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  1. This latest Mir/Zvezda work is some of your best yet. I love the fabric personally, and the aged metal alike. How about just a texture switch option?
  2. The window inset into the tapered section looks terrific. Thinking about integrated RCS or surface attach RCS?
  3. Wow, that is a major leap upwards in terms of fidelity. As I've been getting back into KSP, I've been working on replicating Zvezda and Zarya pretty intensely. Because much of this info has leaked out of my brain since 2+ years ago when we would get into the nitty-gritty of dimensions, do you recall whether there many dimensional differences between Zvezda and the Mir Core module? Also, that fabric texture would be *excellent* for a future ATV revamp...
  4. Congrats on proper release! I don't see the shroud for the SM as a part in the parts list, and it doesn't seem to be working as a built-in shroud, could someone else confirm?
  5. Ahhhh!! Looks amazing! Probably my favorite vehicle of all time for some reason. Could those radiator panels be toggled with a texture or mesh switch of some sort? ♪♫ Boys Are Back In Town ♫♪
  6. So, now that we've seen these, what's to prevent you from doing a periscope or docking camera? Seems this iteration of this Soyuz is going all the way...
  7. This is terrific! Great to see Fuji return.
  8. @Beale, wish I had more time to invest in KSP and in this development of Tantares. This thread holds a lot of great memories for me, honestly. Best of luck if you ever start to develop Tantares for KSP2 one day. I remember taking a few stabs at PBR way back when. Good times...
  9. Ye, Beale, yeeeee... (can anyone say a sh"t-ton of polygons???) Feeling a lil' nostalgic, that's all...
  10. Ok, this did it for me. I'm going to start a new save of KSP and get back into the game. Can I get a list of graphical mods? That looks flipping fantastic.
  11. I'm breaking relative radio silence to voice my enthusiastic approval of this image. Well done.
  12. Is this essentially the PBR shader update that was talked about so long ago, but never came to be? Because if so, that would be totally awesome...
  13. I attempted to hand over the Wings model to Beale, but was unable to locate it unfortunately. It's not a very difficult shape to model at all. He's already done the little yellow IGLA antenna, and made a docking light, so it's sensible that he finish up the Soyuz parts with a cupola. @Beale, what think you?
  14. I still poke my head in here and check up on you guys fairly often. I've given up on running KSP until I have a Windows machine built for it. My interests have shift toward building spacecraft in LEGO. (though for what I've spent on LEGO over the past year, I could have built a decent machine instead...) Cygnus Build https://imgur.com/a/fQa5n Soyuz MS Build https://imgur.com/a/fpg8D Delta II Build https://imgur.com/a/3kWir Saturn V to Falcon 9 Conversion https://imgur.com/a/ISqhs P.S. Huh, are imgur album embeds broken now?
  15. Wow. What an amazing evolution of style. It's like Tantares HD. It's got a lot of depth to it. If only KSP could shade it properly in-engine.
  16. Modeling looks excellent. I really love the design and nozzle configuration. I've been majorly out of the loop, and this was the first I've seen of this model. My first thought when looking at the part was "huh, weird that he shaded the model, but didn't apply any textures or color." There definitely needs to be a contrast between the nozzles, and their housing. It has the appearance of an RCS nozzle made from clay.
  17. @RoverDude, this is probably the most you've ever said on this topic, and it's really and truly appreciated. I can relate with you, and understand where you're coming from when our and other developers take the time to discuss things, and let us know what's going on. "Sorry, NDA" does SQUAD absolutely no PR favors, and kills any interest in KSP development. Because of this game's deep modding potential, I'll argue it's as fun to mod and develop for, as it is to play. It's nice to know what people are thinking, and where people are coming from. If there is an art style and direction being
  18. No plans at the moment. Tantares has gotten a total overhaul recently, so it'll be some time. There are some craft files that have been recently posted though if you browse through the Tantares topic though.
  19. In addition to what MaxZhao said, I began a topic on this some time ago, and advocated for add-on authors to make use of various unity features allow this functionality to exist in KSP and be useful, and not just for looks.
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