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  1. How do these ports just keep getting better and better with each iteration? Incredible work @benjee10 Any thought given to they Hybrid SSVP/APAS ports? I know it's a minor geometry change, but we're all still sticklers for accuracy last I checked.
  2. Yep, solar panels are NF solar panels, tweak-scaled up and clipped into the SM to make them flush. The lights are Aviation Lights by MoarDV:
  3. Some new Nauka goodness courtesy of Roscosmos: https://www.roscosmos.ru/31070/
  4. This latest Mir/Zvezda work is some of your best yet. I love the fabric personally, and the aged metal alike. How about just a texture switch option?
  5. The window inset into the tapered section looks terrific. Thinking about integrated RCS or surface attach RCS?
  6. Wow, that is a major leap upwards in terms of fidelity. As I've been getting back into KSP, I've been working on replicating Zvezda and Zarya pretty intensely. Because much of this info has leaked out of my brain since 2+ years ago when we would get into the nitty-gritty of dimensions, do you recall whether there many dimensional differences between Zvezda and the Mir Core module? Also, that fabric texture would be *excellent* for a future ATV revamp...
  7. Congrats on proper release! I don't see the shroud for the SM as a part in the parts list, and it doesn't seem to be working as a built-in shroud, could someone else confirm?
  8. Ahhhh!! Looks amazing! Probably my favorite vehicle of all time for some reason. Could those radiator panels be toggled with a texture or mesh switch of some sort? ♪♫ Boys Are Back In Town ♫♪
  9. So, now that we've seen these, what's to prevent you from doing a periscope or docking camera? Seems this iteration of this Soyuz is going all the way...
  10. Ah! The blister/cupola has finally made it to the orbital module!
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