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  1. i would like to see.. Radar Altimeter array (part): a ray casted from the ship towards the center of the nearest planet, that collides with the planet surface and gives you an exact altitude value to the surface. Current ship`s Weight in Rocket and Spaceplane Editors. Twice the stock parts, and higher quality: (to match SpaceCenter Design Standards; look B9Aerospace as quality reference). IVA interior Design and Onboard Computer/EICAS From B9 Aerospace as a standard quality for interiors. http://i.imgur.com/9VKGvRE.jpg Dangerous Space Environment Zones (Radiation zones, Temperature Variation Zones, magnetic Field zones....), Kerbals Health Bar and system, < and Spacesuit Variants, with different stats To protect Kerbals from the dangerous environment zones. time of kerbals in space gives you science: that way space stations work. tweak of the tech tree: (to harder and more logical). Rise the Transmission percentage Values.
  2. or it could (Inline Advanced Stabilizer) be refurbished to work as one of the old ones used to work; I mean, stabilizing the ship without changing its heading, because that was so usefull when making small angle corrections in a lander. the new RCS`s are fine, but hoovering with precision is a bit harder now. unles there`s some hidden feature i dont know yet that does that with the 0.22 RCS`s. Cheers!
  3. Awesome for me so far!, now it feels like i have a goal! i just did my mun orbit and retuned safely with 400 something science. Nothing big i know But...
  4. Hello folks, as the tittle says, i`ve got some technical questions about modding, mostly related to part tools. 1) Does PartTools support MultiMaterialIds?, one single mesh textured with several materials into unity? (MultiSubObject Material in max) 2) Does PartTools support Bones and skining for meshes? 3) If a single part is built out of many individual meshes, can this meshes have individual textures (for details sake)? or is still like the old days (one texture per part. all meshes in one single texture)? 4) How do parachutes work nowdays? they have two animations in this example http://i.imgur.com/h4T5MBC.png , are they related only to the canopy scaling (Packed>Semideployed, SemiDeployed>FullyDeployed)? or is there something else involved? 5) tutorials about parachutes around? (cant seem to find any aside from the example image) Thanks in advance for your replays. Cheers! =)
  5. hey man, i saw the 3d models of the vostok spacecraft MrTheBull made, and they look FANTASTIC, so my question is: Why dont you make your own Soyuz rocket?; you can have more detail and more realism, and it will feel more rewarding in the end if you make your own models. the thing is that i have plans for ALL my mods in the future, and i dont want em scattered all around in someone elses mods (nothing personal against you). and i stated that clearly in the CC licence when i released my RockCo Soyuz mod pack with this: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/ in here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/4110-RocktCo-Industries-Munar-Institute-of-Technology-Soyuz-and-Kerbabl-lander-v1-2 So im sorry to say it, but i have to say NO, you can´t use my models. Mostly because i think you guys can do it better if you try. Cheers and Good luck.
  6. That would be nice, go ahead and upload your .cfg files, i want to see how they work. Cheers!
  7. Awesome!! Thanks so much DYJ, i was having trouble with the title; and also for your "Airlocks and Ladders tutorial" very usefull! 18 parts, all labeled as Rocktco and MIT for easy removal, hope you like them =) Thanks for all your comments people, its nice to see that this pack is still loved. Cheers! =)
  8. sup people, thanks so much for your comments! it's nice to see that this one still have some fans =) for those of you who want to put some hatches and ladders here is a nice tutorial on how to do it using the new part tools thanks to DYJ. http://kspwiki.nexisonline.net/wiki/Adding_Airlocks_and_Ladders_to_Parts just remember to do it exactly as the tutorial says; using the material shaders provided in the unity package and naming the user layer 21 as "Part Tools" is a most if you want to make them work. another important thing i did, is that the meshes used as collision for hatches and ladders can be made directly in unity (no need to do them in your modeling software and mess with pivot setup), just use a standard box from unity, and move, scale and rotate it until it fits your needs. if you could do hatches, ladders are easy; just be aware of the pivot directions. in any case just follow the tutorial carefully. Thanks again! and hope this little info helps.
  9. i can't, i tried to change the title in the post edit, but it doesnt change; it only changes the mouse over title text... :S
  10. just a screenshot on my jurney to minmus using the Kerbabl Lander, slightly photoshoped
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