see it coming. I'll take a look at it. @Bit Fiddler Seems like it's slower than it's tested to be doing, have you tried running with only Airplane Plus or perhaps just with KE just to see? Or maybe you could also find out the culprit if you try to check the mods, but it'll be a work. Regarding the fuel consumption of KT6C, people don't seem to use it that much, so I don't have feedback. I'm not great at testing how lengthy the engines function on practical use because of time constraints. If people here have complaints about it, I'll put the part on focus. @Vjrcr I've taken a look at it. I'm not sure what it does but it's from an FS module that's on the config. Which I forgot why I'm using it at this point, actually, but certainly not intended, just included by the module. Anyway, I really wanna add more parts but I'll be kept by the less than ideally functioning parts so I went on and fixed ALL the rotors. No more less than 1000RPM when at full angle, all rotors now have their designated weight capacity. Maverick @ <3.8t Twinblade @ <6.0t Hawk @ <8.4t Beluga @ <12.0t (Rotor is heavier than before) Hippo @ <16.0t Gemini @ <35.0t (x2 Engines) Was a lot of testing but worth it, a lot of works behind the scene so probably another update with lots of fixes instead of parts coming soonTM. Aside from that, of course some of the rotors have droops when they aren't spinning or not spinning fast enough. When blades start to blur, they flare upwards just like how it's supposed to now. Pics below --
  18. @shynk does it happen too if you only have AirplanePlus installed? @VenomousRequiem At this point, I'm not against it, but I'm also not sure when it will be made. I like the idea though. Probably need to go back to 1.25m sizes soon. @Murican_Jeb Still a 1.25m fanboi, so that one's not likely
  19. Whoops, thanks for reminding, updated now.
  20. Yep, for now I fixed it by removing the secondary FStextureSwitch2 module. The custom folder is now gone and custom flags can be added on Squad/Flags instead. Updated for the fix, tell me if there are any further issues.
  21. @SpaceBadger007 Have you confirmed it's this mod? Remove AP+ and see if it loads alright. @Kommodore The passenger door is really tightly packed (colliders and all), it's impossible to go out with just it. Though, with its length, it's not possible to get out due to KSP limitations as I've tested. You can put a structural fuselage junior between the cockpit and the passenger door to fix it. the length of both should be able to "fit" the required KSP size.
  22. @shynk Try deleting Airplane Plus, if it still errors, it might be another mod. I just ported the latest version with a few fixes from 1.2.2. While I'm here, I'd like people to know that I've managed to tone down the volume of the sounds from "deafeningly loud" to "just about stockalike loud" as well as improved some sounds but still working on it (it's a lot of sounds!)
  23. @Skylon I'm bad at descriptive text. If there was an illustration... well I'll check when I have time. @qromodynmc Probably due to tech tree limitations. The merlin unlocks a node further. @Saran The Rapper Not just the design, the engine itself is fairly weak. You likely need a lighter aircraft, more wings or something. @infinax Actually, speaking of... I just added this today, it's a 5 degree angle offset for the Mk1... Also stackable. So it goes 10 degrees if stacked twice, barely noticeable as well.
  24. I just recently noticed this, pretty weird, forum makes me not notice notifications that much. Happens on messages as well. It seems like the "custom flags" are prioritizes in the config. Which means it's not stuck on the first one, you can change your custom decals but you can't use the ones that are on KSP's folder unless you remvoe it on the cfg. I replied just to let you guys know I just read this and I'll investigate as soon as I can.
  25. On helicopter's side of the mod, I've changed the look of the Gemini Turboshaft It's thinner now and 1.5x longer. Looks thinner and now fits society's standards of sexy. On performance, tested on hover or max collective, rotors have been improved and their take off weight has greatly increased. "Hippo" Turboshaft Engine (Mi-8) now can carry ~13.5t under it "Gemini" Turboshaft Engine (Chinook) now can carry ~30t under it @ tandem configuration. "Hawk" Turboshaft Engine (Black Hawk) has increase in power, capable of higher RPMs at max collective. These are still subject to change. I'm thinking of making all of them powerful enough to hit Max RPM even with max collective. Not sure yet but seems like a great idea, so that the span and surface area of the blades are the deciding factors for lift. So far, I've also fixed the problem that the control rotors didn't generate thrust. Pretty weird that everybody, including me, just figured it out now. It was like that from the beginning based on my analysis. @TedwinKnockman66 Your request for the Mi-26 seems possible, but not in the near future, I have another rotor that could possibly go with it once I get to it, but not gonna be my immediate focus.